Friday, December 30, 2011

Thank you, kids

One more year is ending, giving way to another wonderful year. Throughout the year, we made every effort to make life special and beautiful for our family, not to forget the little efforts of our kids to make us smile. In tough times, they understood us and did everything to make things easy for us. Their silent cooperation comforted us.

For every little effort and gesture by our kids, they deserve appreciation and a big hug. I would like to thank my kids for understanding me better and loving me unconditionally.

Gradually, the kids have crossed many milestones. They would continue to surprise us with their questions, performances and gestures. Let us not forget they are taking crucial lessons from life at their own pace.

Have a great journey with kids in the New Year as well!

Carry on with life:))

Monday, December 12, 2011

Some wonderful momentsof this year with kids

The year is about to say goodbye. Some of the special moments of this year will always remain with us. Some of them taught parents to be better while others witness the growing care of kids for their mom and dad.

Some moments of this year, I would like to share here.

In this year, I got my driver’s license and many times took my kids for drive. Every time I drove, my kids applauded and clapped for me. Their happiness and motivation helped me to improve my newly acquired skill. One such time, when I was travelling with my daughter, she all of a sudden started clapping for me and said she wanted me to drive often. This was one of the most memorable moments.

This year I started blogging and have been enjoying sharing my perspective and feelings. It has prompted my son to write articles as well. Though I have placed restriction on using computer, yet occasionally I allow him to write. It is good, as it will improve his writing and computer skills.

Sometimes, the concern of the kids really touches you so much. A few months back, I was travelling with my kids in metro and there was only one empty seat. I asked my kids to sit but my son persisted to me to sit there and he kept standing throughout the travel. I thanked and admired him for his gesture.

These are just some of the moments that I have shared. You can also share your wonderful moments of this year. We are waiting to hear from you.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Skin protection of kids in winter

Okay, here we have some quick reminders that would help to protect the skin of the kids in winter.

Avoid hot water baths and prevent kids from bathing for long time. It would help the skin to stay happy as hot water bath for long time makes the skin dry and itchy.

As soon as the kids come out of the bathroom and their skin is still damp, apply a good moisturizer. It will help to keep the skin soft and avoid dryness.

Apply lip balm regularly to avoid chapped lips of kids. Ask the kids not to lick their lips, as it will make the skin drier.

Generally, kids pick and rub their nostrils because the skin inside is dry. Moisturize the skin inside the nose in order to avoid blood nose. I apply Vaseline petroleum jelly in the nostrils and then squeeze the nose gently so that the jelly spreads evenly.

Wearing socks can help the kids to stay warm. It also helps their skin to remain soft and does not get dry due to cold temperature.

Head massage on the weekend increases the blood circulation and make the hair of the kids soft and silky. The dry and cold weather badly affect the kids. Therefore, oil massage of the head and body is a good way to protect the kids.
take adequate precautions and follow home remedies to protect kids from eczema.

These are some simple tips to protect the skin of the kids in winter.

Have happy winter season!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Winter protection tips for kids


The arrival of cold weather brings many serious health problems with it. Especially children are easy victims of cold, cough and other infections. However, with timely care and precautions, all these problems can be handled and children can enjoy winter season with smiles on their faces.

Here are some quick winter protection tips to safeguard the health of your little one.

 Stay indoors. Make sure the kids spend a very limited time playing outdoors. Encourage them to play some indoor games. Moreover, prevent them from switching between indoors and outdoors. This may cause cold and infections to the kids.

 Dress them suitably. While one layer of winter clothing may be sufficient for mild dip in temperatures, the kids require multiple layers of warm clothes in freezing weather. In extreme winters, the kids require sweatshirts, pullovers, jackets, warm pants and winter accessories such as mittens, socks, woolen caps, scarves,  and so on. Therefore, the clothing should be appropriate to safeguard kids from changing temperatures.

 Choose clothes wisely. Woolen clothing is the best to keep kids warm and safe. Go for waterproof and wind proof clothes that provide extra protection to kids especially when they are going outside the home.

 Keep your home warm and safe. Ensure that your heating equipment is in working condition and use them in extreme winters to avoid ailments like hypothermia in kids.

 Always carry extra pair of socks, gloves, blankets and jackets while driving with kids.Travelling in winter season may not be suitable for kids. Hence, it is better to stay prepared if driving out is compulsory.

 Adult supervision is must when kids indulge in winter sports. Make sure that kids are equipped with essential winter sportswear like snowboard pants, jackets, helmets, etc.

 Just in case, kids get wet while playing outdoors then immediately change their clothes and provide some hot drink like hot Espresso coffee or soup to them.
 Provide nutritious and balanced diet to kids so that their immune system remains strong in winter. Foods like dairy products, vegetables, fruits and dry fruits are good source of energy and keep the kids healthy.

 In case kids fell ill, consult a doctor and start treatment early for fast relief. Ailments like cold, cough and flu should not be underestimated and proper medication should be provided to kids in time for health safety in winter season.

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Friday, October 14, 2011

Cleanliness habit in kids

Kids often fell ill because of bad hygiene.They play in mud, splash dirty water on each other and sometimes avoid proper bath.Moreover, they seldom remember to wash hands before picking up their favorite food.Mothers keep on chasing their kids to make them clean and tidy but after a while, they come back again with dirt and germs. Such things can have serious influence on the health of the children.

Good hygiene and cleanliness are important aspect of education of kids. It is important to educate kids about the importance of clean skin and body. Whenever they are finished with their playing with mud or clay, they should be given bath if required. Proper handwashing is must to keep the hands, fingers and nails clean.

Generally,nails get dirty quickly. Therefore, keeping the nails trimmed regularly is of great importance.Dirty nails are the cause of various stomach infections and health problems. Under the guidance of an adult, a child must wash his hands thoroughly to get rid of germs.

The need for cleanliness is higher in summer and rainy season as the germs and infections grow faster in these two seasons. Eczema and acne are two skin issues which can be controlled with proper cleanliness habit.

Bathing time can be converted into fun time for the kids if they avoid bath. Splashing water on each other is an enjoyable activity. Also, one can create a small bath pool in the house so that kids are attracted to take bath.

Kids learn fast if taught with example.Set a good example of your in front of them and follow all the rules of staying clean. The kids would imitate you for sure.
Also reward them for their efforts to stay clean.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Natural Disasters and Kids

Kids are highly sensitive to their environment and any severe change affects their psyche deeply. News of hurricane, earthquake, floods, cyclone, landslide, etc makes them anxious and confused. They feel threatened when they hear about mass devastation caused due to a natural calamity.

At such time, several questions pop up in a kid’s mind and if answered timely, he or she can feel secure and prepared for any adverse situation. It is better to have an open discussion on these tough issues and to educate the kid about them. Some kids may ask about the reasons behind these natural calamities while some others may get scared. Still, some others may not bother themselves with such issues.

Awareness about a natural calamity is the first step. This is the best way to calm down the child and satiate his curiosity.

Secondly, reassure the child that natural calamities do not occur often and it is a rare phenomenon. This will help in removing his fears and restore his confidence.

The kids should be educated about the ways they can respond to such calamities. Like, it is better to come out in open in case of earthquake. In addition, a proper guidance in school and at home will help the child to prepare for the worst.

Parents are the best guide. Their own response to a given situation set the benchmark for their kids. Therefore, the coping capacity of kids is directly related to that of parents.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Finally I regained my sanity!!

It has been an exhausting week for me as my daughter fell ill and became very irritable. She used to cling to me and would not leave me at all. Even going to bathroom was difficult as she would bang on the door till it was opened. She avoided her favorite foods and ate very less. Her weight reduced.

That made me feel like screaming at the top of my voice. I did that sometimes....
But what actually reversed the situation was my story telling technique. I used to narrate stories to pillows and toys ( believe me its true!).And she used to join me and listen the story with full attention. That helped in controlling her tantrums and mood swings. During that moment, I would make her eat something or indulge her in some game so that I could take some break from continuous howling of hers.

I also realized that behaving like a mother would not help me every time. I used to behave like a kid and made faces and did everything a kid would love to do.
For every gesture and nice behavior of hers I clapped and appreciated.This would make her feel happy.
Now both of us are back to our routine and she is enjoying life as usual. I just have a look at the past and realize what I have learnt and what I can do to handle such situations in a better way.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Positive impact of story telling on kids

Recently,I discovered a latent talent of mine.I have this amazing talent of making up stories to my kids related to my life. This art of mine helps me to achieve my motive of distracting the attention of my child to the desired object or action.

For the past few days, my 3 year old daughter has become cranky and fussy. She would cry without any reason and at times refuse to go to school. She would demand something which is not available or cannot be prepared at once.

Her reluctance to go to school surprised me because she used to be so excited and prepared to go to school even on weekends. Now this sudden change was not easy to get rid of. So today when she showed her tantrums, I decided to handle it differently.

I told her a story when I used to be small and avoided school. I told her that my teachers and friends cried and missed me and they called me to come otherwise they would not have their lunch. The story was spontaneous and I kept on adding things to divert her mind. In the last, I told her that my Mother helped me in dressing up well and sent me to school.Then I asked her whether she wants to be dressed properly or shabbily while going to school. She said that she wants to look beautiful. So we went to her almirah to find a beautiful dress which she would wear to school!!

The whole purpose of making the story was to divert her attention and convert her moody attitude into happiness.
Story telling is a great tool through which children can acquire new habits or learn human values. It is an easy way to motivate children and to handle their mood swings. Either develop a story of your own or read out from a story book. Both have positive impact on the kids.

So try this tool taday and let me know how this art helped you in dealing with kids.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Developing reading skill in toddlers

Reading skill is an important part of child development. It may seem to be an easy job but actually, it requires careful effort to develop the skill in toddlers.
Toddlers like to learn and do new things. Their enthusiasm for new things and skills help them to become better in different tasks. For motivating them to read, the role of parents is inevitable. Similarly, with young kids, the parents have to help in developing reading skills.
Develop reading habit in toddler through full participation
There can be various opportunities where parents can encourage the reading habit in toddlers without any stress.

• Read out loudly the labels of their favorite pack of eatables. Show them the pack and tell details about it. This would make the child curious about the written words.

• Encourage story-telling habit. Narrate a story and use some new action words. Repeat the exercise daily so that the child learns and uses new words.

• Reward them with story and picture books. Sit with the child, point out the pictures in the book, and tell their names. It would develop their vocabulary.   
Develop reading in toddlers through picture books

• While in bus or in park, show them the various symbols and signs and explain their meanings.

• Read out the big captions written outside a shop or on the street.

• Combine learning with playing. Buy educational toys and games for the children. They are a lot of fun and sharpen skills of the kids.

• Introduce alphabet in a playful manner. The parents can use colorful blocks of alphabet that would capture the attention of toddlers.

An encouraging reading atmosphere and full participation of parents will go a long way in development of reading skill in toddlers.

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Monday, August 15, 2011

Importance of freedom of speech for kids

Often kids are considered too small to express their minds on a given situation or issue. They are merely sent to another room or instructed to keep quiet in a discussion. Is such kind of deprivation to speak good for their development? Is freedom of speech necessary right for adults and not for children?

Certainly not.Given them the opportunity to think and take a stand, young minds can definitely produce some great ideas and results.

Compare two sets of kids treated in two different ways. Under one condition, the kids have to follow rules and to abide by the instructions. They are not expected to think and decide but simply follow the path decided by their superiors. In other condition, the kids live in an atmosphere of free speech.They get opportunity to come up with new thinking and ideas. They are encouraged to take their own decisions.

The first set of kids grow as submissive and indecisive lot who wait for approval to take their decisions.On the other hand, the kids with freedom of speech are confident, social and leaders in their own way. They can come up with out-of-the-box ideas and have the guts to handle any situation with optimism.
Therefore, the freedom of speech is an important aspect for every home atmosphere to make kids into independent and confident adults. Encourage and appreciate the views and thoughts of children from today!!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Special bond of brother and sister

Relationships are important aspect of life. One of the most beautiful and cherished relation is that of a brother and sister. The sometimes sweet and sometimes sour bond between brother and sister can become more special with the guidance of their parents.

It is normal between siblings to have differences, fights and insecurities. As they grow, they learn to adjust and live together. The long years of bonding and companionship takes a turn when these siblings turn adults and choose different paths of their lives. Nevertheless, they can nurture a perfect soulful bond provided their parents shower extra attention and effort on this aspect.

The bond of a brother and sister can have lots of twists and turns. There can be phases of non-tolerance towards each other. With these simple and small efforts, the parents can erase the negative aspect of this beautiful bond and help in building a more trustworthy and lasting relationship.

Be fair and impartial among all the siblings. The equal behavior and guidelines for the kids reduce the negativity and promote harmony in the house.

• Avoid comparisons among siblings. It helps in reducing sibling rivalry and children feel equally loved and cared.

Appreciate the unique quality of each child. This makes the siblings acknowledge and accept the qualities of each other and learn to respect each other.

• Display of strong family ties sets a good example in front of the kids. The values and atmosphere of the family have a great impact on the younger generation. Therefore, practice healthy bonding with other adults in order to preach positive values to the children.

Encourage kids to sort out their issues on their own. Let them evaluate and resolve their differences. It would strengthen their relationship.

• Celebrate the beauty of relationship of the kids. Just like Father’s day and Mother’s day, the kids can have a special day for themselves on which they can express their feelings and exchange cards and gifts.

Raksha bandhan is one such festival that celebrates the genuine and eternal bond of a sister and brother. The day refreshes the memories of childhood and renews the true friendship between brothers and sisters.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Treatment of acne in kids

In kids, the problem of acne is primarily due to hormonal changes. The body of a teenager witnesses many changes from within. This has a reflection on the skin of the growing kid by way of acne. The presence of acne on the skin affects the kid mentally as well.

The problem of acne goes beyond the skin. It adversely affects the self-confidence of a teenager and his or her social life as well. The teenagers are more conscious about their looks and personality. Acne on skin makes them feel vulnerable and ugly. In such situation, the proper guidance on acne can ease the situation. It is actually the motivating role of parents and family that makes the difference.

Moreover, the teenagers and parents may resort to home remedies for acne cure. Some of the remedies are here below:

Rub a tomato slice on the face of the child. Wash the face after 15 minutes. This will remove the dirt and excess oil from the skin and make it clean. Use this remedy daily.

Another remedy for acne cure can be applying mixture of sandalwood powder and rose water on the face until it dries. Then, wash off. The acne prone skin will look more fresh and clean.

The proper use of healing natural oils can also bring the desired results and give relief from acne.

Besides the above home remedies, follow some necessary precautions to keep acne away.

Therefore, there is no need to worry about. Stress in kids can only aggravate the problem and will not contribute to acne cure. With settling of hormones, the acne also disappears.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Protect kids from acne problem

Acne problem is a reason to worry for kids. In their teens, the kids become conscious about their appearance and a simple white head can lower their self-esteem. The prolonged presence of acne thus constantly troubles the young minds.

In severe cases of acne, kids even shy away to meet their pals and avoid socializing with the outside world. Therefore, the effects of acne are not limited to physical beauty. It is a much deeper problem for a kid in his or her teens.

To counter acne, one must understand the facts related with acne. The parents and kids must know the difference between various kinds of acne. Accordingly, the treatment may differ. In addition, the parents can ask kids to follow some guidelines to stop acne at the initial stage.

With following basic tips to prevent and deal with acne, the affected kids can surely smile and blow away their blues.

 Water is the main element that helps in acne. So, drink plenty of water. It helps in flushing away the toxins from the body and making the skin healthy.

 Wash face with plain water and mild face wash twice a day in order to remove excess oil and dirt.

 Excessive sweating also helps in building up of acne. Therefore, always wash face after sweating and after physical activity.

 Avoid scrubbing face as it may deteriorate acne problem.

 Use oil free cosmetics and skin products. The water based products are soft on the acne prone skin and do not clog the pores.

 Hair products can harm the skin of the face; it is advisable to keep them away from the face.

 Wash hair on regular basis so that oil present in hair does not block the pores of the skin. Also, keep the hair away from the face.

 Do not pick or squeeze pimples.

 Avoid over exposure of sun.

 Use water based sunscreen before moving out of the house.

 Avoid oily and processed foods.

 Wear cotton clothes to avoid breeding of bacteria.

 Prefer home remedies to chemical based products to treat acne.

These simple steps are essential to protect the skin of growing kids from acne.

Sunday, July 24, 2011


Acne is a common problem among kids in their teens. It is due to changes in hormones in teens that show up on skin in the form of whiteheads, blackhead and pimples. However, it is not easy to accept the presence of acne and often teenagers are depressed because of this.

To know about the solutions for acne, it is important to understand some basic facts related to it. The skin of a human body has innumerable pores that contain oil glands. These glands produce oil required by the skin and hair as well. During teens, the hormones become overactive that results in excessive production of oil by the oil glands.

Too much of oil on skin block the pores and when combined with dirt and bacteria, it gives birth to acne. The blocked pore when emerges as a bump on the skin then it is called whitehead. In case this whitehead is open, then bacteria and dirt may penetrate and make the bump darker. Then it is blackhead. A pimple is a red bump on the skin that is infected and more difficult to cure.

Both genders experience the problem of acne in their adolescence. It can appear on those parts of body that have overactive oil glands. Mainly face, neck, shoulders, chest and back of teenagers get acne.

In case parents have experienced acne in their teens then, their children are likely to face the same. However, some trigger points may worsen this skin problem such as:

• Frequent consumption of oily foods

• Unhealthy diet and faulty lifestyle habits

• Too much sun exposure

• Using wrong type of cosmetics and skin products

• Inadequate or improper skin care habits

• Touching and squeezing the acne

• Stress

There is a lot of scope to avoid and prevent acne among kids. 

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Home Remedies For Eczema in Kids

Eczema in children is surely one skin problem that keeps the sufferer away from leading a normal life. Sometimes, any amount of treatments and medicines just seem to be inadequate to solve this problem. Different solutions from different people and doctors do not provide a lasting relief. In such situation, the eczema sufferer especially kids can definitely rely on natural treatments for this skin problem.

Eczema in kids can be really troublesome.

Firstly, the natural treatments contain ingredients from the nature itself and harmful chemicals are absent. Secondly, these treatments are safe and do not have major adverse effects on the user.

Vitamin E cream

Apply Vitamin E cream on the eczema-affected skin. It will reduce itchiness and swelling. The natural anti-oxidants present in the vitamin E cream are good at their job to reduce the eczema flare-ups.

Grape seed extract
To prevent the itchiness due to eczema, use grape seed extract. The grape seed extract contains flavonoids that prevent and relieve itchy feeling.

Flaxseed oil


Flaxseed oil is great for eczema treatment

The constant usage of the flaxseed oil on the skin makes it healthy. The oil is the right option to cure eczema. Remember, the amount of dose may differ person to person and the usage should be on continued basis.

Blueberry leaf extract

The anti inflammatory properties of blueberry leaf extract reduces the swelling and itchiness on the eczema skin. The extract is easily available in lotion form and provides instant relief.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil soothes and relieves the skin from inflammation

The cooling properties of coconut oil make it suitable for eczema sufferers. It immediately relieves the person from inflammation and discomfort. It is easily available and economical unlike some oils like primrose oil.

Besides adequate precautions for eczema, these home remedies are also essential to control the problem in kids.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Ways to counter eczema in kids

Eczema has severe effects on the mental and physical health of a child. It refers to a skin condition where the afflicted child experiences skin inflammation on the tender areas of the body like face, hands, wrists, scalp, knees and neck. It causes rashes, itchy and dry skin, and lesions on the skin.

The affected child scratches and rubs the inflamed areas that further worsen the skin condition. Sometimes the skin has red, little bumps that ooze and are painful. Eczema in babies, as young as couple of months old, is difficult to handle and cure. Both parents and their baby experience mental trauma in this skin condition.

Moreover, this skin problem is a combination of hereditary and environmental factors. When a baby has itchy, scaly and dry skin, there is a need to check the medical history of the family to understand the hereditary role in this condition. A doctor will also ascertain the allergens that may trigger eczema in affected infant or child. These allergens can be:

1. Certain detergents or soaps
2. Certain foods like eggs, nuts, etc
3. Lotion, cream and perfumes
4. Stressful situations
5. Some type of fabric like woolen
6. Changing temperature conditions
7. Dust, parasites and pet hair

As the infant grows, the child may have lesser instances of eczema flare-ups and it may totally disappear as the little one crosses his teens. However, until that time, the condition has serious effects on the affected child. Continuous itching and irritation is a nuisance for the child. Many times, it is avoidable and easy to resist. Just follow these simple steps to beat eczema in kids:

1. Moisturize the skin of child regularly. It helps in controlling the itchiness. Use unscented lotion or natural products that have no side effects on the skin.

2. Keep the skin clean. It is crucial to keep the affected skin clean. Therefore, give bathe to the baby/child frequently to combat eczema.

3. Use unscented products for bathing. Find out if the soap is suitable for the baby. Switch over to mild and unscented soap if any flare up is there after bathing.

4. Usage of clean towel and bedding is equally important. Dirty fabric may carry dust mites and bacteria that may pass on to the skin. Hence, proper care in this regard is essential. The detergents should also be scent free and mild otherwise that can trigger the skin problem.

5. Clean and soft clothing for the child is also crucial so that the skin is not irritated or inflamed because of the cloth. Use soft cotton clothing to keep the skin happy of the child.
6. Home remedies are alternative and no side effect way to treat and beat eczema. Try today!

Monday, July 4, 2011


Rainy season is favorite season of kids though caution required.

Rains definitely provide the much-needed break from hot and humid summer. Everyone including kids enjoys the rains and some even like to get soaked in the rainwater. It appears that the sun and clouds are playing a hide and seek game.
However, the season also brings many types of illness and serious diseases along with fun and relief. In absence of good hygiene and precautions, these diseases can trap and attack the immunity system of the patient. The children are the easy prey of the diseases and likely to recover slowly.

Kids enjoy rains despite of chances of getting sick.

Cold is a common problem in rainy season. However, not a very serious one, yet prolonged problem of cold and cough can make the child weak and lower his or her immunity levels. Early precautions and treatment is the right solution.

There are different kinds of viruses in the air in rainy season. The hide and seek game of temperature and rains give birth to various infections and illness. Eye infection is yet another problem that may cause stye, conjunctivitis, dry eyes and blurred vision in some cases. Poor hygiene and presence of viruses in atmosphere is the primary cause of eye infection. The parents need to combat both in order to safeguard the kids.

Malaria and dengue are also prevalent in rainy season. The main reason of these diseases is presence of mosquitoes. It is better to take prior precaution rather than risk your child’s health and repent later. Resort to home remedies to combat all these health issues and keep your children healthy.

Water borne diseases need a special mention in this list. Often hygiene and carelessness lead to such diseases.

Some important tips to avoid diseases in rainy season are here below:

1. Dress the kids as per the season. Use of gumboots, raincoats and umbrellas are must to protect the kids from dirty water and prolonged wetness.
2. Even if the kids get soaked in rainwater, give them a quick wash at home with antibacterial soap and pat dry. Let them sit in warm temperature in order to avoid cold. Also offer them hot milk/ coffee/soup.

3. Washing hands prior to and after eating is a good habit, which kids can learn through example and daily reminders. Use of medicinal soap for hand wash after toilet is mandatory. Always carry hand sanitizer for maintaining good hygiene.This habit can surely avoid many infections.

4. Keep the nails of kids trimmed to avoid dirt penetration. Moreover, prevent kids from nail biting as it may cause illness.
5. Always drink adequately filtered and purified water. If possible, use boiled water to avoid diseases like cholera.

6. Prefer bottled water to tap water when eating out in restaurants.

7. Avoid prior cut foods or uncooked foods like fruits and salads. It attracts severe stomach infections and cause digestion problems.
8. Control the tendency of eating out at roadside food stalls. They are most likely to be unhygienic and contaminated with pollutants.

9. Stop kids from touching their eyes and face with dirty hands. It may cause eye and skin infections.

10. Use mosquito coil, repellents creams and net to keep the mosquitoes away. Pesticide treatment is a good solution to solve the pest and mosquito problem during rainy season.
Umbrellas, boots and raincoats are essential during rainy season to avoid skin infections.
11. Do not let children play in dirty water as it may cause skin problems.

12. Enhance immunity system of kids with proper diet and lifestyle that includes leafy vegetables, citrus fruits, milk products and cereals. A strong body can fight infections and viruses better.

Body and skin care in rainy season is equally important for kids and adults. Proper care is the only way to enjoy the rainy season without any problem.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My daughter's birthday

Last week we celebrated our daughter's birthday.It was awesome. We enjoyed the whole day and the birthday party. The party had all the ingredients which could make it interesting and memorable.
My son helped me to organize the party efficiently.He actually sat with me and prepared the list of things that we require. Whether it was booking the cake or selecting the birthday dress for his sister, he did with me patiently and enthusiastically. His company actually kept me going.

Even more, he gave good ideas to make the party successful. Along with me he prepared the list of eatables/snacks and the required party items. My daughter is still too young to participate. She has turned three and is good at enjoying the party.

We bought the party decorations items and other stuff in advance. On the D-day, all three of us cleaned the house and decorated it with balloons. My children did a good job in blowing the balloons.They were determined to surprise their father with the decorations.
We had bought the CD of latest songs and it was a good decision. My son had already told me about the favorite songs of his age group. And surely they were a hit. The friends of my kids danced and anjoyed. We also had a round of the game"passing the parcel". It was fun.
The main attraction of the party, that is cake was liked by all. Me and my son had done a good job in selecting a beautiful cake for my daughter.
At the end, the return gifts were given to the children.We took care that gifts were age appropriate and useful.
The party was a success and it was all because of teamwork put in by all the family members. It was an opportunity to teach the kids about the importance of team effort. It also made my son realize the importance of time management.

Now, it's your turn to share your experience with kids.How did you tackle a particular situation? Or how did you fix a bad habit of your child?

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Kids and me

Vacations are on and I am having a fantastic time with my kids. All day we do different interesting activities to keep ourselves engaged. There are no hard and fast rules. Nevertheless, some guidelines are there that everyone has to follow.
Being a cricket fan my son chose to learn the sport in these holidays. For that, he has to wake up on time and get ready to leave for the classes. So, both of us are happy. On the other hand, there is no fixed timetable for my daughter who is going to be three years old.
Television viewing is limited in our house and that rule is applicable to everyone. I do not allow my kids to watch cartoons for long. If you want to know how much I apply this rule on myself then I would like you to know that I hardly get time for entertainment.
Both my son and daughter love to draw and color. It helps them to unleash their imagination and enjoy their time. Creative handwriting is yet another way to let the child imagine, think and express his feelings. I give weird and funny topics to him to make the activity interesting.
Indoor games are a great way to keep the kids occupied. Some games are equally relevant for all ages like code breaker, scrabble and housie. Both of us enjoy these games.
I have prepared a detailed chart and pinned that on the board. It highlights the daily activities of my son. The chart also clarifies the time he devotes to creative activities in comparison to the leisure time. That helps my son to balance between different activities.
My daughter is a true copycat of her brother. She does whatever my son does. She would follow him in every way and in every sense. Therefore, there is less need to train her or guide her.
Both of my children are sweet enough to help me in daily chores. With their little hands, they clean the furniture and keep their toys back in place.
These holidays have been fun filled and learning experience for my kids. This time has also made me more patient and tactful while dealing with kids.
I have shared my experience with kids during these holidays. I wish to know your experience, thoughts and ideas to make the vacation memorable and enjoyable.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Summer safety tips for kids

The scorching sun rays are harmful for your tiny tots. The kids are likely to suffer dehydration and exhaustion in summer. Therefore, it is crucial to safeguard the kids from the heat and harmful sun rays.

Often, kids refuse to stay indoors. They insist on playing outdoor games and this negligence can prove to be detrimental for their health. Even if they stay indoors, the kids can still feel the brunt of the burning sun.

Thus, what can the parents do to counter the damaging effects of the sun? Well, the parents can follow these simple summer safety tips to protect their darlings from the summer heat.

Shakes, squashes ans juices provide right nutrition to kids in summer.

• Persuade the kids to drink plenty of water and liquids. Prepare homemade squashes, shakes and fruit juices in different flavors. Children will just love to have them. Healthy eating for kids is important which contains essential nutrients and also tastes delicious to satisfy the taste buds of kids.

• Remember to carry water bottle in your bag while going out in sun. Intake of water at regular intervals is important for kids to safeguard them from dehydration.

• Juicy fruits and salads provide the necessary nutrients and help in fighting the heat. Kids who take at least two servings of fresh fruits are likely to stay fit in summers.       

• Apply sunscreen liberally on kids so that their skin is safe from the ultra violet rays of the sun when they are outside.

• Use of sunscreen is important even when the kids are going for swim. Reapply the sunscreen every 2-3 hours to protect the skin of kids in summer.

• Sunglasses, caps and hats are mandatory for kids to keep their eyes and skin safe from direct sunlight.
Invest in summer accessories like caps, sun glasses and umbrellas for kids.

• Umbrellas are essential too. Keep the kids in shade as much as possible during summer months.

• Loose fitted clothing helps the body to breathe and minimize sweating.

• Bathing helps in lowering the body temperature.

• Use anti bacterial soaps and hand sanitizers regularly.Encourage kids to develop cleanliness habit on daily basis.

• It is better to stay indoors between 11a.m. to 4p.m., as sun rays are harsh during this period.

During summer vacation, the kids are likely to stay outdoors and the above summer safety steps become all the more important to implement.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Travelling with kids

The moment the vacations begin, first thing that comes to the mind of children is of travelling. Both parents and kids look forward to a nice trip in vacations to a new place. The purpose is to get a break from the daily routine and to have many fun moments together.

Absolutely, every family should go out for a trip at least once a year. This is the time when kids can enjoy with their parents and other family members. Moreover, they discover a new place that makes the trip even more exciting. However, it requires sincere research and effort on part of the parents to make the family trip successful and without any disappointments.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Summer jobs for kids

Summer vacation is the time to relax and have fun. However, not all kids are amused with having fun all the time. Some kids want to learn and gain experience. Yet some others want exposure to the world unknown to them and earn some good pocket money as well in the process.

Even parents want their kids to do some serious jobs and become responsible during their vacation. They encourage their kids to take up some responsibility and carry it out sincerely. There is a multitude of benefits for encouraging kids and teens to go for summer jobs.

Summer job is a good utilization of time and energy of kids.

It provides necessary real life exposure to kids who are otherwise busy in studies and entertainment.

The kids acquire new skills and learn new things.

The kids learn to sell their services and thereby improve their communication skills.
Each completed task boosts the confidence of the kid.

Kids become more responsible and sincere towards themselves and towards others as well.

Summer job is an easy way to make some money by kids.

Kids learn to value money and use it wisely as well.

In nutshell, the parents should encourage kids to take up some tasks and fulfill them earnestly. In fact, the parents can guide kids about the fine nuances related to the job and prepare kids accordingly. They can give valuable tips on communication and self-marketing.

There is a list of some jobs for kids for summer vacation:

Gardening: kids can help their neighbors in watering the plants and maintain the lawn or garden. It is easy and does not require very long hours of hard work. Just a couple of hours daily can fetch good pocket money.
Pet care: dog walk or feeding the pets is again an enjoyable and easy job for kids. The prime requirement for this job is genuine affection for animals and will to treat them well. Moreover, this is whole lot of fun where kids can play with the pet while taking good care of them.

Gift-wrapping: it is an interesting job involving creativity and little hard work. A kid needs some basic things like wrapping paper, ribbons, tape and scissors. The demand of job may not be regular but it pays to be creative and scrupulous.

Crafts work: if the kid is good at making craft items, wall hangings or doing best out of waste materials, then his or her talent can be paying in the coming summer holidays. He or she needs to display the collection of his or her art and crafts work at his backyard, may be on weekly basis and invite friends and neighbors. He will surely gain popularity and some bucks as well.

Join a departmental store: Growing kids can join some store and offer their assistance in some odd jobs. They may also join some restaurant for gaining exposure in customer care and marketing.

Computer jobs: kids of next generation are smart and active. They can do an array of computer jobs and work from home comfort. It is surely a lucrative and intelligent way to spend summer vacation and earn some quick money.

Tutoring: Teaching is a good summer job option for older kids. The kids can tutor younger kids on different subjects and skills. This will boost their self-esteem and make them more skilled.

These are some of the options for summer jobs. There can be many more ways for kids to earn money in summer vacations depending upon their talent and interest.

NOTE: the nature and extent of jobs of kids are governed by the respective laws of each country and must be followed.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

How to keep kids busy in vacations

Vacations are the most awaited and cherished time of the year for kids. As soon as the vacations are declared, one can see beaming faces coming out of the school. From that moment, the kids look forward to lots of fun, leisure and relief from studies.

It is a well deserving break for kids. However, the parents are often in a dilemma about what their kids can do in such a long period. The purpose is to make the holidays enjoyable, refreshing and yet educational for kids.

In long vacations, the timetable of the children goes upside down. It used to be early to bed and early to rise. However, in holidays, it becomes late to bed and late they shall rise. Gradually the excitement of kids fades because of idleness and they become troublesome and cranky. The extreme weather makes them stay indoors. In addition, there are limited options of activities and enjoyment at home.

Nevertheless, some homework and planning on part of parents can make things much better. The parents can discuss the interests and likes/ dislikes of children. Then accordingly, they can formulate a timetable that is acceptable to all. The following activities will be interesting for kids during their vacations:

Exercise and sports:

The kids will enjoy exercising, cycling and playing team sports like cricket and football with their friends. That ways their mornings and evenings will not remain idle and they will also follow a healthy daily routine.

School activities:

Schools organize various activities and programs in vacations. These would be of interest for children as they get to enjoy their favorite activities along with their school friends.

Summer camp:

During holidays, various summer camps are conducted for children, which are full of fun and creative as well. Activities like art and craft, handwriting improvement, dance classes, music and cooking are the most sought after. On the other hand, some kids prefer swimming, taekwondo, football, skating and similar activities.

Outdoor camps:

Older kids and teens may go for outdoor camps that include camping on hills, trekking, river rafting and many other such adventurous activities. This gives a different kind of exposure and confidence to kids.

Indoor activities:

At home, the parents can provide interactive workbooks for fun and educational purposes of kids. They can buy storybooks and interesting activity books especially for use in vacations. All these are also available online.

Other options:

Vacations are the time when bonding between the parents and kids can become stronger. Both of them can play board games, enjoy watching kids’ movies together, decorate house with self-made craft items and finish household chores together. Picnics are a great way to get a break. Even better is the idea of a family trip to a new place where everyone can enjoy.

Implement these fun ideas today and enjoy vacations with kids whole-heartedly.

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Monday, May 2, 2011

Having fun with kids:))

Parents are too much engrossed in carrying out their responsibilities that they often forget the importance of having fun with their kids. The duties and deadlines are part and parcel of life. But the childhood of the kids is for short period. After that the kids get busier with their studies, friends and other activities. The parents and child interaction time also reduces as the child grows older.

Besides taking care of kids, the parents must learn to have fun with their kids. It will make the childhood memories of the kids special and moreover, the bonding between the two will strengthen.

Having enjoyment time with children refreshes the memories of the parents of their own childhood. The joys and fun of that time can be revived with simple fun activities carried out by parents along with their kids. Having fun helps in numerous ways like:

It reduces the stress levels of parents and helps them enjoy simple things of life.

Fun time brings parents and kids closer and eases tensions between them.

Through fun moments, parents can teach valuable lessons of life in a joyful manner.

Sharing memories and moments with parents makes the childhood a pleasurable experience for kids.

By way of fun time, the parents learn the importance of having fun breaks in between their tight schedules.

Fun time provides the dose of enthusiasm and energy to kids as well as their parents. Therefore, the parents should take out some quality time for kids on regular basis and have lots of fun.

Now what all can be done in short intervals of fun time? Let’s find out here and put these into practice from today itself:
Children like to copy their mothers and wish to help her in kitchen. Why not? Select a simple and funny recipe and let your children cook with you! They would surely enjoy their task and that too without considering it as a task.

Involve yourself in art activities with kids.

Accompany your child in art and craft and let the time fly by quickly.

You don’t have to be an artist. Just join them and start coloring with them and see how their enthusiasm levels shoot up. It may remind you of your childhood as well.

If weather permit, have a picnic in the nearby garden or go for outdoor sports with your kids. You can opt for the game you used to play as a kid and see how your stress vanishes in the air.

Playing dough is a good idea as it helps kids unlock their creativity. Motivate them and join them in making different shapes and figures out of dough. The smile on the face of your kids is more important than anything else.

Read out story to your kids and use a different voice for each character. The kids will definitely enjoy your participation and effort and you will have a million dollar time when you will see big smiling faces of your kids.

Once in a while you can enjoy playing video games with kids. All kids love these games and if you are going to join them then the excitement level will surely soar high.

the best way to stay close to nature is gardening, encourage kids for it!

Gardening is yet another activity which kids may enjoy. While watering plants, you can surprise your kids with splashing some water on them and having some pure fun!

Arrange a play date with a family friend and let the kids play with their age group. Meanwhile adults can also play some game of their choice. It would be even better if both kids and adults play together and enjoy games like tug of war or any ball game.

These intervals of fun time are vital to keep the life interesting and exciting. It is better sometimes not to bother about the mess and indulge in real fun with kids. And do not miss to click those memorable moments with kids!

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Assure good performance of kids at school

Parents worry so much about the performance of their kids at school. They actually strain themselves a lot and also put undue pressure on their children to make latter perform well. However, in spite of their pressures and effort, some kids do not perform as per expectations.
Stress to Perform among kids
Are the kids responsible for under performance? Or is the school not doing enough? Or maybe, the parents are making too much of fuss. Let’s find out.

There can be multitude of reasons due to which some children do not perform as per expectations.

Outdated teaching methods The school may be following outdated teaching methods and aids which lack innovation and fun. It makes learning a boring process for kids and they sometimes do not understand the concepts well.

Lack of motivation by parents The lack of adequate attention and motivation also makes the child lose interest in studies. Sometimes, the parents put the onus of education on teachers and school and shrug off their responsibilities. This attitude of parents makes the children careless towards their studies and hence poor grades in school.

Burden of over expectations Conversely, some parents over burden their kids with their expectations. Excessive discipline and lack of appreciation for hard work discourages the child and make him lose focus.

Absence of pleasant atmosphere at home The kids are sensitive and easily get affected by their surroundings. Fights between parents, divorce, death or illness of parent/ close family member are some of the reasons which affect mental status of the child and may affect his performance at school.

Bullying in school The victimized kids are often less bold to counter the bully. The continuous bulling in school can badly influence the concentration and studies of such kids.

Too much gadget time affects school performance of kids.

Too much of electronic media If the kids are over exposed to internetmobile phones or T.V., they may lose their concentration and avoid giving enough attention to their homework.

Lack of sleep The adequate sleep of the child is important to refresh the brain. Sleep helps in mental and physical development and therefore if deprived, the performance of the child gets hampered.

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Health issues Lack of nutritious and whole some diet may make the child weak. Good diet is important for mind and body as well as for their proper functioning. Therefore, diet and health have a great effect on the performance of the child.

Performance anxiety This is yet another reason for poor performance in school. Sometimes even bright students are not able to put in their best because of the increased anxiety levels and nervousness in them about their own performance.

Learning disabilities Some children suffer from problem of learning disabilities which may interfere with their learning process. There can be different forms of learning disabilities and if not discover on time, may continue to cause difficulty to such children at school.

Lack of good performance of child in studies is, therefore, an indication of some other major issue which needs attention. In case, there is low performance or dip in grades, the attention needs to be paid towards the mental status of the child and the possible reason for the poor performance.

Here are mentioned some general guidelines which may help the parents to improve the performance of the child in school.

Appreciate the hard work of the kid even if the results are below expectations.

Take active interest in studies and homework of the child.

Coordinate with teachers and other parents about the education policy in the school.

Help your kid to get organized and make time table which accommodates enough time for homework, play time and sleep time.

Take good care of the diet and health of the child.     
Helping kids in studies can bring positive results.

The parents may introduce their own interesting assignments and workbooks to help children in their studies.

Limit T.V. and computer viewing as it can distract the children.

Avoid getting anxious as it may make the child nervous.

Encourage child to share his feelings and point of view about school, studies, and other things.

In case of child with learning disabilities, seek professional guidance and act accordingly.

Forgive the mistakes of the child and give him chance to improve.

Always motivate your child in calm and positive way to achieve his goals.

These steps will surely help parents and their kids to bring out the best in kids and enhance their performance.

Monday, April 25, 2011

How to deal with anger in kids?


What happens when you refuse to comply with the demands of your 9 year old? He yells, throws things and slams the door on your face. And that's how he reacts most of the times.
Have you seen the tantrums thrown by a kid in the shopping complex when her mother does not buy her favorite chocolate pack?
Now review another situation. A toddler repeatedly bangs his head and howls when his friend did not hand over his ball. Even worse, he bites and hits the other children when he does not get toys of other children to play.

All the above examples reflect growing frustration and anger in kids. Either they want immediate compliance to their demands or they will throw fits and have a meltdown in full public view. In all the cases, if anger problem is not dealt with in time, there are chances that:

The relationship between the parents and kid would deteriorate
• His behavior will cause embarrassment to parents in front of relatives, friends or public
• The kid may hurt himself physically
• He may become violent and harm other children
• He may have problems in communicating his emotions in right way
• He may lose his friends and feel dejected at social level like in school, parties, etc
• He may grow up as a defiant and aggressive adult

So, uncontrolled anger can have multiple negative outcomes on the kid himself and on the society as a whole. Therefore, it is mandatory to deal with the problem at early stage so that child can learn to manage his anger.

Parents often look for help and counseling for treating anger in their children. However, most of the times they can deal with this problem on their own and make their kids learn anger management. With their support and attention, the child can learn to express his anger in a more amicable manner.

The following tips will surely help parents to teach anger management to kids:

The first thing about anger which both parents and kids should understand is that anger is not bad. It is an emotion and it’s natural to get angry about unpleasant instances. It is the expression of anger which needs to be learned.

Be a role model for your kids and express anger in a healthy way. Your own way of displaying anger has large impact on the mind of the kid. He or she is likely to follow your footsteps. Therefore, be more constructive and calm when you are angry.

Educate your child about the signs of anger. Tell him his face gets red or his body gets tensed /stiffened when he gets angry. That would help him to know when he is getting angry and about to explode.

Teach him ways to manage his anger. Like he may do reverse counting from 20 to 1 to lower his anger.

Bullying by other kids is one reason of anger in kids. Teach him to become assertive and confident. This will help him in displaying his anger constructively.

Make your child write about the ways he can handle his anger like deep breathing or reverse counting or drawing to vent the bad feeling.Always listen to your kids about the way they feel. Your attention will help them express and deal with anger in a better way.Avoid showing violent scenes to the kids on T.V. or computer.

Teach the kids to respect the feelings and decisions of others.

Anger management is important for healthy development of the child and hence parents must inculcate this quality in the child from the very beginning.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Is your kid getting bullied?

Is your child showing reluctance to go to school? Does he make excuses like headache to avoid going to school? Does he appear nervous or scared all the time? Or is there a significant drop in his grades? Is your child getting weaker in spite of healthy meals you packed in his lunch box? Do you feel that your child is behaving differently?
Your child is not behaving normally- is it bullying?

Kindly do not overlook these signals. These may be due to bullying and the child is not being able to handle or deal with it.

Bullying is a deliberate act or series of acts to humiliate or torment a child. There can be physical, verbal or mental ways which make the child uncomfortable, depressed or edgy. The bullying nowadays is not limited to schools. It has gone to further levels like bullying through mobile phones and via internet. It is much more than simple teasing or funny remark made out to the child.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Are mobile phones really safe for kids?

Mobile phones are the favorite and widely used medium of communication. It has become practically impossible to stay mobile and connected as well with the world without a mobile phone. And you would agree kids are not behind in this sphere as well. Kids want and demand a separate cell phone for themselves. And indeed it has become a necessity for kids as well!
Be aware of side effects of mobile phones on kids
As most of the tween and teens are on their toes attending different classes and activities or catching up with friends, it is important to keep a track of their whereabouts and their plans for the day. Mobile phones serve the purpose to keep the kids stay connected with their parents. Besides, to stay in tune with the rest of the world like friends, teachers, activity classes and others the cell phones are the constant companion for kids.

Though mobiles are the friendly gadgets, yet there are some probable dangers which may affect safety of kids. Parents should be aware of such safety concerns and accordingly protect their kids from such dangers arising from use of mobile phones.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Shrink greedy attitude in child

Kids of this generation are much more materialistic and greedy than ever before. They put themselves and their wants over and above everything. All their minds can think of the ways in which they can get access to latest luxuries, gadgets and things of their interest which may not be a necessity for them. More and more kids nowadays focus on themselves and their demands. They are least concerned about the requirements and feelings of other family members and people around them.

This kind of greedy attitude if continues erases the space for feelings and empathy for others. Plus they will not able to put a line on where to stop and get hold on their temptations. The uncontrolled temptations and greed on the whole make the child become unappreciative of numeral gifts and facilities of life and whine about the things to be possessed.

And for that children cannot be blamed. Most of the times, parents are responsible for greedy nature of the children. The latter are flooded with gifts, games and gadgets. These material things are often attached with happiness and as substitute of precious quality time of parents. The underlying message thus is materialism scores over human relationships.

Besides, there are other reasons for growing greediness in kids like rise in consumerism. Advertisers see kids as targets and revolve their marketing strategy around them. These soft targets are the prime reason of purchases of not just kids stuff but also electronics, gadgets and many non essential items. The peer pressure adds on to this greedy habit.

Parent intervention is crucial to control the greedy nature of the child. There can be various ways to make child give up greediness and become judicious in temperament:

Avoid bribing the child to motivate them.

Do not shower them with unnecessary gifts and things that they really don't need.

Ask your kid to add his latest demand to his list which can be given on his birthday or some special occasion. This helps in delaying and controlling their temptations.

Educate your child about the tactics of advertisers to trap young kids and prompt them to buy. Help your young consumer to find out the best product which meets his requirement.

Teach your child to read labels of products and the value they provide.

Sharing is important aspect of a family. Ask your child to share toys with siblings and friends.

Inspire your children to reuse and recycle things into useful items of daily use.

Teach the importance of money to children.

Encourage the child to donate things to needy people. This will evoke sympathy and affection in child for fellow humans.

Spend quality time with kids and avoid using gadgets as replacement. This will make child value the relationships.

Last but not the least, review yourself. If you have a materialistic attitude then your children are likely to follow you and become greedy as well.

Appreciate the good aspects of life and facilities that have been endowed upon your family. Make your child aware of these things so that they grow as humble and sensible citizens of the world.

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