Monday, November 30, 2015

Encouraging kids for gardening

Gardening is a great experience and it is never too early to pass the joy of gardening to your little one. Plus, in this era where children prefer to be indoors, it can be a great way to stay outdoors, learn about nature and make some friends. The challenge for the parents is getting their kid to involve. The following tips will really help:

Make it interestingFor engagement of kids, the fun angle is really important. So, do take their opinion and keep their interests in mind.

Give them their kitYou can gift your child with a gardening kit on their birthday or a festival. The tools should be appropriate to their size and strength. A lot of bright colored options are available in the market. Do include a watering can since children love playing with water.

Choose plants that are easy to growTomatoes, mini cucumbers, peas, radishes and sunflowers are easy options which will grow relatively faster. Cumbersome plants initially will dissuade the kids from engaging further.

Assign a section of the gardening area You may even assign a section of the area to them which will inculcate ownership and responsibility among the kids with respect to maintenance of their space.

Fun activities in the garden Get involved with the kids to make handicrafts which will get them interested. A bird house is an interesting idea. You can also reuse/ recycle discarded CDs, foil, brooms to make scare crows. Ice-cream sticks can be used to name the plants. Old tyres can be used as plant protectors. You can also paint pots together. The kids can be motivated to grow plants in them.

Plant flowers Flowers attract ladybugs and butterflies. Children are intrigued by natural insects and flying creatures so this will encourage them to spend some time in the garden with these friends of nature.

Have planting competitions A competition among kids for planting flowers or cucumbers is a great idea to get them going. Guide them in the process and see how they fare.

Show kids how to compost It is a learning experience for kids to see how waste things from the kitchen can be used in the garden and help in growth and development of the plants.

Let the little ones do the watering Yes, since kids love to play with water, they shall lovingly take up this task. Make them a watering schedule and enjoy seeing them do the homework.
Gift your child this beautiful connection with nature.

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