Sunday, July 24, 2011


Acne is a common problem among kids in their teens. It is due to changes in hormones in teens that show up on skin in the form of whiteheads, blackhead and pimples. However, it is not easy to accept the presence of acne and often teenagers are depressed because of this.

To know about the solutions for acne, it is important to understand some basic facts related to it. The skin of a human body has innumerable pores that contain oil glands. These glands produce oil required by the skin and hair as well. During teens, the hormones become overactive that results in excessive production of oil by the oil glands.

Too much of oil on skin block the pores and when combined with dirt and bacteria, it gives birth to acne. The blocked pore when emerges as a bump on the skin then it is called whitehead. In case this whitehead is open, then bacteria and dirt may penetrate and make the bump darker. Then it is blackhead. A pimple is a red bump on the skin that is infected and more difficult to cure.

Both genders experience the problem of acne in their adolescence. It can appear on those parts of body that have overactive oil glands. Mainly face, neck, shoulders, chest and back of teenagers get acne.

In case parents have experienced acne in their teens then, their children are likely to face the same. However, some trigger points may worsen this skin problem such as:

• Frequent consumption of oily foods

• Unhealthy diet and faulty lifestyle habits

• Too much sun exposure

• Using wrong type of cosmetics and skin products

• Inadequate or improper skin care habits

• Touching and squeezing the acne

• Stress

There is a lot of scope to avoid and prevent acne. Find solutions to treat acne here.

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