Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Winter protection tips for kids


The arrival of cold weather brings many serious health problems with it. Especially children are easy victims of cold, cough and other infections. However, with timely care and precautions, all these problems can be handled and children can enjoy winter season with smiles on their faces.

Here are some quick winter protection tips to safeguard the health of your little one.

 Stay indoors. Make sure the kids spend a very limited time playing outdoors. Encourage them to play some indoor games. Moreover, prevent them from switching between indoors and outdoors. This may cause cold and infections to the kids.

 Dress them suitably. While one layer of winter clothing may be sufficient for mild dip in temperatures, the kids require multiple layers of warm clothes in freezing weather. In extreme winters, the kids require sweatshirts, pullovers, jackets, warm pants and winter accessories such as mittens, socks, woolen caps, scarves,  and so on. Therefore, the clothing should be appropriate to safeguard kids from changing temperatures.

 Choose clothes wisely. Woolen clothing is the best to keep kids warm and safe. Go for waterproof and wind proof clothes that provide extra protection to kids especially when they are going outside the home.

 Keep your home warm and safe. Ensure that your heating equipment is in working condition and use them in extreme winters to avoid ailments like hypothermia in kids.

 Always carry extra pair of socks, gloves, blankets and jackets while driving with kids.Travelling in winter season may not be suitable for kids. Hence, it is better to stay prepared if driving out is compulsory.

 Adult supervision is must when kids indulge in winter sports. Make sure that kids are equipped with essential winter sportswear like snowboard pants, jackets, helmets, etc.

 Just in case, kids get wet while playing outdoors then immediately change their clothes and provide some hot drink like hot Espresso coffee or soup to them.
 Provide nutritious and balanced diet to kids so that their immune system remains strong in winter. Foods like dairy products, vegetables, fruits and dry fruits are good source of energy and keep the kids healthy.

 In case kids fell ill, consult a doctor and start treatment early for fast relief. Ailments like cold, cough and flu should not be underestimated and proper medication should be provided to kids in time for health safety in winter season.

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