Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Easy to prepare Vegetable soups

Vegetable based soups are filled with goodness of nature. No preservatives, chemicals or artificial colours. When you have them on regular basis, you get plenty of nutrients and energy. Unlike packed soups, homemade vegetable soups are fresh and fulfilling. Furthermore, you can experiment and make changes as per your liking and creativity.

Here are some easy to prepare homemade soups that do not take lots of time and efforts.

Tomato soup                                                     

Tomato soup is one of the most favorite soups among kids and adults alike. This one is very easy to prepare. You can also show some creativity by adding some more ingredients of your choice and garnishing with different things such as cream, coriander, etc. Some like the tangy flavour of tomato soup and some prefer to have sweet-salty taste. Make your own recipe and share it with your family today!

Hot and sour soup
This Chinese soup finds place at every dinner table. Loaded with lots of seasonal veggies and Chinese sauces, the hot and sour soup is perfect for winter evenings when you need some extra energy and enthusiasm to go on.

You may prepare it without using oil and butter to cut down the calories. Though this recipe is originally high on spices, you may alter according to your taste and restrict chillies or chilli sauce to suit your taste buds.

Veg, Talumein Soup
Another Chinese soup which is filled with lots of vegetables, spices and sauces! What sets it apart from other soups is use of noodles. Kids love to eat and drink the soup because of noodles.
If your kids are fussy eaters then make this soup and they would start asking for more. It i a great way to make kids eat vegetables.

The biggest advantage of making Talumein soup at home is that you may delete certain ingredients such as chilli sauce and chilli oil which make the extra spicy. This is not possible with pre-packed soups wherein the spices and flavour are innate.

Lentil soup with vegetables               

To get enough of proteins along with other nutrients, try the lentil soup. Use one lentil or combination of two lentils to make this soup and add vegetables to it. You can add herbs such as parsley and mint to enhance the flavour and nutritional value. The result is healthy and satisfying meal for dinner.

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