Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Protect kids from acne problem

Acne problem is a reason to worry for kids. In their teens, the kids become conscious about their appearance and a simple white head can lower their self-esteem. The prolonged presence of acne thus constantly troubles the young minds.

In severe cases of acne, kids even shy away to meet their pals and avoid socializing with the outside world. Therefore, the effects of acne are not limited to physical beauty. It is a much deeper problem for a kid in his or her teens.

To counter acne, one must understand the facts related with acne. The parents and kids must know the difference between various kinds of acne. Accordingly, the treatment may differ. In addition, the parents can ask kids to follow some guidelines to stop acne at the initial stage.

With following basic tips to prevent and deal with acne, the affected kids can surely smile and blow away their blues.

 Water is the main element that helps in acne. So, drink plenty of water. It helps in flushing away the toxins from the body and making the skin healthy.

 Wash face with plain water and mild face wash twice a day in order to remove excess oil and dirt.

 Excessive sweating also helps in building up of acne. Therefore, always wash face after sweating and after physical activity.

 Avoid scrubbing face as it may deteriorate acne problem.

 Use oil free cosmetics and skin products. The water based products are soft on the acne prone skin and do not clog the pores.

 Hair products can harm the skin of the face; it is advisable to keep them away from the face.

 Wash hair on regular basis so that oil present in hair does not block the pores of the skin. Also, keep the hair away from the face.

 Do not pick or squeeze pimples.

 Avoid over exposure of sun.

 Use water based sunscreen before moving out of the house.

 Avoid oily and processed foods.

 Wear cotton clothes to avoid breeding of bacteria.

 Prefer home remedies to chemical based products to treat acne.

These simple steps are essential to protect the skin of growing kids from acne.

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  1. You are rights, teens are prone in pimples and acne, because they affect on their body improvement to become young adult.. This post really great helps on how to get rid of pimple marks or acne..