Sunday, January 12, 2014

Benefits of Music for Kids

Ever wondered why a baby sleeps well when her mother sings a lullaby for her? The sounds of music has great impact on the mind and body of a person. The same applies in the case of kids and even babies.
Music is not a subject to be studied in school. It is not just another form of art. Music can make life beautiful and peaceful. When you make music an inseparable part of life, you are switching on to a better lifestyle. Read on to discover the various benefits of music especially for kids:

  • Learning process becomes easier with music.Mingle education with music and you will notice improved learning skills as well as  memory in kids. The children who are inclined and exposed to music are fast learners in comparison to those who are deprived from music.Hence, it is better to provide exposure to music.
  • Music induces the brain to develop reading and comprehension skills in a better way. Music improves the pre-reading skills and spoken language skills.
  • Music is of great help to develop motor skills, dexterity and eye-hand coordination among small kids. When a kid learns a musical instrument such as guitar, drums, piano or violin, the brain prepares itself to strike a balance between the eyes and hands. In addition, dancing on music also stimulates better coordination between the brain and body.
  • Music boosts the self confidence of a child.By learning vocal music or an instrument, the child develops the confidence of learning a skill on their own. It helps to raise their self esteem.
  • By joining music classes, the kids become more social and develop communication skills.
  • The kids learn the importance of team and ways to behave as a team member.They learn to coordinate in a better way.
  • Music teaches discipline and patience to kids. For learning music, the kid needs to have dedication, self restraint and patience.
  • Music is a great stress buster for kids. Switch on a pleasant song or rhyme and you can see kids tapping their feet, singing along and having a great time. Music relieves the stressed muscles and soothes the minds. After a hectic day at school, music helps the children to rejuvenate and cheer up. That ways they can pay attention to other aspects of life with energy and zest.

 Therefore, encourage kids to listen or play music of their choice. Give them the gift of music and show them the way to lead a better life.

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  1. I've always been very fond of music, out of nowhere the beginning I had already forgotten either because my parents often used to listen to my music, hahaha, until now the music into one routine I always do even when I learned more relaxed when there is music played.