Wednesday, May 4, 2011

How to keep kids busy in vacations

Vacations are the most awaited and cherished time of the year for kids. As soon as the vacations are declared, one can see beaming faces coming out of the school. From that moment, the kids look forward to lots of fun, leisure and relief from studies.

It is a well deserving break for kids. However, the parents are often in a dilemma about what their kids can do in such a long period. The purpose is to make the holidays enjoyable, refreshing and yet educational for kids.

In long vacations, the timetable of the children goes upside down. It used to be early to bed and early to rise. However, in holidays, it becomes late to bed and late they shall rise. Gradually the excitement of kids fades because of idleness and they become troublesome and cranky. The extreme weather makes them stay indoors. In addition, there are limited options of activities and enjoyment at home.

Nevertheless, some homework and planning on part of parents can make things much better. The parents can discuss the interests and likes/ dislikes of children. Then accordingly, they can formulate a timetable that is acceptable to all. The following activities will be interesting for kids during their vacations:

Exercise and sports:

The kids will enjoy exercising, cycling and playing team sports like cricket and football with their friends. That ways their mornings and evenings will not remain idle and they will also follow a healthy daily routine.

School activities:

Schools organize various activities and programs in vacations. These would be of interest for children as they get to enjoy their favorite activities along with their school friends.

Summer camp:

During holidays, various summer camps are conducted for children, which are full of fun and creative as well. Activities like art and craft, handwriting improvement, dance classes, music and cooking are the most sought after. On the other hand, some kids prefer swimming, taekwondo, football, skating and similar activities.

Outdoor camps:

Older kids and teens may go for outdoor camps that include camping on hills, trekking, river rafting and many other such adventurous activities. This gives a different kind of exposure and confidence to kids.

Indoor activities:

At home, the parents can provide interactive workbooks for fun and educational purposes of kids. They can buy storybooks and interesting activity books especially for use in vacations. All these are also available online.

Other options:

Vacations are the time when bonding between the parents and kids can become stronger. Both of them can play board games, enjoy watching kids’ movies together, decorate house with self-made craft items and finish household chores together. Picnics are a great way to get a break. Even better is the idea of a family trip to a new place where everyone can enjoy.

Implement these fun ideas today and enjoy vacations with kids whole-heartedly.

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