Monday, August 12, 2013

Essential Kitchen Ingredients for Good Health

Season change affects us all. From summer to autumn to winter to rainy days, the human body keeps on adjusting to different climatic conditions sometimes bravely and sometimes badly. Not only kids but adults also get trapped and affected by the changes in season. Not to forget the rising levels of pollution of all kinds has already weakened our body structure from within. To remain hale and healthy throughout the year, we need to depend upon the gifts of nature and not on the medicines. Here is a list of few essential ingredients that must be available in your kitchen at all times.

Ginger: Ginger has countless properties and benefits that would safeguard you and your family  from  different ailments like cold and cough, indigestion, inflammation, diabetes, blood clotting, etc. It is suitable for pregnant women as well. Include it in everyday diet and keep the ailments at bay.

Asafetida: It is an ancient spice that contains medicinal properties. Its use in meals can keep your stomach in good health. Use it round the year and especially in rainy season to avoid stomach problems.Also, refer to this blog to find various home remedies of asafetida to cure different problems.

Basil leaves
Basil leaves: Basil leaf is no ordinary leaf. With numerous healing properties, it is not to be missed herb that is available throughout the year. These leaves can counter many small and big health issues ranging from cold, cough, fever to malaria, skin infections and stomach problems.

Neem or Indian Lilac: Surprised? You must not be. Every part of neem from roots to leaves has amazing benefits. In fact, it is wise to grow a neem tree in your backyard as it would come handy to treat many problems like oral infections, stomach infections, arthritis, many kinds of other ailments and disorders.

Lemon: the best way to strengthen your immune system, digestive system and get rid of respiratory problems is to include lemon in your daily life. Lemon is useful to deal with various gastric issues, cancers, dehydration and much more. (check you are not allergic to lemons).

All these ingredients are economical and easily accessible. So, include them in your diet from today. The regular use of these essential ingredients would make you healthier, safer and resistant.

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