Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Travelling with kids

The moment the vacations begin, first thing that comes to the mind of children is of travelling. Both parents and kids look forward to a nice trip in vacations to a new place. The purpose is to get a break from the daily routine and to have many fun moments together.

Absolutely, every family should go out for a trip at least once a year. This is the time when kids can enjoy with their parents and other family members. Moreover, they discover a new place that makes the trip even more exciting. However, it requires sincere research and effort on part of the parents to make the family trip successful and without any disappointments.

The parents should consider following aspects before planning a trip in the vacations:

 The weather of the destination: It is important to know the temperature and climate of the destination at the time of the trip. Accordingly, the family can pack suitable clothes and accessories. In case of unpredictable climate, one should take along several pairs of clothes and at least an extra pair of shoes. The rains can wash away the high spirits if the trip is not properly planned as per climate.

 Budget of the family: The family should pre plan the extent and type of trip as per its budget. If planning for pocket friendly trip, then parents should opt for visit to nearby hill station or a short trip to a theme park or resort. In addition, the budget is a decisive factor in determining the mode of transport and the type of stay.

 The best means of travel: Parents have to choose diligently the mode of transport. They may go for a road trip, or via air or by train or use public transport to reach the destination. The decision depends on the location and on the budget constraints of the family.
 Kids’ friendly place: Kids are most likely to enjoy places that offer facilities and entertainment specially designed for kids.

 Precautions for kids: In case of toddlers and babies, it is essential to carry loads of diapers in order to avoid any accidents. LOL. On the serious note, remember to leave a piece of paper in the pocket of kids mentioning the name of parents, their contact numbers and the name of hotel. Always carry photographs of kids and other family members.

 Health concerns: Keep in mind if the child is suffering from any serious ailment and carry the necessary medicines. Moreover, the family should carry a medical kit bearing some necessary general use tablets for emergencies. Consult doctor for any necessary vaccinations required before travelling abroad. In addition, do not forget to eat and sleep well while holidaying in the favorite destination.

 Luggage and baggage packing: Avoid overloading your luggage. Focus on the essentials and must haves. Smart packing is essential to avoid additional fees on luggage and to maintain control over your travel.

 Passport and other important documents if travelling overseas: Always carry copies of passport along in case of trip to foreign country. Check the air ticket or rail ticket, credit cards and/ or other essentials like identity proofs are in place.

 Places to visit on the destination: Check out the special attractions of the destination place and if possible carry the local map along for guidance. Verify the popular and economical mode of transport for convenient travel around the place.

 Advance hotel booking: Book the hotel room in advance to avoid any disappointment at the last moment. Moreover, find out the best option of stay like renting an apartment or sharing a family room in hotel instead of taking two separate bedrooms.

These are bare minimum travel tips. Depending upon the location, there can be more pointers that may require attention of the parents for full enjoyment with kids.
For example, planning for a trip to Disney World can become a memorable experience if organized carefully. A well-structured strategy can minimize the costs and save a lot of hard-earned money.

Similarly holidaying at cruise can be a magical experience if cruise related tips and precautions are ascertained and implemented.
To make a trip successful, the parents have to keep in mind the above aspects.

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