Saturday, October 19, 2019

Self-Growth of Parents - Is it required?

Hello fellow Parents,

Hope you are having a good time while raising kids!

In my previous post, I had shared about the importance of aliveness while parenting and bringing aliveness in relationships through various ways. One major aspect that was part of my previous blog was Self growth. Is it required or not, while you are totally occupied and absorbed in parenting your kids?

Self-Growth of Parents- Is it required?

Self growth or personal growth includes attaining understanding about yourself, your strengths and weakness and the ways in which you try achieve your full potential. It also includes- 

-acquiring new skills and habits, 

-letting go of such habits or thought process that dis-empower you or adversely influence your effectiveness

- embracing new way of life that invites happiness and abundance for you and people that matter to you.

Parenting versus Self-Growth

Which one would you choose- Parenting or Self-growth or both?

With so much to do while raising kids, is thinking about Self-growth means being selfish? At times, 24 hours seem to be less to take care of kids, manage the household chores, grocery shopping, school visits, home assignments, bill payments and what not. The stay at home parent or working parent, both find difficult to breathe and take a break. Amid this, thinking about own self sounds crazy, isn't it?

In addition, you would agree that parenting and managing home leave lesser time for personal time or pursuing some interest. That brings in tiredness, dip in self-esteem, disconnect with the friends, separated with real world developments and may sometimes lead to hopelessness.

While feeling empty within, can we really contribute much in the lives of our kids and family? 

We are no doubt, working hard to make things possible for family but deep down in heart, there is certain desire to do something for ourselves. Non-fulfillment of the same causes low self-esteem, depression,  guilt, and sadness, especially when the better half is not even aware about what you are feeling like and you are under the burden of your own created feelings.

That is where, SELF GROWTH can change the whole scenario. Your attention to your existence and your development charges you up with hope, energy and assertiveness. In several ways, when you actually work for your personal growth, it shows up in your presence, your behavior and definitely in your family environment. Believe me, that inspires your kids too!

The Inspiring Wedding speech of Shashi in movie- "English Vinglish"

"English Vinglish" is my favorite movie wherein the lead character, Shashi ( actress Sridevi) is dealing with a lot- lack of empathy from husband, no recognition of her contribution, callous attitude of her daughter, struggle to carry forward her hobby of making sweets.

As she is not able to speak English language, her own family ridicules her and makes fun of her. But with grit, she manages to come out of her situation when she visits USA for her niece wedding. Here, she learns the language and delivers wedding speech in English, which is a real inspiration for all.

Sharing with you video of her speech-

Her speech holds the inspiration for anyone who feels undervalued and ignored. That is the time to be your own guide and bounce back with confidence. I can relate to her speech in the video as at some point of time, I was surrounded with sadness and no hope for bright future. I picked myself up started writing and then blogging and now I am leading a team of content writers successfully. This happened when I decided to take a stand for my personal development.

Self-Growth of Parents-  How?

As humans, we have huge scope of personal development, going beyond our barriers, our old school of thought and embracing new approach to life. At human level, we are prone to procrastination, regrets, hopelessness, lack of confidence, self-doubt and preconceived notions. That affects our parenting style with limited contribution to quality of life of our family.

However, once we tread on the path of personal growth, we open up the doors to several new things for ourselves and our kids. So, how to achieve personal growth?

Writing Journal

Writing about what made your day beautiful infuses positivism and happiness. Write about your happy moments and the person you would like to thank for act of kindness.

Pursue a hobby

Indulge in something that you enjoy like gardening, dance, knitting, etc., that enhances your skill and provides you an opportunity to feel content.

Connect with positive people

Meet the people who lift you up, inspire you, help you when you feel low and enjoy with you. Stay connected to attract positive flow of thoughts within you.

Discover yourself

Check what makes you happy, what triggers you, whatever that stops you or scares you. Observe the reason behind and the impact. Meditate to know more about yourself and to calm your self. You can simply download an app for meditation.

Read a lot

Read motivational books or you may listen a book if you feel less time in hand for reading. Download AUDIBLE in your device and listen to great thinkers, authors and motivational speaker to broaden your vision for life.

Likewise, discover other ways to support yourself, upgrade yourself and witness the transformed human in you, the delightful parent for your kids and inspiring family member!

Friday, September 13, 2019

Bringing Aliveness in Parenting and Relationships


In my last post, I shared about feeling aliveness and its impact on you and on the people you care for. Let us take it a level deeper and discover what can make you and me feel alive. How we can include aliveness in our everyday relationships as well as parenting.

Discover the secret to feel aliveness while parenting!

We already know absence of aliveness brings a certain way of living that is deprived of enthusiasm, spirit and connection with our present. On the other hand, bringing aliveness can create a whole new world of happiness, hope, high spirits and connection with present day. So, what all can help us to feel alive and live our life fully?

Here are certain important aspects which I consider bring forth ALIVENESS-

Physical and mental well-being

Workout regularly to keep your mind and body energized.

Regular workouts, walk, running, playing sports or yoga create good health and positive body image. In addition, regular physical workout of any nature enhances stamina, strength and flexibility. This, in turn, gives you the confidence to perform tasks that you love without hindrance and promotes mental well-being.

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Participating in creative fields like art, painting, dramatics, dance, musical instruments, singing, etc., help you to express yourself. The uninhibited self-expression through creativity makes you feel alive and happy.

Love and care

Creating Aliveness in everyday routine through love and care.

Being loved and cared for brings that level of satisfaction which cannot be compared to anything else. Such event arises when you are deeply connected to your parents and other close relationships, communicating, sharing and listening as well. Spending time with loved ones and developing a calm environment at home makes way for aliveness in parenting and relationships.

Read- Magic of a Hug

Self growth

Being committed to your own growth, enhancing skills and learning new activity that falls outside your comfort zone definitely invites lots of enthusiasm in the life. Reading books on varied subjects is another way to contribute to your learning journey. 

The continuous effort to grow and nurture yourself to witness self development in yourself is key to feel fulfillment and contentment. The purpose is to keep your brain activated and engaged in your different areas of interest. That brings liveliness in everyday routine.

Make peace with past

Yes, that is one important thing as humans we need to incorporate in our mind. Our imagination goes wary. Either caught up in past incidents or fearful of future, we seldom enjoy what is available right here and now. 
By prompting our mind to focus on the present moment that we are witnessing, we can be available to people around us and experience aliveness. Therefore, let bygones be bygones. Live the moment as it comes.

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Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Importance of Creating Aliveness while Parenting

Hello everyone, 

Lately, I have been working on the possibility of creating aliveness in everyday life. In younger times, we engaged in creativity, laugh, tease, play, dance and act in much more ways that created lively atmosphere in our life. However, as we grow older, responsibility, accountability, tight schedules, etc., etc., take over our once lively persona. 


Is absence of aliveness bad?

It is though it is not apparent to us. The absence of aliveness deprives us of the element of  feeling enthusiasm and hope at times. Emotions of stress, pain, self-doubt, fear, resignation and indifference take over our everyday existence. That translates into our family atmosphere as well. We exist, work, sleep and perform tasks necessary for survival. However, that is not the reason we are blessed with life of a human.

Absence of aliveness in our own being manifests in relationships; especially affects our kids. Carrying the emotional baggage of past erodes the aliveness and happiness of today. You cease to exist in present or count your blessings. Again, the same vibes surround your family and kids.


Being in the moment is being alive!

Alive means having life, not dead. Going as per Dictionary. com, here is clear meaning of what does it mean by 'alive'?



   So, being alive is not only being in existence, it refers to a state of being active, being exuberant, vibrant and full of energy. That comes when one is fully immersed in present and available for what is happening right now. Such existence does not have the shadow of past or fear of future, only being present to the ongoing moment.

Check this quote on ALIVENESS:

What is the Importance of Creating Aliveness while Parenting?

As a human when you feel alive, vibrant and full of energy, it generates in the whole environment. The people surrounding you like your spouse, parents or children receive the same energy and respond with equal zest.

Situation 1- Response coming from your past culminating into anger towards kids.

Imagine a situation, wherein you are exhausted and loaded with official work. You enter your home with this mind frame when you kid hugs you. However, being not available in present, as your mind is still stressed out, you respond with anger/ frustration. The result is the family atmosphere gets disturbed and your kids drift away from you.

Situation 2: Creating aliveness while parenting

On the other hand, while feeling alive and being in present, you can respond to the same situation calmly, thereby retaining pleasantness. Consequently, the kids will connect with you freely and you will be able to enjoy a happy environment after a hectic day.

Here are highlights of Creating Aliveness while Parenting:

1. Being available here and now as person
2. Past baggage kept aside
3. Responding to the present situation 

4. Inspiring the environment to experience present
5. Ensure many happy moments for family
6. Connecting with kids at an elevated level
7. Ensuring the vibrant persona of kids
8. Teaching the kids to be alive at any given moment
9. Happy and optimistic family

We will discover more on Aliveness on next blog post, let me know your views and feedback on what I shared today. Let me know how you felt when you practiced aliveness while raising kids.

Thanks for reading my post, have a good day!

Monday, August 12, 2019

Benefits of basil leaves in rainy season

Explore Benefits of basil leaves to cure different ailments.
Basil leaves or tulsi has medicinal properties that can cure many health problems. During rainy season, children and adults alike suffer from one or the other health problem like cold, cough, fever, digestive problems, respiratory disorders, skin infections, insect bites, malaria, dengue and infections of different kinds. With the help of basil leaves, you can prevent many of the above issues or find relief from many problems. Some of the serious diseases related to kidney, heart, liver and stomach can also be tackled with home recipes made of basil leaves.

Benefits of Basil leaves     

Here are a few simple to implement tips on how to use basil leaves in daily life and attain good health.

 Cold, cough and fever
  1. Chew some leaves of basil to cure cold.
  2. Boil the leaves in water and let the patient gargle using this water. He/ she may also drink this    water to cure cough problem. In case of cough with phlegm, let the patient breathe the vapors coming from basil juice. Additionally, a mixture of basil juice and honey in equal quantities can be given to provide relief from coughing. These recipes are suitable for children as well.
  3. Apply some basil juice on the forehead and chest of the patient to bring down the fever.
  4. The mixture of ginger and tulsi along with honey can combat respiratory problems like asthma and bronchitis.
  5. Boil some leaves of tulsi/ basil in water and prepare tea as usual. Drinking this herbal tea during season change will protect you from common cold and cough.

      Stomach problems
  1. If you or your child has worms in stomach, then drinking warm tulsi juice can help to get rid of worms. Mix sugar with basil extract and consume it to get relief from constipation and other digestive problems.
  2. To relieve the child from stomachache, give him a mixture of basil juice and dry ginger powder in small quantity.

      Insect bites and sting

  1. In case of insect bites, crush some tulsi leaves and add some lemon. Apply it on the affected area to cure the problem.
  2. You may also apply tulsi juice on the sting to reduce the effect and pain of insect bite.

     Skin infections and problems
  1. Apply fresh basil leaves on the irritated skin to reduce itchiness.
  2. Drinking tulsi juice can provide relief from scabies and eczema.
  3. Apply paste of tulsi leaves on the face to get acne-free, clean and clear skin.

  1. Take extract of basil leaf with honey to cure malarial fever. Also, add some black pepper powder in basil leaves juice and provide it to malaria patient for quick relief.
  2. Chewing few leaves of basil boosts immunity system and is good for general health.
Staying fit is the most important thing to enjoy in rainy days. Therefore, stay healthy and happy always!

 These basil leaf remedies are not substitutes of medical advice/ recommendation. In case of severe conditions, doctor’s advice should be followed.

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Saturday, July 27, 2019

Protection of Kids during Rains


Rainy season is always associated with cool and breezy atmosphere. Everyone welcomes the rain with smile and cheer. Especially kids like to make paper boats and sail them in rainwater. However, there is another aspect of all this enjoyment.

Rainy season and kids' health

Children hardly bother about their hygiene. They splash dirty rainwater on each other. Moreover,C they like to spend hours in the rain that is a major cause of concern for parents. Prolonged wetness is     not at all good for the health of kids. They may invite cold and other serious infections.

Lack of hygiene can lead to stomach infection and gastroenteritis. It can cause severe setback to the health of the affected child. Sometimes, children forget to wash their dirty hands and this helps in catching the infection faster. In rainy season, carelessness can prove to be fatal. Diseases like typhoid, cholera and Hepatitis A are common in monsoon season. Therefore, parents need to take extra precaution in this regard

Eye infection is yet another outcome of careless approach in rainy season. Most of the people especially kids face rain with their open eyes. This may result in serious infection of eyes. It is extremely crucial to safeguard the eyes and to keep them shut while taking a bath in rains. 

During rains, viruses are in the air. Water-borne and air-borne diseases can strike young kids and adults as well.

Safety tips for rainy season

The parents need to follow some necessary guidelines to protect the whole family from serious diseases:

Hand washing is basic for maintaining good hygiene.
  • Always use medicinal soap to fight germs and infections. Ask children to wash their hands when they return home.
  • To keep the body clean and germ free, bath in dirty rainwater must be followed by shower at home.
  • Try to keep kids as clean as possible.
  •  Make them wear breathable and dry clothing.
  •  Encourage kids to wear gum boots and rain coats to avoid long hours of wetness.
  • Always carry umbrella to deal with surprise showers.
  • Do not let rain water come in the eyes as it may cause infection.
  •  Use filtered or boiled water for drinking.
  •  Go for bottled water in place of tap water when outside.
  •  Always prefer freshly cut foods and homemade foods. 
  • Always use fruits and vegetables thoroughly before use.
  • Include natural herbs and spices such as basil leaves, asafetida and ginger in the meals.
  •  Avoid spicy and fried foods as this may cause stomach problems.
  •  Stop kids from biting their nails.
  • Get the kids vaccinated on time.

Home safety measures during rainy season

The combination of low temperature and heavy rains is suitable atmosphere for breeding of various mosquitoes and germs.Therefore, use of mosquito repellents and hand disinfectant lotion is highly recommended.                                      
Use disinfectants at home and employ latest gadgets to keep the home clean.

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Keep the surrounding clean and dry to avoid mosquito breeding near home.

Utilize pest services and get the surrounding checked regularly.

These simple guidelines are must to protect the kids from adverse effects of rainy season.

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Reinforce your bond with your Mother

Cherish Mother-son relationship on this Mother's Day

Your mother's constant concerns for you, her reminders and her scoldings may have bothered you at time. And on some occasions, you may have talked back, slammed the door or offended her with your behavior.

However, despite all the issues between you and your mother, your love for her won't diminish in your heart. On this Mother's day, express your regard, love, and gratitude towards your mother in a unique way.

 Best gift on Mother's Day

What possibly can warm the heart of a mother?

Expensive gifts? No.
Luxury Vacation? Hmm, not really.

It can be a simple yet refreshing gift that a mother will love.

Flowers are the ideal way to reinforce the relationships and to express your feelings. When you know your words or acts have hurt your mother's sentiments then you can apologize with a beautiful arrangement of flowers along with a greeting card.


Genuine gratitude accompanied with a nice bouquet would instantly melt her heart and she would forgive you for your mistakes. Go ahead and choose a pretty flower bouquet from a reputed website and get it delivered on time.


Do not delay, place your order for the best bunch  Now. Make this Mother's Day even more memorable for you and your mother.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Importance of festivals for kids

Importance of festivals can be reinforced in positive ways.

It is time to enjoy and celebrate festivals. Many of us like the festive season and enjoy the rituals attached to them. While some others like the idea of getting holidays because of festivals and enjoy the break from their daily schedule. Our kids also enjoy the festive season and look forward to breaking from school and studies.

However, the kids hardly understand the importance of these festivals. Why these festivals are celebrated?

Ways to educate about the importance of festivals for kids

There is a mythological story or a significant historical event behind these celebrations. In the absence of awareness in this regard, the enjoyment of these festivals is incomplete. Many times, kids enquire about the historical aspects of the festivals. Making them aware of the past will surely help them to enjoy their present. Encourage them to participate in preparations such as rangoli making, singing prayers, decorations, making sweets, etc., so that they can understand the culture and enjoy with awareness.

Nowadays, many comic books are available which revolve around mythological stories and tell about the reasons for the celebration of a particular festival. Reading these history-based story books serves many purposes at the same time. It not only helps kids to learn about their history but it also provides them the essential moral values. The moral of the story helps the kids to understand human values.

Kids portraying the role of Lord Rama and Sita

Stage plays, dance-dramas, and festive events are organized during festival season. It is a great opportunity to indulge the kids in festive color and local flavors. Indian festivals like Diwali and Dussehra are celebrated with great pomp and show drawing huge crowd across the country. In fact, people from other countries also come over to witness.

Another way to guide about festivals is by way of cartoons. There are available many cartoon films/videos based on the lives of different mythological heroes, which may provide the answers to many questions of the children. The kids would love to watch these cartoon films and get to know about their past.

Often schools organize activities or events related to festivals which involves role-playing, poem recitation, decorations, etc. Inspire your kids to participate and help them out.


Send wishes and gift baskets to extended family and friends across the country or globe. Involve kids in choosing online greeting cards, gifts or sending their handmade cards. Those ways they would learn to stay connected with loved ones on festivals.

Awareness about history is an important aspect of the education of kids. It helps them to differentiate between wrong and right, good and bad and pros and cons of various things that come up in life. Therefore,  the above ways are perfect to teach the importance of festivals for kids.

Share your ideas or views in this regard, looking forward to your inputs...

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Self-Growth of Parents - Is it required?

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