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Oranges for Kids - Nutrition Facts and Healthy Recipes


Whether you consume them raw, make jam, or prepare a fresh glass of juice, oranges taste as refreshing as ever in any form. Not only does this juicy fruit taste delicious, but it also provides a bucket load of nutrition and health benefits to your kids. Here are some quick nutritional facts and the benefits of oranges for kids.


oranges for kids
Oranges for kids are super healthy.

Oranges Nutritional Facts 

These contain various nutrients, minerals, and vitamins that are extremely necessary for the sound physical development of infants and children. A single mid-sized orange provides:

      Calories - 73

      Sodium - 13 mg

      Fiber - 2.8 g

      Fat - 0.2 g

      Carbohydrates - 16.5 g

      Sugar - 12 g

      Proteins - 1.3 g

      Potassium - 232 mg

      Calcium - 60.2 mg

      Vitamin C - 82.7 mg


This fruit has a low glycemic index and provides immune-boosting, bone-strengthening nutrients in a small serving.


Health Benefits of Oranges 

The essential nutrients in these provide various preventive health benefits to your kids:


      Counter Indigestion and Constipation


Infants and kids often suffer from digestive issues like indigestion and constipation. Regular consumption of this citrus fruit can help in stimulating the digestion process in kids to relieve gastrointestinal troubles. Moreover, these contain good fiber content that supports bowel movement in kids.


      Stronger Bones


Oranges are rich in minerals and salts such as calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, copper, manganese, and phosphate. Daily consumption can help prevent various bone-related disorders in kids, such as softening of joints, rickets, and weakening of bones.


benefits of oranges for kids
Provide oranges to kids to boost immunity.

      Reduced Susceptibility to Cough and Cold


Changing weather often triggers cold and cough in kids. Infants with lower immunity are more susceptible to cough and cold. Interestingly, oranges contain immunity-building nutrients that help your kids combat cold and cough.


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      Quick Recovery from Typhoid


Typhoid fever causes acute abdominal pain and ruins the digestive strength of the patients. You can serve oranges as an alternative liquid diet to your children suffering from typhoid. Their sensitive stomach can easily digest the juices and liquid and help in early recovery when a solid diet is not feasible.


      Remedy for Anemia


Oranges contain vitamin C that help in absorbing more iron content, thereby increasing the hemoglobin count and preventing the symptoms of anemia. Serve a glass of fresh orange juice to your kids each day to maintain a healthy hemoglobin count. 

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      Improve Vision and Dental Health


Oranges contain high amounts of vitamin A, phytonutrients, and flavonoids. These components are essential to maintain healthy skin and perfect vision. Vitamin C in oranges boosts collagen production in kids that are essential for the development of bones, ligaments, tendons, blood vessels, and gums. Vitamin C also plays a protective role in wound healing and cell repair.

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Orange Recipes for Kids


Oranges are tasty and nutritious, with several nutrients and antioxidants. They can be an excellent addition to the diet of your kids. You can make many delicious recipes or include them in different food preparations to provide a healthy replacement for processed snacks. Here are three appetizing orange recipes for kids:


      Orange Peach Smoothie


Fruit smoothies are a healthy substitute for canned beverages and processed soft drinks.


orange smoothie recipe
Try this orange smoothie at home.

            Ingredients -

      freshly extracted orange juice - ½ cup

      peeled, chopped pieces of peach - ½ cup


      Yogurt - ½ cup


Recipe -

Add all the ingredients into a blender and blend them into a smooth paste. Add water to adjust consistency until it turns into a smoothie mix. Refrigerate for an hour. Serve chilled to your kids.


      Orange Ice Cream Pops


Who can turn down an icy popsicle? Ice cream pops are a great way to include fruit in the diet of your kids.


Ingredients -

      Two scoops of vanilla ice cream

      Cold milk - 1 cup

      Freshly extracted orange juice


Recipe -

Add all the ingredients into a blender. Blend into a smooth thick paste. Pour the mixture into plastic cups filling them in half. Cover the cups with cling film or aluminum foil. Insert popsicle sticks in the middle and keep them in the freezer until they turn solid.



      Tasty Orange Salad with Grapes


If your kids are old enough to chew, you can make this refreshing salad for them.

Ingredients -

      Freshly chopped orange slices

      Orange juice

      Handful of grapes

      A handful of chopped nuts

      A scoop of vanilla ice cream


              Recipe -

Add the fruits and vanilla ice cream to a mixing bowl. Give a good mix of all the ingredients. Garnish with your favorite nuts like cashews, almonds, and pistachio. Enjoy this nutritious bowl of refreshment at brunch or as a healthy evening snack.


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15 Must-Have Baby Products and Factors to Consider Before Purchase

Welcoming a new (tiny) member of the family is as overwhelming as exciting it may sound, especially for first-time parents. They feel more inundated with the dos, don’ts, hygiene, safety, baby essentials, and grooming products. Although you may find various attractive accessories for newborn babies, it is essential not to compromise on quality and safety standards.

 15 Must-Have Baby Products

Here is a list of must-have baby products that you should buy before you welcome your little bundle of joy: 

1)     Baby Clothing

 When it comes to clothing for a newborn baby, more is always less. Choose a range of outfits in soft fabric depending on the season and weather conditions. Pick outfits with straps and zippers that are easy to put on and manage while changing diapers.

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Look for stretchy waistbands in pull-on pants that fit comfortably on your baby's belly. Do not forget to buy socks, hats, mittens, and bibs.


2)     Crib and Crib mattress

A lightweight crib with a fitted baby mattress is one of the first baby bedding essentials that you may need to get your baby a lovely good night’s sleep. Ensure that the mattress is firm, properly fitted, and has a quick-dry sheet to keep the baby dry and comfortable.

must have baby products
Baby products you need to buy


3)     Baby Blankets and Sheets

Always pick high-quality, lint-free blankets and bed sheets for your newborn’s bedding. Ensure that the blankets are lightweight and breathable. Line the bedsheets with quick-dry sheets to ensure comfort.


4)     Mattress Protector Sheet

You may not keep your baby in the bassinet or crib all the time. When you let your baby sleep on the bed, you can protect your bedding with a comfy mattress protector to ensure you only have to change the bedsheet and not wash the mattresses as well in case of likely spills and damping.


5)     Mosquito Nets

You cannot control the mosquitoes from hovering around your baby. However, you can invest in good-quality baby nets to protect your newborn from mosquito bites and diseases. Additionally, find a high-quality mosquito net with an ultrasonic repellent to keep mosquitoes at bay. This one is one of the most crucial must-have baby products!

              Stylish Baby Mosquito Net, Star and Crown decor(not Include Stars Decor )


6)     Sleeping Bags

These are wearable blankets made up of fleece or cotton that zip over and keep your baby warm while sleeping. They are also convenient when you keep your baby in an air-conditioned room. You can also invest in swaddling blankets to keep your baby comfortable throughout the day.


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7)     Changing Pad

Changing pads and mats come in handy when you need to change the diapers, especially during travel. They keep the bed linen or cat seat from getting soiled and make it easier to clean the baby conveniently anytime, anywhere.


8)     Diapers

When you are buying diapers for the first time, you should avoid buying them in bulk. Try two or three brands and invest in the one that best suits the sensitive skin of your baby. You can also purchase reusable cotton nappies that are soft to touch and safe for the baby.


9)     Diaper Bag

Carry a separate diaper bag for the baby to keep the knick-knacks and baby essentials you may need during travel. Choose a diaper bag with ample storage space and separate compartments to store the changing mat, tissue papers, nappies, wet wipes, extra set of clothing, and feeding bottle. It will keep the stuff more organized and help you focus on what’s more essential.

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10)  Baby Carrier

Carrying a newborn around can be challenging for first-time parents. A baby carrier comes in handy for such situations. New moms can embrace their baby with a baby carrier, keeping their hands free to caress and cuddle their munchkins.


11)  Car Seats

An infant car seat is mandatory and helpful when you are commuting with your newborn. It helps you keep your baby comfortable and safe from the road bumps and sudden jerks.

Buy must-have baby products before the newborn arrives


12)  Nursing/Feeding Pillow

Nursing pillows are meticulously designed to provide ample support to your baby while breastfeeding or bottle-feeding. They also lower the strain on your shoulders and neck. Feeding pillows keep your baby in a comfortable position and make feeding more convenient.


13)  Humidifier or Vaporizer

Portable Mini Humidifier

Infants are more prone to respiratory tract infections. Humidifiers or vaporizers help the infants in sleeping better by reducing congestion and relieving other symptoms of cold and cough.


14)  Gentle Laundry Detergent and Bathing essentials

Always use a gentle detergent for washing and mild baby products because newborns have delicate and sensitive skin. Invest in a quality bathtub to securely hold your baby while bathing. 

Always use a mild shampoo, massage oil, and soap based on gentle baby formula. Get soft hooded towels to keep your baby cozy after a massage and bath.


15)  Baby Grooming Kit

Keep a baby grooming kit handy with a nail file, clippers, soft bristle hairbrush, baby powder, and moisturizer. You can also add a rash cream to the grooming kit for occasional nappy rashes. Your baby kit must have a medicine dropper and a digital thermometer to keep track of the health of your baby.


Factors to Consider Before Purchasing Baby Products

As you indulge in getting the right supplies from A to Z for your newborn, you should understand that you cannot buy everything that looks or sounds cute. Keep in mind that newborn skin is more sensitive and requires a different set of clothing and essentials.


Here are some factors to consider before buying baby essentials:


 Read the Labels carefully - When buying baby products, it is essential to read between the lines. Do not get deceived by attractive packaging and hard-to-pronounce names in the materials list. 

     Choose baby products that are natural, tender on the skin, and free of chemicals from genuine brands. Ensure that the skincare essentials do not have ingredients that may cause an allergy or rash on the soft baby skin.


    Look for Herbal Products based on natural ingredients - You may find a range of baby products with a nice texture and tempting aroma. However, they may not be purely natural. Look for herbal products with no preservatives.


    Check for Product Efficacy - Make sure that the products you choose for your baby have been dermatologically-tested and approved by doctors and pediatricians. You can also check online reviews posted by other moms for an honest opinion about the brand.


 Avoid products with Artificial Fragrances - Skincare products with artificial fragrances may damage and irritate the baby’s skin. Further, the scent that lingers for hours may cause respiratory issues. Always pick herbal baby products that are hypoallergenic and ph-neutral with a negligible or mild fragrance.


  Choose Quality over Quantity - Instead of buying baby products in bulk, always invest in quality products, even if a little pricy. If you feel skeptical about which baby products to choose, you can always consult your pediatrician before picking a new product for your baby.  

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Cool Festive Gifts for Kids

Want to buy a unique gift for your son or daughter? Are you scratching your head to find a perfect gift for your loved one that combines happiness, utility, and durability and demonstrates the lovely bond you share with him or her? Then you have come to the right place.

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Kids' Winter Accessories You Need to Buy

Winter is here and you are all set to take out your woolens. Accessories such as mittens, knitted caps, hats, socks, and warm slippers are some of the things that you require certainly for your baby/ kid.  However, growing kids need bigger sizes and age-appropriate accessories to support their mobility.

Right kids' winter accessories help children to stay healthy

Here are a couple of winter accessories that you would love to buy for your kids to protect them from chilling temperatures.  

Sleeping Bags for Babies

Newborns need extra care to stay healthy in the winter season. The sleeping bag is the right choice for 1-day olds to 6 months old babies as these keep them warm and cozy. Also, you can hold your baby conveniently. Click here to buy a beautiful and sturdy sleeping bag for your darling-

Baby Autumn And Winter Thicken Sleeping Bag

Woolen Hats

Even if the kids are covered in winter clothes, warm caps/ hats are a must to avoid getting cold, especially when kids are playing outside. Therefore, choose apt woolen hats in vibrant colors for your munchkins now. Here you can choose and buy woolen hats-

Autumn/Winter Multicolor Hairball Knit Hats

Outer Wear

You cannot confine kids to stay at home, they are bound to go out even in freezing season. It's better to invest in suitable outerwear for your boy/ girl which helps to keep them warm and play out. Remember, to buy a bigger size so that kids can wear layers beneath.

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Gloves and Scarves

No matter how much you try to protect kids, they can still catch a cold. Small but significant accessories like scarves and gloves help to keep kids warm. Invest in quality woolen accessories that last several seasons and for extra insulation.


Fleece pajamas are in, that serve the purpose to stay insulated so well. Moreover, these are available in a variety of colors and patterns to attract kids. Your kids would be happier to wear them even on a play date or while outside for travel.


How can we forget a good pair of socks for the kids' winter accessories? Those little toes feel the chill first and can make your little kiddo sick. So, quickly buy some pairs of woolen socks in multiple colors to coordinate with their clothes. And let kids roam around on the floor without any stress!


Sweatshirts are just right whether it changing season time or freezing cold outside. You can pair a good sweatshirt with jackets/ outerwear for colder times while kids can simply wear sweatshirts for less cold months. These help to keep kids accurately insulated while supporting the movement. 

Moreover, these have pockets to accommodate little things meant for kids and also come with hoodies, buy a couple of these fast in your favorite designs and let your kids shine bright in the winter season.

Colorful Blankets

It's difficult to keep kids under wraps. However, when they have soft and warm blankets specially made from them then it becomes easier to snuggle them in such blankets.

Here is a starter Quilting kit that you and your kids can use to make your own blankets for winter. Buy now, click this below-

                          90% Faster Than Rotary Cutters

Tips Before You Buy Winter Clothes and Accessories for Kids

1. Choose a high-quality fabric for kids even if it is a bit pricey as kids would wear them the whole winter season comfortably.

2. Buy a bigger size as kids outgrow really fast and to get more value out of your investment, bigger sizes are the right decision.

3. Choose clothes that are easier to wear as clothes would tighter fitting or necklines irritate kids especially toddlers and they tend to avoid such wears.

4. When kids are given the power to choose, they are keen to follow your instructions. Let them make small decisions like color/ pattern choice. They would be happy to wear winter clothes.

5. Choose clothes that are less bulky, functional, and facilitate mobility. Anything that restricts kids to play or run, will definitely not find a place in their closet ultimately!

6. Choose caps and mittens that fit them properly and allow them to play conveniently.

7. Moisturize the skin of your kids really well before making them wear woolens.

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Should Your Kid Try Quilting? Check the Facts

Quilts are layered blankets sewn together with threads, yarns, or ribbons. The top layer of a quilt is often decorated with patterns and patchwork stitched through the three layers. 

Quiltmaking is not as complicated as it sounds, and even your kids can try quilting. It can be a great fun activity for kids putting together geometric pieces of fabric to create a beautiful design.

Let your kids try quilting, and they will love to have a soft, cuddly, hand-made companion for the most relaxing sleep. 

Quilting Fun Facts

Quilting is an old, popular form of art that is prevalent in many cultures. People use quilts as beddings, tapestries, and comforters. Lately, quilting techniques have been incorporated into garments as well. The earliest quilted garments were created in Egypt for a Pharaoh. In the 11th century, quilted fabrics were used to line the inside of armors for creating warrior padding.

Quilts can be made with a single piece of fabric stitched together with beautiful thread work. Such quilts are called whole cloth quilts. Alternatively, quilts may have appliques and patchwork to create motifs and other intricate designs or carve geometric patterns.

Over the past years, quilting has evolved to include important life events, such as childbirth, marriage, graduation, or even as trivial as a change in seasons. You can produce different effects with quilting based on the chosen patterns.


Quilting Benefits

Quilting is often seen as an extremely creative pursuit, but at the same time, there is a deep connection between quilting and well-being. Here are some of the major benefits of quilting for kids and parents:


It Lets You Unplug from Technology and Modernization

We are so addicted to technology that we cannot imagine a moment without it. Isn’t it so? Quilting can help you unplug your mind from technology and wire up with your creative side of the brain. Choosing and cutting your fabric to sewing them together piece by piece improves your focus and creativity.


Playing With Patterns and Colors Exercise Your Brain

Quilting combines colors and shapes to create beautiful patterns. Such an endeavor actively distracts your brain from stress and exercises your brain muscles. Different color combinations emotionally uplift the brain. Kids can spend hours figuring different designs and combining different geometric patterns.

It, effectively, improves their problem-solving skills and boosts self-esteem. Quilting involves taking exact measurements and arranging patterns using problem-solving skills. It constantly engages the sensitive brains of your kids, and quilting also improves their overall development. 


Quilting Works as A Great Stress Reliever for Kids and Parents

Quilting is a calming exercise for your brain. The repetitive motion of sewing and quilting improves your eye-hand coordination and wipes away all the stress and anxiety. When you complete a quilting project, you feel a sense of accomplishment that further boosts confidence and creative abilities. Introduce your kids to quilting and watch your kids develop into creative individuals.

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Quilting Can Give You a community to Socialize

There are various online forums where you can discuss your craft, share your work, and connect with other like-minded people. You and your kids can also get tips and patterns, to further evolve your craft and creativity.


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Quilts Are a Fantastic Option in Handmade Gifts

Nothing can make someone feel more special than a handmade gift specifically hand-crafted for that person. You can sew fantastic quilts using different designs and patterns for your kids or how about gifting a handmade quilt to your nephew or niece? You can add patterns showcasing their favorite cartoon character.

Handmade gifts are always a better gifting option than readymade ones and they also strengthen the bond of affection. Your kids, niece, or nephew will remember you every time they cuddle up in your gifted bundle of warmth.

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Quilting Essentials 

The process of quilting involves various steps such as creating a design, cutting fabric pieces, piecing them together with appliques and patchwork, and finally binding the three layers. 

Quilters may use a sewing machine, a specialized quilting system or sew the layers by hand. Other than some basic sewing supplies, you require different tools like cutters, dies, accessories, and patterns to create your quilting projects.


You can find fabrics, patterns, threads, and other necessary goods for quilting from any quilt store in your area. You can also try online stores for quilting supplies, where you can find colorful fabrics with cheerful motifs for kid’s quilting projects. 

Moreover, you can also enroll your kids in quilting classes where your kids learn quilting like a pro with all the basics covered.


In nutshell on Quilting for Kids 

Quilting relaxes the brain and resumes a sense of wellbeing. Therefore, you should encourage your kids to engage in the craft of quilting.

Cool Festive Gifts for Kids

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