Quick stress busters for your children

Stress among children

Believe it or not even kids get stressed out. Even they face challenges and struggle which we, parents need to look into and understand. The reasons for stress can be varied like-

Peer pressure
Low grades in school
Parental pressure
Lack of positive atmosphere at home
Sibling rivalry
Medical illness
Fears and insecurities, etc

How does stress affect children?

Impact of Landmark Worldwide on Parents and kids Relationships

Hello everyone,

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This is probably my last blog post of the year 2019 and the one I am most excited about to share with you. It's about our kids and the way we raise our kids.

While thinking of all the ways to make our kids happy, we shower them with immense love, attention, outings, gifts, toys, the best of facilities and a lot more. However, take a moment and consider what could be the best ever gift for your child?

What is the best gift for your child?

Is it the fancy, expensive toy on the nearby toy store, a new animated movie your kid has been waiting for, an outing with family, his favorite pizza or bicycle that he wants? Of course, these things are important and add to the quality of life you want to provide to your child. But, what is that one thing that will remain forever with him and will continue to inspire him, fill him with love and happiness? It can't be toys, expensive gifts or accessories that you bought for him. All these have a limited time…

Self-Growth of Parents - Is it required?

Hello fellow Parents,

Hope you are having a good time while raising kids!

In my previous post, I had shared about the importance of aliveness while parenting and bringing aliveness in relationships through various ways. One major aspect that was part of my previous blog was Self growth. Is it required or not, while you are totally occupied and absorbed in parenting your kids?

Self growth or personal growth includes attaining understanding about yourself, your strengths and weakness and the ways in which you try achieve your full potential. It also includes- 
-acquiring new skills and habits, 
-letting go of such habits or thought process that dis-empower you or adversely influence your effectiveness
- embracing new way of life that invites happiness and abundance for you and people that matter to you.

Parenting versus Self-Growth

With so much to do while raising kids, is thinking about Self-growth means being selfish? At times, 24 hours seem to be less to take care of kids, manage the house…

Bringing Aliveness in Parenting and Relationships


In my last post, I shared about feeling aliveness and its impact on you and on the people you care for. Let us take it a level deeper and discover what can make you and me feel alive. How we can include aliveness in our everyday relationships as well as parenting.

We already know absence of aliveness brings a certain way of living that is deprived of enthusiasm, spirit and connection with our present. On the other hand, bringing aliveness can create a whole new world of happiness, hope, high spirits and connection with present day. So, what all can help us to feel alive and live our life fully?

Here are certain important aspects which I consider bring forth ALIVENESS-

Physical and mental well-being

Regular workouts, walk, running, playing sports or yoga create good health and positive body image. In addition, regular physical workout of any nature enhances stamina, strength and flexibility. This, in turn, gives you the confidence to perform tasks that you love without hindrance and pro…

Importance of Creating Aliveness while Parenting

Hello everyone, 
Lately, I have been working on the possibility of creating aliveness in everyday life. In younger times, we engaged in creativity, laugh, tease, play, dance and act in much more ways that created lively atmosphere in our life. However, as we grow older, responsibility, accountability, tight schedules, etc., etc., take over our once lively persona. 

Is absence of aliveness bad?
It is though it is not apparent to us. The absence of aliveness deprives us of the element of  feeling enthusiasm and hope at times. Emotions of stress, pain, self-doubt, fear, resignation and indifference take over our everyday existence. That translates into our family atmosphere as well. We exist, work, sleep and perform tasks necessary for survival. However, that is not the reason we are blessed with life of a human.
Absence of aliveness in our own being manifests in relationships; especially affects our kids. Carrying the emotional baggage of past erodes the aliveness and happiness of today. Yo…

Benefits of basil leaves in rainy season

Basil leaves or tulsi has medicinal properties that can cure many health problems. During rainy season, children and adults alike suffer from one or the other health problem like cold, cough, fever, digestive problems, respiratory disorders, skin infections, insect bites, malaria, dengue and infections of different kinds. With the help of basil leaves, you can prevent many of the above issues or find relief from many problems. Some of the serious diseases related to kidney, heart, liver and stomach can also be tackled with home recipes made of basil leaves.

Benefits of Basil leaves     
Here are a few simple to implement tips on how to use basil leaves in daily life and attain good health.
Cold, cough and fever Chew some leaves of basil to cure cold.Boil the leaves in water and let the patient gargle using this water. He/ she may also drink this    water to cure cough problem. In case of cough with phlegm, let the patient breathe the vapors coming from basil juice. Additionally, a mixt…

Protection of Kids during Rains

Rainy season is always associated with cool and breezy atmosphere. Everyone welcomes the rain with smile and cheer. Especially kids like to make paper boats and sail them in rainwater. However, there is another aspect of all this enjoyment.
Rainy season and kids' healthChildren hardly bother about their hygiene. They splash dirty rainwater on each other. Moreover,C they like to spend hours in the rain that is a major cause of concern for parents. Prolonged wetness is     not at all good for the health of kids. They may invite cold and other serious infections.

Lack of hygiene can lead to stomach infection and gastroenteritis. It can cause severe setback to the health of the affected child. Sometimes, children forget to wash their dirty hands and this helps in catching the infection faster. In rainy season, carelessness can prove to be fatal. Diseases like typhoid, cholera and Hepatitis A are common in monsoon season. Therefore, parents need to take extra precaution in this regard

Reinforce your bond with your Mother

Your mother's constant concerns for you, her reminders and her scoldings may have bothered you at time. And on some occasions, you may have talked back, slammed the door or offended her with your behavior.

However, despite all the issues between you and your mother, your love for her won't diminish in your heart. On this Mother's day, express your regard, love, and gratitude towards your mother in a unique way.

Best gift on Mother's Day

What possibly can warm the heart of a mother?

Expensive gifts? No.
Luxury Vacation? Hmm, not really.

It can be a simple yet refreshing gift that a mother will love.

Flowers are the ideal way to reinforce the relationships and to express your feelings. When you know your words or acts have hurt your mother's sentiments then you can apologize with a beautiful arrangement of flowers along with a greeting card.

Gleeful Gerbaras

Genuine gratitude accompanied with a nice bouquet would instantly melt her heart and she would forgive you for …