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Foods for Children’s Eyesight with Recipes

Are you worried about the growing inclination of your kids towards gadgets? Naturally, since the prolonged use of smart devices like tablets & mobile phones can cause dryness, digital eyestrain & irritation of the eyes. Therefore, choosing the right food for children’s eyesight in your daily routine is very essential. You can strike the right balance by supplementing the right foods with boosting nutrients to improve the overall eye health & keep eye conditions at bay. Check out foods for children’s eyesight with recipes-

 improve your child’s eyesight naturally
Include the best foods for children's eyesight 

Foods for Healthy Eyes of Kids

Read along to find some nutritious foods to improve your child’s eyesight naturally.

1.    Green leafy Vegetables

Spinach, broccoli, kale, cabbage & collard greens are superfoods containing vitamin A, C, B12 & array of vitamins & minerals. These veggies contain a high level of carotenoids & antioxidants that ward off free radicals in your eyes & promote good eye health. If your child’s grumpy, include these veggies in the form salads, sandwiches, soups, smoothies & nuggets in your kid’s diet. Apart from this, you can also include carrot & sweet potatoes.

2.    Eggs

Start your kid’s day with a healthy breakfast of eggs. Egg yolks contain lutein & zeaxanthin, the vital antioxidant which helps protect the eyes against harmful UV rays of the sun & lower the condition of any eye-related conditions. You can try out quick & recipes with eggs like spinach or oats omelet, egg wrap, egg sandwich, egg scramble, or egg banana pancakes for a healthy twist.

Foods for Healthy Eyes of Kids
Include fruits, vegetables, and seeds in the daily diet of kid

3.    Citrusy Fruits & Nuts

Kids love colorful fruits, be it raw or juice. Citrusy fruits like orange, mangoes, papaya, apricots & berries like strawberry, grape, blueberries contain vitamin C & pigments like flavonoids, carotene & lycopene which are known to improve vision & prevent eye infections. Even some of the most underrated fruits like guava improve eyesight and tackle eye health issues.

Fruits are the best foods for children's eyesight. Apart from fruits, nuts are a storehouse of omega-3 fatty acids & Vitamin E. Mix them in oatmeal or mix them along with your kid’s tiffin. You can also use the spreads of various nuts for a healthy taste.

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4.    Fish

Salmon, tuna, cod & mackerel are a storehouse of omega-3 fatty acids. The fatty acids come with several eye benefits right from strengthening eye muscles to reducing the risk of eye problems. Not just this, they help maintain lubrication in your child’s eye. Make a sandwich or fry it, your kids would love it. If your child isn't fond of fish, you can give them a dose of fish oil every day. Avoid if your child has an allergy to fish.

5.    Whole grains & Legumes

Whole grains like whole wheat, brown rice, oatmeal, and whole cornmeal are a rich source of minerals like zinc & nutrients like niacin & vitamin E. The fibers in whole grains are good for the eyes. Zinc brings vitamin A from the liver to the retina for the production of a pigment called melanin. 

However, avoid white carbs like white bread & pasta & start giving whole grains to your kids. Children must also eat legumes like lentils, kidney beans for a healthy diet. Make sure your child eats legumes & whole grains both.

Recipes for Healthy Eyes of Kids

Getting your kids into this eye conscious diet isn’t just a dream now. These nutritious foods for children’s eyesight is a step forward to support their eye health and avoid eye issues such as digital eyestrain in kids. Here are some quick & delicious recipes offering unique flavor & interesting mouth-feel!

1)    Groundnut Patties

Here's unique patties/Tikki made with crunchy peanut & leafy spinach. This tasty snack is loaded with vitamin B3 which also acts as an antioxidant & helps prevents eye disorders.


·       ½ cup roasted & powdered peanuts
·       ½ cup chopped spinach
·       ½ cup besan (gram flour)
·       5 tbsp. whole wheat flour
·       1 ½ finely chopped green chilies
·       Salt to taste
·       1 tbsp. lemon juice
·       1 tbsp. oil for kneading


1)     Combine all the ingredients & knead a soft dough using little water.
2)     Add 1 tbsp. of warm oil and knead again.
3)     Divide the dough into equal portions & make thin round flattened patties or tikkis.
4)     Heat 1 tbsp. of oil on a non-stick pan, place the tikkis and cook it on both the sides using ¼ tbsp. oil.
5)     Serve immediately with sauce or green chutney.

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2)    Mix Fruit Juice

This tangy citrus fruit juice can be taken at any time of the day. Rich in vitamin C, potassium & fibers, which support the healthy functioning of the blood vessel of the eyes.


·       1 cup black grapes
·       1 cup pomegranate
·       16 piece of deseeded orange segments
·       Crushed ice for serving


1)     Add the orange segments, grapes & pomegranate along with 2tbsp. water & blend it until smooth.
2)     Strain the juice using a strainer.
3)     Add some crushed ice before serving.


3)    Egg Sandwich

Start your kid’s day with a healthy breakfast of eggs. Egg yolks contain vital antioxidant which helps protect the eyes against harmful UV rays of the sun & lower the condition of any eye-related conditions.


·       2-4 eggs
·       Veggies- onions, tomatoes, bell peppers
·       Bread
·       Cheese


1)     Scramble 2-4 eggs and put them aside
2)     Take two pieces of bread & apply butter
3)     Add grated veggies onions, tomato and bell pepper along with scrambled eggs & cheese.
4)     Place the sandwich in the sandwich maker. Heat it for 5 minutes & your delicious sandwiches are ready to serve.

4)     Salmon Fry

Salmon, tuna & cod are a storehouse of omega-3 fatty acids that help in strengthening eye muscles & maintaining lubrication in your child’s eye.

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·       1 salmon
·       ¼ tbsp. turmeric
·       ¼ tbsp. garam masala
·       1 tbsp. ginger garlic paste
·       ¼ tbsp. coriander powder
·       Salt to taste


1)     Take a salmon & cut the fillet into two pieces.
2)     Mix all the ingredients with the fillet & let it rest for 10-15 minutes
3)     Now shallow fry the fill in a non-stick pan & serve it hot.

Craving for some dessert? Let your kids relish their favorite dark chocolate. Dark chocolates contain flavonoids that protect the blood vessels of the eyes. 

Apart from essential foods, proper exercise, drinking sufficient water & having a sound sleep can help tackle eye problems of the kids & improve overall eye health. Balanced nutrition along with a healthy lifestyle will keep your child's eye happy & healthy.


Wednesday, July 29

Things to do on Friendship Day

friendship day celebration
Friends of all times!

The first Sunday of August is celebrated as Friendship day. Kids look forward to this day and cherish friendships. With not much time left for this beautiful day, let us plan quickly what all we can do to make this day more meaningful and memorable.

Things to do on Friendship Day for Parents and Kids

                            Picnic Games: Kids' Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

Since friends are an essential part of life that stand by us through thick and thin, it makes sense to make them feel special. For those who have not met for ages, must take the opportunity to revisit those memories and reinforce the special bond of friendship with their old pals.

Check out the things you can do to have a good time on friendship day even if your friends are miles apart.

  • Send gifts/ flowers to your close friends and remind them that you care.
  • Send a nice message or a beautiful card to tell her or him that you miss those days. It would be better if you call your friends or arrange a video call and have some good time. You may think of some sweet games while video call on Zoom or Microsoft meeting
  • Organize a party at home. Call your friends now and arrange a party impromptu. You can order some food from outside and try a few dishes with inputs from friends. However, do take care of hygiene and cleanliness all the while.
  • Download interesting games and have a blast. Party is incomplete without good music. So make a playlist of your favorite songs in advance!
  • Having fun under the sky is indeed the best option. Arrange your party on your lawn or backyard and go for BBQ. Share the responsibilities among friends. Remember to carry some fun games like flying discs or playing cards for enjoyment.

  • Take lots of pictures of your party or get together on this day and publish them online.
  • Leave a lovely note on the wall of the social networking site of your friend. Post some beautiful snaps of your friends and let the comments follow one after another.
  • Your new neighbors have just moved in. Extend your hand of friendship and start a new chapter on this friendship day!
  • Become friends of your kids. Erase the distance between you and your kids and indulge in playful activities with them whether indoors or outdoors. Create that alive atmosphere at home with you being a go-to friend of your kids.
Through this post, I would like to wish my friends, loved ones, and followers a great Friendship Day this year! Thanks for being with me.

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Thursday, July 9

Digital Eye Strain Among Kids- Signs and Prevention Tips

Are your kids attending online classes? Do they spend hours playing video games or messing around with smartphones? Do you often find your kids complaining of pain in the eyes or strain in the neck? Beware! These may be preliminary signs of digital eye strain among kids.

digital eye strain among kids
Check digital eye strain among kids

Nowadays, you can find many kids amusing themselves with digital devices and appealing electronic widgets like smartphones, computers, and tablets. With the lockdown in effect and the growing espousal of online studies, the kids are spending more time than ever in front of smart screens and digital widgets. Here is what you should know about digital eye strain and how you can prevent it in kids with simple steps.

Causes of Digital Eye Strain Among Kids

Digital eye strain is a computer vision syndrome that is caused by staring at digital screens continuously for long. Eyestrain is likely to occur if you focus on a particular task for an extensively long time. More frequent use of digital screens each day for several hours is a common cause of digital eye strain among kids.

Moreover, small children even forget to blink their eyes when sitting in front of digital devices. Moreover, many kids either keep the device too close or too far from their eyes.  Therefore, if your kids spend way too much time in front of the screen, it is time to keep a check on their physical fitness and eye strain complaints. Ideally, eyestrain is treatable with simple, non-invasive methods. However, prolonged eye strain may indicate more serious issues that require medical assistance.

                                                  Printable Treasure Map Template Pirate Craft For Kids

Symptoms of Digital Eye Strain

Longer screen time exposes kids to an extended amount of blue light emitted by the digital screens. Sometimes, doing eye-straining activities like reading in dim or inadequate light may also cause pain and strain in their eyes. Earlier symptoms of digital eye strain in kids may include:

·       blurry vision
·       headache
·       red, irritated eyes,
·       stiffness or pain in the shoulders, back, and neck

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Easy Prevention Tips for Digital Eye Strain among kids

You may find it enervating to keep your bundles of joy away from the digital screens forever. But you can take some simple preventive steps to avoid digital eye strain among kids. Here are some tips to follow:

Follow the 20-20-20 Rule

That is a pretty easy activity for kids to follow. It is a simple rule to disengage your eyes when you are focusing too long on a single activity. For the axiom to work, try to shift your focus to some other pursuit every 20 minutes. Pick something that is 20 feet away and stare at it for a minimum of 20 seconds.  By following this rule, the idea is to turn the focus of kids away from any intense activity that engages them for several hours.

Remember to blink often

While gazing at screens, kids may forget to blink in between which may increase the strain. Therefore, ask your kids to blink frequently to keep the eyes moist.


Keep the Screen at Safe Distance

Tips for screen time of kids
Proper lighting and adequate distance is important during the screen time of kids

Make sure to maintain the correct distance between your child and the digital device. You should position the device properly at about an arm’s length. Educate kids to always view the screen at or slightly below the eye level. Moreover, enlarge the text to a comfortable level when reading on digital handheld devices.

Make Sure the Room is Properly Lit

The place wherever your kids are using a digital device must have proper lighting. Make sure the light comes from behind. Activities like watching TV in dim light may put excess strain on the eyes of the kids. Both the place and the screen must have adequate light.

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Reduce Screen Time of kids

Limit the screen time of kids to avoid excess exposure to the blue light or intense eye strain. Explore other options to stay occupied, this will automatically reduce the screen time of kids. Board games, playing cards, chess, or art activities can help kids to engage well without straining their eyes.

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Proper Eyewear for eyes

Sometimes, pain in the eye may indicate other eye troubles. If the pain persists, your kids may require medical assistance. Get in touch with your doctor if you need distinctive eyewear to lessen the eyestrain.

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Special bond of brother and sister

Relationships are an important aspect of life. One of the most beautiful and cherished relations is the bond of brother and sister. they fight, they care, but they stay together for each other. The sometimes sweet and sometimes sour bond between brother and sister can become more special with the guidance of their parents.

Parenting tips to promote Sibling love
The precious bond of brother and sister

It is normal between siblings to have differences, fights, and insecurities. As they grow, they learn to adjust and live together. The long years of bonding and companionship take a turn when these siblings turn adults and choose different paths of their lives. Nevertheless, they can nurture a perfect soulful bond provided their parents shower extra attention and effort on this aspect.

Parenting Tips to Strengthen Bond of Brother and Sister

The bond of a brother and sister can have lots of twists and turns. There can be phases of non-tolerance towards each other. With these simple and small efforts, the parents can erase the negative aspect of this beautiful bond and help in building a more trustworthy and lasting relationship.

Be fair and impartial among all the siblings. The equal behavior and guidelines for the kids reduce the negativity and promote harmony in the house.

Avoid comparisons among siblings. It helps in reducing sibling rivalry and children feel equally loved and cared for.

Appreciate the unique quality of each child. This makes the siblings acknowledge and accept the qualities of each other and learn to respect each other.


Lead by example. The display of strong family ties sets a good example in front of the kids. The values and atmosphere of the family have a great impact on the younger generation.

Encourage kids to sort out their issues on their own. Let them evaluate and resolve their differences. It would strengthen their relationship.

Teach the kids to listen to each other and develop empathy. This would encourage them to listen and understand other's opinions and value each other despite differences in opinions. Labeling or arguing with each other should not be the way just because of different opinions.

Celebrate the beauty of the relationship of the kids. Just like Father’s Day and Mother’s day, the kids can have a special day for themselves on which they can express their feelings and exchange cards and gifts.

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Celebration of Brother and Sister Relationships - Rakshabandhan or Rakhi

 Chocolate Gourmet Basket


Rakshabandhan is one such festival that celebrates the genuine and eternal bond of a sister and brother. The day refreshes the memories of childhood and renews the true friendship between brothers and sisters. Both make fresh promises to keep the bond strong and gift each other sweets, chocolates, etc.

Chocolates, assorted cookies, sweets, watches, stationery items, coloring books and sets, soft toys, mugs, board games are common Rakhi Gifts. There can be some different options like-

Book Subscriptions,

Art and Crafts subscriptions

Personalized Stationery sets for kids

Child Safety GPS Smart Watch

Customized Pillows

Personalized Keychains

Kids Bedding Sets

Cakes and flowers

Prank toys

So, buy suitable gifts for your kids on the occasion of Rakhi and let your kids celebrate their relationship with joy and love!

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Top Competitions & Workshops for Young People during Lockdown

The global pandemic has brought a sudden pause in our day-to-day lives. Needless to say, kids are the most affected age-group during the lockdown. With this novel situation comes the new challenges for parents to keep the kids engaged besides homeschooling. The best way to keep them engrossed is by enrolling them in top competitions & workshops for young people. These fun-filled activities help in reviving the liveliness of the kids.

Top Competitions & workshops for young people
Check about top competitions & workshops for young people during lockdown

Benefits of participating in Top Competitions & workshops for young people

·      Keeping the children busy & happy is a big task, the online activities during lockdown provide them the opportunity to grow as an individual. Online competitions & workshops are stepping-stones to real-life challenges.
·    Every task, test, or online sport endows them with unique life skills.
·    Besides, the competition also nurtures the inquisitiveness in children while learning what drives them & how to find a solution. Thereby making them more responsible.

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The Top Competitions & workshops for young people 

Beta Bowl Virtual Entrepreneurship for Teens

A virtual entrepreneurship program enriched with hands-on experience of taking an idea from inception to launch. Teens anywhere in the age between 13-19 years are eligible for his program. The program duration varies from 5 days to 12 weeks. You get a completion certificate & chance to claim cash prizes with Beta Bowl’s pitch competition.

Tubadzin Design Awards

An international competition for students, designers & architects to unleash your creativity, Tubadzin Design Awards (TDA) is inviting applicants to submit a project on the categories Young Power, Everyday Design & Unlimited Architecture. The last date of submission is 31st July 2020. The lucky winners get a chance to win Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi or Iceland. 

National Geographic Kids

Nat Geo Kids is conducting a competition for kids to help inspire people to recycle. Design a poster on innovative ways to reuse an item that otherwise would have been trashed. With this creative competition, you can win a massive $250 voucher to spend at the Entertainer Toy Shop.

The Welcome Back Project by McCann Leeds

Let your creativity speak in your art. Be a part of the Welcome Back Project's competition on advert based on lockdown. An advert welcoming people back into the city of Leeds, be it a poster, painting, poem, or even a video. This task is for young people between 11-19 years. The winners get a chance to feature your work on the big screens at Millennium Square, billboards & digital screens.

The Walter Scott Prize for Historical Fiction

Budding historical fiction writers, here's a chance for you to showcase your work with the UK's only creative writing competition on history & writing. The fiction can be in any form be it prose, poem, drama, letters, or fictional diaries. With the age category between 11-15 & 16-19 years, this competition may get you a $500 travel grant.

 Little Inventors Go Green

Competitions & workshops for little inventors help in boosting confidence & curiosity. Little Inventors encourages kids to think & draw their novel ideas. Think about your idea of making our planet sustainable. Draw your ideas on a worksheet, scan it & upload it on the webpage. 

Generation Lockdown

This lockdown brings you an opportunity to write your experiences during the lockdown, be it a personal experience, poem, or creative story. Pen down your thoughts & get a chance to have your name published in a book. Your story would be read by UK's top authors. This writing competition is for children between 7-17 years old.

Young Wild Writer Competition

The Hen Harrier Action, a charitable organization of Scotland organizes an annual event every 8th of August every year dedicated to protecting the birds & wildlife in the UK. The competition involves penning a unique poem or prose of 500 words describing the beauty of natural habitats & wildlife in Britain. The age category for this event is 5-8yr, 9-12yr & 13-16yr. The entries are open till 24th July 2020 at midnight. This competition is open to UK citizens & residents.

Foyle Young Poets of the year 2020

The Poetry Society is conducting the Foyle Young Poets Award, one of the biggest poetry competitions for the 11-17-year-olds around the world. Enter as many poems as you wish. The deadline for the entry is 31st July 2020. All entrants receive a participation certificate, and the winner will receive exciting prizes including enrolment in the residential Arvon writing course. You can follow the updates on Facebook & Instagram.

Billboard Art Competition 2020 by Art Moves

Competitions & workshops for young people are a platform for young artists for presenting an innovative artwork. The theme for this year is Epidemics- a global catastrophe, a punishment, or a chance to reinvent yourself & the world? With cash prizes, the winners get a chance to get your art featured on billboards in the city space during the Art Moves Festival, Torun, Poland. The last date of entry is 23rd July 2020.

Options for Workshops for young people


Besides these international events, you can also enroll your kids in events like Online scratch coding, Sudoku championship, virtual yoga session, kids dance class, and workshops in the creative fields such as -

theatre workshop, 
art workshop, 
piano classes
online photography workshop,
paper quilling
puppetry and Origami
Public speaking  & many more. 

The details of workshops are often visible on social media like Whatsapp groups, Instagram, and Facebook (especially Moms groups). Here is a link to know the details of the above workshops in India-

I hope you have plenty of options to decide the right workshop or activity for your kid during these days. Do let me know if you find this post helpful or you have something to add related to this post.

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