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Easy Ways to Renovate Kids’ Room

Kids love their room as it provides them personal space to play, chill out, relax and study at their convenience. Their own room gives them a sense of belonging and happiness as it is customized according to their needs. Therefore, it becomes so essential for parents to renovate kids' rooms keeping the needs and age group of their kids in consideration.

Renovate Kids' Room with right Accessories
Renovate Kids' Room with right Accessories

Give a pleasant surprise to your kids during these holidays. Renovate their room instantly in easy ways. You can either just recreate their room or use the accessories to light up their room that they would love. 

Interesting and Affordable Ways to Renovate Kids' Room 

Check out these ideas to renovate kids' rooms-

Interesting Wallpaper and Wall Murals

The walls of the room need to depict the imagination and interests of your child. Whether s/he likes football or mermaids or sailing boats or any superhero, the right wall mural speaks the same. 

These are easily installed, washed, and removed, so no worries. Moreover, these are prepasted, therefore, no hassle in applying them to the wall.

Find here some ideas for your walls-

Wall Accents

These are fun elements for the walls that instantly brighten up your kid's room and get them into playing mode. Several designs are available such as owl and branch, butterfly garden, bugs and flowers, seascape wall murals, jungle wall accents, alphabet blocks, Merry Christmas Santa Door Plaque and so many others.

Just peel and apply. These wall accents are easily removable and reusable. The above design is available here-

Creative Rugs/ Floor Mats

Why should floors look boring? Decorate the floor with colorful rugs/ mats, kids will use them often, definitely! 

The rugs come in different sizes, shapes and colors. Depending upon the room decor theme, you may select or if your child is grown enough, then let her decide. No need to visit stores, you may select from vast collection available online and place your order.

Storage Bins/ Basket

Kids need ample storage space to keep toys, supplies, clothes, etc. A storage bin or basket is therefore, must for their room. Discover a wide range of storage bins in amazing color options and designs and choose that resonates with your theme.

Kids would be happier to organize and keep their stuff properly.


Invest in quality and beautiful cutains for your kid's bedroom. These can be funky, colorful or simply elegant. The designs for curtains are available both for young girls and boys and for teenagers. Theme-based decor for kids looks more special and attractive.


Interesting lamps on the ceiling, bedside or study lamp add to the room decor aesthetically. Depending upon the age of your child, choose lamps wisely that attract your kids. 

A little search and you can lay your hands on unique lamps with printed superheroes or animals or may be unique shapes like book shaped lamp.

Shelves and Cabinets

Don't be surprised, even shelves and cabinets can make your kid room more alive and happening. 

shelf and cabinets for kid's room
shelf and cabinets for kid's room

Wooden shelf and cabinet look really elegant. Besides, these are sturdy and child-proof.


The bed of the room is the center point as well as sleeping place for your little one. Therefore, it needs to be extra cosy, soft, and beautiful to make your kid spend time in his/ her room.

As per the age and taste of your kid, choose bedsheets, comforters, sleeping bags and much more. There is a huge variety for bedding sets for toddlers, tweens and teenager kids.  The options are endless. Therefore, take your time to pick the right one for your kids' room.

Decor pieces

Last but not the least, decor pieces on the walls, side tables and shelves further accentuate the beauty of kid's room. Renovate kids' room with age appropriate decoration like picture frames, books, globe, wooden toys, inspirational quotes, wall hangings, flower vases, light strings, time piece, souveniers, etc.

Sesame Street & Elmo Bedding and Wall Decorations

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7 Essential Benefits of Exercises for Parents

Do I really need to exercise?

Of course, dear. We know you are fit and active today. You have the energy and enthusiasm to follow different passions and interests in your life. You have been a great performer in the office and take out time for family as well. However, if you really want to be healthy throughout your life and continue to be an active parent or partner, or worker, then you must exercise. The focus is not just on the present but also on your future. 

While we expect our kids to stay healthy, we need to demonstrate the same habits that we teach. Go through the list of benefits of exercises you derive and decide for yourself.

Avail benefits of exercises for you and your kids

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Teen Girls' Skin Care- Vital Tips They Need to Follow

Teenage is the time when the body undergoes massive transformations. It is often reflected in the form of messy pimples or acne breakouts on the teen girl’s skin. However, with appropriate Teen Girls' Skin care, you can easily manage skin troubles in your teenage girls.


Teen girls' skin care tips
Tips for Teen Girls' skin care

Skin Changes in Adolescence

As she enters adolescence, the body, and skin of your teen girl transform progressively to embrace the changes of growing up. Her skin cells do not regenerate and renew as quickly as they do when she was a baby. The teenage skin is tough, resilient, elastic, and stores plenty of collagen.


The hormonal changes in her body are primarily responsible for most of the problems in teen skin. Her skin produces more oil. Excess oil and sweat trap dirt and makeup residues in her skin, resulting in clogged pores and nasty acne. These changes further emphasize the importance of a routine for Teen Girls' Skin care.


Common Problems with Teenage Skin

Due to sizable changes in her skin, as your teenage girl reaches puberty, she may experience plenty of skin troubles, from oily skin and blackheads to acne and flakey skin patches. Following are some of the most common skin problems in teenager skin:


Teenage skin produces oil called sebum to lubricate hair and skin. When excess semen clogs the pores of the skin, it results in acne. It is a common problem during puberty because of hormonal overdrive. Since the facial skin has many oil-producing glands, especially on the nose, chin, and forehead, often referred to as the T-zone, these areas are more prone to pimples.

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It is healthy to expose the skin to sunlight now and then as it helps your bodies create Vitamin D. However, teenage skin is sensitive, and over-exposure of the skin to the harmful UV radiations of the sun may cause sunburns.


Cold Sores

Cold sores appear as tender blisters on the lips. Often caused by a Herpes Virus, Cold sores are highly contagious. One can get them by sharing stuff like toothbrushes, lip balm, or drinks. 

                                 Natural Remedy For Cold Sores and Fever Blister Symptoms

The virus stays in the body for a long time and may cause cold sores again. The outbreak may be triggered by trivial things like exposure to the sun, stress, or mild illness.



It is a condition where the skin turns red, dry, and itchy. She may get itchy rashes on her elbows, knees, neck, and face. The symptoms may appear as an allergy to harsh detergents, fragrant soaps, or perfumed lotions. Certain fabrics like spandex and wool may also cause allergic reactions to teenage skin.

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It is a skin infection caused by the HPV virus. Warts tend to spread if she picks, rubs, or scratches them. These are highly transmissible therefore, it is essential to consult a doctor. 

Another similar infection is the ‘molluscum contagiosum’ that can transmit through scratching. Some teenagers also get stretch marks which usually fade over time.

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Teen Girls' Skin care Tips

Before you start with any skincare regimen for her, it is essential to know the skin type of your little girl. Different types of skin often require distinct skincare. Understanding the skin type will help you choose appropriate skincare products and follow proper tips to nourish her skin. 

skin care tips for teenagers
Skincare tips for teenagers!

Here are some common Teen Girls' Skin care tips to follow:


   Use a Gentle Cleanser - It is mandatory to cleanse her skin once or twice a day using a mild cleanser to remove dirt, dust, and makeup residues. Use a suitable gentle cleanser according to her skin type.

      Wash off Any Makeup before Going to Bed - Never let her sleep with makeup on her face. If it is not possible to wash off the makeup, you can use a pre-moistened cleansing wipe to take off the makeup, oil, and dirt.

  Exfoliate Your Skin - Use herbal, homemade scrubs or natural exfoliators to exfoliate the sensitive skin of your teenage girl once or twice a week. This practice will open up clogged pores leaving her skin more healthy and supple.

  Wear Sunscreen - Whenever she goes outdoors, let her apply a board-spectrum moisturizing sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher. Wearing wide-brimmed hats or long-sleeved shirts is also a good idea.

   Practice Clean Makeup Habits – Advise your teenager not to share her makeup products with anyone. Keep the applicator brushes clean to avoid the accumulation of bacteria.

      Clean Hands – Maintain clean hands before touching her face as hands may have dirt or germs. Also, keep common items like mobile phones, table surfaces, etc., clean to avoid contact with dirt/ germs.

    Use Homemade Recipes for Skin Care – Using natural ingredients like Aloe vera, sandalwood, honey, turmeric, papaya, banana, etc., for skin care and fighting skin issues is the right way. Such ingredients are pure and safe, and help teenagers to get glowing skin naturally.


    Stay Hydrated – She needs to drink adequate water throughout the day to keep the skin hydrated. Even while going out, ensure your daughter carries a water bottle with her.

   Nutrition for Skin – For her beautiful and healthy skin, your teen girl needs to have nutritious foods that provide proteins, minerals, and vitamins. Include fruits and vegetables in her daily diet to nourish her skin. Moreover, she needs to restrict her intake of junk and oily foods as this may affect her skin badly.


Hope all these teen girls’ skin care tips help your daughter yo achieve healthy and happy skin.

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Important Things You Need in Rainy Season For Kids

Kids will be kids. Nothing can deter them from playing or running around. But you know what is best for your kids. If you are tensed with the thought of kids getting sick in rainy season then shrug off all your worries and have fun with them during these rains.

rainy season and kids
Rainy Season and Kids' Safety

To enjoy the rainy season and that too without any hassle, check out the following list of important items for rains you must have. You can’t think of a healthy life without these essential things during rains.

Important Things for Rainy Season for the Safety of Kids

You are going to need several essential things for rainy days to ensure your kids' health remains uncompromised. Read on to know-

Safety guards against mosquito and insects

Rains are the best season for the breeding of mosquitoes and other insects. So keep your mosquito repellents, coils, and mosquito sticks ready beforehand. Also, take out your mosquito netting outside to protect your family from insects while sleeping.

Water purification treatments

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Most of the diseases in rains are waterborne. Therefore, take extra precautions to purify water and make it fit for drinking. Not only at home but also while traveling carry a portable water filter to ensure the best drinking water for your kids. You may also use tablets that can clean the water.

Hygiene and sanitation tools

Most of the time, improper hand washing leads to infections. Stock up hand sanitizers,  body wash bottles, and liquid soaps to maintain cleanliness habits in kids. Encourage kids to carry their personal sanitizer bottles wherever they go. 

Also, invest in a good air sanitizer to keep the surrounding air disinfected and germ-free. Another important thing for rains is wet wipes which help kids to clean away dirt when outside. Also, take special care of your diet to remain fit.

                        Read: Diet tips for the rainy season

Dress code for Rainy season

Everybody knows to have umbrellas, raincoats and gumboots are mandatory. But, one or two umbrellas are not enough for the whole family. If you have still not invested, then buy this necessary rainwear for your kids and family instantly.

Extra pairs of clothes are definitely essential as kids may get wet frequently and the need to change clothes may arise a couple of times during the day.

Rainy season and kids health
Protect kids in Rainy Season

Besides, keep light jackets handy while going out to deal with the cool breeze.

Other than the above, high-quality towels are necessary for wiping and drying the kid if he/ she gets wet. In case of traveling, always keep small towels in the bag for instant use.

Travel accessories during Rains

Rainy season or monsoon is a lovely time to get out and have fun. However, you need to have the right accessories to avoid any health issues. 

Firstly, carry a sturdy and waterproof, travel bag when going out with your baby and kids. Always carry these in your bag-

- wipes
- small towels
- extra pair of clothes for baby and toddlers
soft bibs 
- diapers
- hand sanitizer
- mosquito repellant spray
- clean water bottle

Pet Care Accessories 

Pet care is extremely important as it directly affects the health of your kids and family. So, invest in good pet care products like pet waterproof raincoats, pet rain boots, comfy pet beds, towels, and pet cleaning products also. 

Ensure good health of your pet along with regular vet visits.

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Overcome Third Wave Covid 19 with These 7 Parenting Tips

While we are tirelessly battling against the deadlier second wave of the coronavirus pandemic, the anticipated third wave COVID-19 has created a sense of panic among parents and guardians. 


Children were considered so far as silent carriers of the virus. However, many more kids have been infected with varied symptoms during the second wave of the pandemic. 

According to experts, the third wave can be even more challenging for kids. However, you can overcome the third wave COVID 19 with these 7 parenting tips as suggested by pediatricians.

7 Parenting Tips to Overcome the Third Wave COVID-19


1)    Be More Vigilant

First and foremost, you should be more vigilant and watch over every action of your kids. Limit visitors at home and do not allow your kids to go out and play with their neighborhood friends. 

Even if you engage with friends/ family, then ensure, no one is sick or showing symptoms. Make your kids understand that this is not a time for weekend ventures. Spend more playtime with them so that they can easily adjust to their new schedule of playing indoors.

     2)    Make Hygiene A Habit

Teach your kids the importance of practicing hygiene. Make sure that your kids wear masks, maintain social distance, and frequently sanitize their hands after touching surfaces. Make them understand that they should not touch their mouth, nose, or face after touching any surface.

Inculcate the habit of keeping themselves and their surroundings clean. When it comes to hygiene, make sure that you customarily disinfect surfaces that are frequently touched. Keep the doorknobs, faucets, wallets, keys, and countertops clean. 


3)    Eat Healthy and Fresh

Plan a healthy diet for your kids. A well-balanced diet will not only provide essential nutrients to fight infections but also keep your kids energized. Serve fresh fruits and seasonal vegetables to boost the immunity of your kids. You can try some interesting recipes to include new fruits and vegetables in your kid’s diet plan.


4)     Keep Your Kids Active At Home

Being at home does not mean you have to follow a lethargic lifestyle. Sitting in front of the TV for hours or lying on the couch all day will not only make your kids dull but also affect their health. Teach them the importance of exercise each day. It can also be a good replacement for active outdoor playtime.

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     Moreover, you can help your kids imbibe
the goodness of yoga. There are many       simple yoga postures that your kids can do at home to stay healthy and active. You can also use this time to develop the creative side of your kids with many interesting online hobby classes.

    Good habits inculcated during this time will develop into a lifestyle and benefit your kids throughout their lifetime.

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5)    Watch Their Behaviour Around the Diseased 

Teach your kids to maintain a healthy distance if a family member is sick. If you display any familiar symptoms of infection like fever, cough, and cold then you should immediately isolate yourself from your kids.

If your children show any of these symptoms, you should immediately consult a doctor without delay. Isolate them as well and make them understand why this is important.

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6)    Educate Your Children About COVID 

Knowledge is the best defense against new variants of COVID 19. The earlier you identify the symptoms and start treatment, the better are your chances of recovery. Educate your children about this infectious virus and the precautions they should take to stay safe.

 Learning about the prevalent condition of the virus may help your children practice hygiene and social distancing more willingly.


7)    Watch Their Mental Health 

When children have to spend most of their time at home, the disengagement from active playtime often makes them gloomy and inactive. Firstly, young children do not understand why they have to stay home all the time or behave in a certain way.

Secondly, they seek more attention, throw tantrums, and demand more time which can, in turn, be challenging for the parents who are managing everything from home.


                          Picnic Games: Kids' Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

As parents, you need to keep a watch on the mental well-being of your kids while you manage your state of mind as well. Stay calm and distribute your time wisely. Indulge in fun activities to keep them occupied. Give your kids enough space and time to adjust to the new normal. Managing a healthy routine will help your kids stay focused, engaged, and enthusiastic.


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Soy Foods for Kids- Benefits and Delicious Recipes

 Children develop food preferences at a very young age. And, this is the reason why parents always look forward to including healthy and nutritious options in their kids' diet. One such great option is soy. Soy is a plant-based food, a very rich source of protein and amino acids, that your body is unable to produce on its own. Hence, getting soy foods for kids can prove to be the best thing for your child's nutritional needs.

soy foods for kids
Include Soybeans and their products in kids' meals.

Benefits of Soy foods for kids

  1. Rich source of potassium

If your child consumes one cup of soy then he will get 866 mg of potassium which is almost double what you get after consuming 1 medium-sized banana. Potassium helps to improve digestion, improve kidney functions, and helps your nerves to function properly.


  1. Low fat content

Most children do not need the fat they consume from dairy products such as milk, cheese, etc. However, most soy products are cholesterol-free. Soy foods have almost zero fat content which helps to protect them from future risk of child obesity. Soy foods for kids help to maintain heart health in the long run.


  1. Improves brain health

Soy contains dipeptides which not only improves cognitive and memory functions but also helps to reduce the risk of memory degradation in the future.


  1. Overloaded with protein

Soy is loaded with all the nine amino acids which are required for building healthy bones and muscles. Hence, adding soy foods to your kids’ diet will fulfill their daily protein requirements and also contribute to their overall development.

Soy is rich in diverse nutrients such as iron, vitamins B, zinc, calcium, fiber, and polyphenols. In addition, soy is just right for kids who are lactose-intolerant.

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Soy products and delicious soy recipes for kids

You can prepare and experiment a lot with soy. Here are diverse soy foods and recipes not only your kids would love but your family will be asking for more.

1.     Soy Milk

You can replace milk with soymilk for your kids above 2 years. Soy Milk comes in different flavors and can be consumed directly or used for cooking. While choosing soy milk for kids, see to it that you buy the ones which are enriched with vitamin D and calcium.


Apple and cinnamon soya shake



       ½ tbsp cinnamon powder

       3 cups apple cubes

       2 cups chilled low-fat milk (99.7% no fat milk)

       1 cup chilled soy milk

       ½ tbsp sugar substitute (optional)



   Combine all the ingredients in the juicer/mixer and blend it until you get a frothy and smooth mixture.

   Pour the mixture equally in 6 glasses and serve immediately.


2.     Tofu

Tofu- One of the Soy Foods for kids!


In order to make tofu, soybeans are cooked naturally. There are two types of tofu, one is soft and the other is firm. Firm tofu contains more protein as compared to soft tofu. You can find tofu in a variety of flavors and textures in the market. Just like cottage cheese(paneer) it can be eaten raw, grilled, fried or cooked into amazing recipes.

                                Portable BBQ Charcoal Grill

Crispy baked Tofu nuggets



       250g-extra firm tofu (cut into cubes)

       ¼  tsp garlic powder

       2 eggs(whisked)

       1 cup bread crumbs

       ¼ tsp salt

       ½ cup all-purpose flour




   In order to remove extra moisture from tofu, place the tofu block on a piece of cotton cloth and place another cloth over it and leave it untouched for the next 2 hours.

   Remove breadcrumbs on a plate and add salt and garlic powder to it.

   Preheat the oven at 425 F. Take a baking sheet, place a wired rack over it and apply non-stick spray over it.

   Now, cut the tofu into cubes and dip it into the flour, then eggs, then bread crumbs mixture and place it on the rack.

   Bake it for 15-20 minutes or until golden brown.

   Serve it hot with your kid’s favorite sauce or dip.

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3.     Soybean flour

It is made by grinding roasted soybeans into powder form. It is considered to be very healthy and is used in various food products. Interestingly, you can add soy flour to your regular chapati dough or make some new and delicious recipes by using it as a primary ingredient.


Replace all-purpose flour with soy flour.

Soy flour dosa


       ¼  cup soy flour

       ¾  cup rice flour

       ¼  cup drained and soaked urad dal

       Salt as per taste

       1 cup water

       Oil as per requirement(1-2tbsp)




   Blend urad dal using ¼ cup water in a grinder and make a smooth paste.

   Transfer the mixture to a big bowl and add rice flour, soy flour, salt, and ¾ cup water to it.

   Stir the mixture well using a whisk until you get a lump-free paste.

   Heat a non-stick griddle and sprinkle some oil over it.

   Now, pour a ladleful of batter on the griddle and spread it in a circular motion until it reaches a diameter of 6 inches.

   Add some oil to the edges of the dosa and cook well from both sides until it turns light brown in color.

   Make all the other dosas in a similar way and serve hot with coconut chutney and sambar.


4.   Soya chunks

Soybean or soya chunks are made from the leftover soy flour after the extraction of soy oil. Soy chunks come in different forms such as big soya chunks, small/mini soya chunks, or soy kheema. In order to cook, soak soy chunks in warm water for at least 30 minutes.

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Soybean sabzi


      150 Gram Soybean (soaked overnight)

      1 Onion, chopped

      2 tbsp Ginger- chopped

      2 tbsp Garlic- chopped

      1 Tomato- chopped

      Green chilies- chopped

      A pinch of Turmeric Powder

       Red Chilli Powder to taste

      Salt to taste

      1 tbsp chat masala

      1-2 tbsp refined oil


   Add soybeans and 2-3 cups of water in a pressure cooker and cook it till the soybeans turn soft.

   In a pan, heat some oil and add ginger garlic to it. Once they turn brown add chopped onions and saute till they turn golden brown.

   Now, add tomatoes to it and cook until they are soft.

   Add boiled soybeans, red chili powder, turmeric powder, salt followed by green chilies, and stir it for a few minutes.

   Now, add 2-3 cups of water to the mixture and allow it to simmer for the next 10 minutes.

   Let the sabzi cook on low flame. Stir occasionally till all the water disappears.

   Sprinkle some chat masala on the sabzi and serve hot.

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 More Ways to Include Soy in Your Kid's Meals

Soy is definitely a versatile food that can be served in different forms and tastes. Check other ways to consume soy-

soy foods
Replace animal meat with plant-based soy meat!

1. Prepare chocolate milk or cold coffee using unsweetened soy milk.

2. Use soy milk with any cereal as a healthy breakfast option.

3. Use presoaked soya chunks or granules in any gravy-based or dry vegetable preparations. Since soy does not have flavor, you can easily hide it in any vegetable preparation.

4. Use soy meat as any meat substitute while preparing burgers, etc.

4. Instead of paneer or cottage cheese, use tofu cubes to prepare dishes like Matar paneer, aalo paneer, etc.

5. Use soybean oil in your daily food preparations.

6. Readymade Tempeh is available as frozen foods that you may add to any recipe for enhanced nutrition.

7. Include soaked soybeans in your mung sprouts for more nutritional value.

8. You may buy flavored soy milk for your family. 

9. 'Soy chaap' is a popular Indian recipe that gives the appearance and taste of a rich meat dish.


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