Innovative ways to recycle or reuse kids stuff

With growing kids at home, one common problem that every parent has to face is how to do away with the innumerable things that keep piling up. From old socks to the old badminton, the things which enter the home never seem to leave, doubling and tripling over the years. Well, one easy solution is to donate or give it off to family or friends who can use it. Those who want a creative way out, here is how you can recycle old stuff:

Innovative ways to recycle or reuse kids stuff
The old socks: School-going kids need a new pair of socks almost every quarter so the old ones can prove to be useful as a bathroom rug. All you need to do is entwine them or knot them together and stitch through them in concentric circles. Involve your kids as well to give a creative twist to the recycled products
 Alternatively, use old socks to make puppets and let kids start their own puppet show.           
The bat: Try painting the bat in bright pastel shades which will go with the interiors of your house. It …

Creative ways to recycle or reuse common household items

For those with children at home, the number of things that they need is equally proportionate to the things that they can no longer use. For parents, the real challenge is how to effectively maintain a balance between the needs of the kids and avoiding unnecessary expenditures. If you as a parent believe in recycling stuff so that you can use them to cater to newer needs, while raising eco-friendly kids,  you should definitely read ahead.

Advantages of recycling/ reuse of  useless items by kids at home
Kids would learn to create new things out of waste items. 

It is a great way to give wings to their imagination and creativity.

Recycling or repurposing of items will save a couple of bucks too.

Kids will learn the value of things bought for them.

The activity is great to keep kids engaged in a productive way.

The valuable lesson of being eco friendly becomes visible to kids.

Creative ways to recycle or reuse common household itemsCreating something new out of old items can be fun. It is mo…

7 Steps to build Confidence of Your Child

What would you do if you find your growing child is losing confidence? Praise her minutest of actions or shower her with gifts that are actually not required?

However, that is not going to help much as the child will depend upon you to feel good about herself or maybe, she will consider herself above others which is not healthy either. So what all can be done that helps her stay confident?

Easy steps to build confidence in your child
Let her make choices

Avoid taking each and every decision on behalf of your kid. Let her decide what works best for her out of certain options. For example, a 10-year-old can be given a chance to decide what dress to buy for her birthday instead of telling what will be good for her. That will boost her confidence a lot.

Let her follow her hobbies/ interests

Your child is interested in theatre or sports then let her join classes and help her to continue her passion. Even if it means rescheduling your day! This will develop her self-esteem and inspire her to …

How to develop writing skills in kids?

Good writing skill is something that a child acquires and develops over a period of time. It requires the initiation and full participation of parents. There are some easy ways to encourage kids to write and express their thoughts and ideas beautifully through writing.
Effective ways to develop writing skills in kidsLet the child expresses his thoughts and feelings freely. Freedom to speak on anything would encourage him to think better and creatively.
Encourage your child to read a variety of books besides textbooks. Reading newspapers, storybooks, poems, etc., would serve as food for thought. Good thoughts convert into better writing ideas.

Ask the child to use a dictionary to understand the meanings of tough words. You may also tell him to note down word meanings in his practice notebook.

Let he writes the menu for the day and his shopping list. These little things would improve his writing and spelling.

Encourage him to maintain a colorful diary where he can write his memorable events.

Impact of Landmark Worldwide on Parents and kids Relationships

Hello everyone,

Hope you are doing well!

This is probably my last blog post of the year 2019 and the one I am most excited about to share with you. It's about our kids and the way we raise our kids.

While thinking of all the ways to make our kids happy, we shower them with immense love, attention, outings, gifts, toys, the best of facilities and a lot more. However, take a moment and consider what could be the best ever gift for your child?

What is the best gift for your child?

Is it the fancy, expensive toy on the nearby toy store, a new animated movie your kid has been waiting for, an outing with family, his favorite pizza or bicycle that he wants? Of course, these things are important and add to the quality of life you want to provide to your child. But, what is that one thing that will remain forever with him and will continue to inspire him, fill him with love and happiness? It can't be toys, expensive gifts or accessories that you bought for him. All these have a limited time…

Self-Growth of Parents - Is it required?

Hello fellow Parents,

I hope you are having a good time while raising kids!

In my previous post, I had shared about the importance of aliveness while parenting and bringing aliveness in relationships in various ways. One major aspect that was part of my previous blog was Self-growth. Is it required or not, while you are totally occupied and absorbed in parenting your kids?
Self-growth or personal growth includes attaining understanding about yourself, your strengths and weakness and the ways in which you try to achieve your full potential. It also includes- 
-acquiring new skills and habits, 
-letting go of such habits or thought process that dis-empower you or adversely influence your effectiveness
- embracing a new way of life that invites happiness and abundance for you and people that matter to you.

Parenting versus Self-Growth

With so much to do while raising kids, is thinking about Self-growth means being selfish? At times, 24 hours seem to be less to take care of kids, manage the hou…

Bringing Aliveness in Parenting and Relationships


In my last post, I shared about feeling aliveness and its impact on you and on the people you care for. Let us take it a level deeper and discover what can make you and me feel alive. How we can include aliveness in our everyday relationships as well as parenting.

We already know the absence of aliveness brings a certain way of living that is deprived of enthusiasm, spirit, and connection with our present. On the other hand, bringing aliveness can create a whole new world of happiness, hope, high spirits and connection with the present day. So, what all can help us to feel alive and live our life fully?

Here are certain important aspects which I consider bring forth ALIVENESS-

Physical and mental well-being

Regular workouts, walk, running, playing sports or yoga create good health and positive body image. In addition, regular physical workout of any nature enhances stamina, strength, and flexibility. This, in turn, gives you the confidence to perform tasks that you love without hindran…
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