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Easy, Quick, Nutritious No-Fire Recipes for Kids


One of the creative ways of developing culinary skills in kids is by involving them in meal preparation. It can be a super fun experience, which will teach them basic cooking skills and make them love trying new dishes. How about trying some easy, quick, and nutritious no-fire recipes for kids that your kids can cook with minimal supervision?

no-fire cooking for kids
Involve kids in no-fire cooking!

 Without Fire Easy Recipes that Kids Would Love


Make food and eating even more interesting for your kids with these easy-to-prepare, safe-to-cook, delicious, healthy fireless cooking recipes:


Mixed Sprout Chat

Sprouts for kids good health

Sprouts are one of the most healthy and delicious go-to recipes for any time of the day. Moreover, they are easy to prepare, and kids are more likely to eat sprouts when they make a bowl by themselves.



      1 cup mixed sprouts (moong dal, beans, black chana)

      Finely grated carrot

      Grated cucumber

      Finely chopped onion

      Finely chopped tomato

      1 tsp of lemon juice

      Salt and pepper to taste

      Some paneer cubes



Take a bowl of mixed sprouts. Add grated carrot, cucumber, chopped onion, and chopped tomatoes. Next, add paneer cubes. Now, season with salt and pepper. Finally, add some drops of lemon juice, mix all ingredients, and serve your tangy, tasty, fresh sprout chat.


Tortilla Vegetable Roll-Ups

Make these super-healthy, delicious, tortilla vegetable roll-ups to fix the evening hunger pangs with your kids, and that too no-fire recipes for kids.

Tortilla Rolls for kids- No fire cooking



      Flour tortillas

      1 cup mayonnaise

      Salt and pepper to taste

      1 cup of finely-chopped assorted vegetables (carrots, bell peppers, cucumber)

      1 cup boiled corns

      Tomato Sauce



Prepare a mix of chopped veggies, mayonnaise, salt, and pepper. Evenly spread tomato sauce on tortillas. Add 1-2 tablespoons of prepared vegetable mix to each tortilla. Roll and wrap the tortillas tightly in plastic wraps and serve to eat fresh.

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Mango Pudding

no fire cooking recipes for kids
Mango pudding for kids

Mangoes are kids' favorite fruits that taste delicious. They are also beneficial for their smooth digestion, healthy skin, good eyesight, healthy brain development, and overall growth. Here is a refreshing mango recipe that kids can easily prepare on their own. Again this is one of the no-fire recipes for kids that is a breeze to make.



      ½ cup boiled water

      1 tbsp unflavored gelatin

      ½ cup sugar

      Salt (a pinch)

      1 cup freshly prepared mango puree

      1 cup coconut milk



Take a bowl of boiled water and add gelatin. Whisk together well, and add sugar and salt. Mix well until sugar dissolves. Add mango puree and coconut milk. Whisk to prepare a smooth mixture. Pour into glass bowls and refrigerate for 2 hours before serving.


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Dates Smoothie

fireless cooking with kids
Smoothie is easy and healthy recipe for kids

Here is a super healthy, easy-to-make smoothie recipe prepared from dates. It is loaded with minerals, vitamins, calcium, fiber, and provides instant energy to your kids, and helps fight cold.



      ½ cup pitted chopped dates

      1 cup Milk

      ½ cup frozen Vanilla yogurt

      A small piece of Cinnamon



Add all the ingredients into a blender and blend into a smooth mix. Pour the prepared smoothie into glasses and serve chilled.


Biscuit Cake

Kids love to eat Oreos and other biscuits. But what they love to eat even more is an easy-to-cook biscuit cake, which involves fireless cooking, that they can bake on their own.



      Two small packs of oreo or any other chocolate Marie biscuits (10 biscuits)

      ½ cup of Milk

      5-6 tbsp of Sugar

      2 tbsp Butter



Finely crush the biscuits and add to a mixer. Pour the finely-grind mix into a deep bowl. Add sugar, butter, and milk. Gently whisk to prepare a smooth batter. Pour the batter into a baking tray. Garnish with sliced almonds, pistachios, and cashews. Keep in the freezer for 20-25 minutes. After that, transfer it to the refrigerator and let it sit for an hour. Cut into pieces and serve chilled.

Try these without fire easy recipes for kids and with kids, you won't come to know when your children will develop culinary skills easily.


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Parental Burnout - Causes, Effects, and Effective Solutions

Parenting is a full-time job that involves unending stressful days and several sleepless nights. Managing everything from late-night feedings and toddler tantrums to eventual meltdowns and regular homework often becomes too exhausting. No matter, how much effort and time parents put into raising their little bundles of joy, the kids always need a little more attention and supervision, eventually leading to a threshold of parental burnout.

parental burnout
Parental burnout is real!

What Causes Parental Burnout?

Parental burnout is a state where parents feel too exhausted and drained physically, mentally, and emotionally. It leads to chronic parenting stress, and parents always feel on the edge. People undergoing parental burnout often experience forgetfulness, anxiety, and depression. Not only this, but parents also start questioning their parenting ability and feel confused or isolated.

However, it is imperative to understand that parental burnout is often caused by prolonged stress. Primarily, when the demands outweigh the ability of a person to meet expectations. 

Overworked parent

But it can also happen for a variety of other reasons. For example, excess work can be overwhelming and trigger parental burnout. As a result, the person feels fatigued, lacks motivation, and feels detached from people and pleasurable activities.

That said, parents must understand that the feeling is temporary, and they can easily combat parental burnout by managing the situation correctly.

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Telltale Signs and Effects of Parental Burnout

Different people may experience disparate effects of parental burnout. 

Some display physical symptoms such as exhaustion, headache, neck pain, muscle ache, loss of appetite, and disturbed sleep patterns. 

Others experience emotional disturbances such as self-doubt, helplessness, loss of motivation, loneliness, irritability, the feeling of detachment, and isolating behavior.

                                      Headache Treatment by Amoils

Some parents switch to alcohol or drug abuse to calm their senses and combat parental burnout. 

Although people have been experiencing parental burnout for ages, the prevalent women’s work culture and ongoing pandemics have added fuel to the fire leading to higher levels of stress and anxiety among parents.

According to psychologists, people with poor coping skills, faulty resilience, and low frustration tolerance are more susceptible to parental burnout. 

However, the condition can be cured with supportive coping mechanisms. Here are some effective solutions to try to cope with parental burnout.

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Effective Solutions to Cope with Parental Burnout


Whether you are experiencing the early signs of parental burnout or have already crossed past your breaking point, it does not make you a bad person or the worst parent. Identifying the problem and finding solutions is the right way to approach your condition as a parent.


Talk With Someone Reliable

It can be your spouse, a friend, a co-parent, or even your therapist. Speaking it out helps you and your partner better understand the situation you are going through. Besides, it will help you identify the problem clearly and seek workable solutions.

Therapy and parental burnout
Therapy helps people dealing with parental burnout

Understand Your Situation

Again, talking about what you are dealing with is the first step to acknowledging your condition and seeking available help. Be honest while explaining your situation. Also, admit your struggles and accept that you are overworked and feeling overwhelmed. Additionally, tell people how you want them to help you with what you need.


Pretty fired as a mother letter Printed Short-sleeve Tee

Get Enough Sleep

Good sleep is essential for your mental health and overall wellbeing. Although getting enough sleep becomes challenging with a newborn or a young child. Try to prioritize sleep over other stuff whenever you can catch a nap.

You can manage things better when you are well-rested. Even a twenty-minute power nap can be restorative. Surprisingly, a nap can help reduce stress manifold, improve your focus, and help regulate your emotions.

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Never Skip Exercise

You may find it challenging to take out spare time for regular exercise, but it can help you restore lost energy. Regular exercise sessions can reduce stress, improve your mindset, and help you carry on your daily chores more enthusiastically rather than feeling drained and exhausted.


Rest Whenever Possible

Parents and self care time
Self-care is important for parents struggling with burnout!

It is easier to feel overwhelmed or overworked when you are managing too many responsibilities at the same time. Therefore, it is even more essential to take some time off now and then and rest for a few minutes.

So, next time you feel overstressed, grab a warm cup of tea or a refreshing mug of coffee, sit on the couch, and do something creative and rejuvenating that calms your mind. It can be reading a book, watching a cartoon with your kids, or listening to soulful music.

Family Centered Parenting

Practice Self-Care

Although it may seem impossible to focus on yourself when you are caught in the middle of a lot of things, it is, however, essential to practice self-care every day. 

meditation for parents
Meditation helps to destress parents!

Just 2-minutes of self-care in the morning or at night before you go to bed can reenergize you and help you get ready for the day ahead.

You can do simple breathing exercises, practice meditation, or write a journal. Follow any routine that de-stresses your mind. For example, taking a bath before going to bed at night can be calming and relaxing, physically and mentally. 

Alternatively, you can follow a quick yoga routine with some simple asanas or take a walk in the morning.

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 Develop A Support System

We often rely on a supportive partner for help; however, it does no harm to have a support system beyond them. Moreover, many people lack a home-support system or do not have access to the right resources. In that case, consulting therapists or joining parenting groups to associate with like-minded individuals and people who can steer you in the right direction is the best bet.

Deal with burnout with group support
Group support helps to deal with burnout

When you talk about your problems with like-minded people, you gain a better perspective and learn new insights about your issues. No matter what the problems are, understand that parenting can be challenging as well as rewarding. 

It is all right to feel frustrated or exhausted at times. However, you need to stay patient and treat yourself well.

Many individuals do not understand that experiencing parental burnout is a common human reaction to external stress. Consider stress, exhaustion, and fatigue as a part and parcel of your routine and approach the condition with a positive outlook.

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Develop Cleanliness habits in Kids

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Kids often fell ill because of bad hygiene. They play in the mud, splash dirty water on each other and sometimes avoid a proper bath. Moreover, they seldom remember to wash their hands before picking up their favorite food. Mothers keep on chasing their kids to make them clean and tidy, but they come back again with dirt and germs after a while. Such things can have a serious influence on the health of the children. Developing cleanliness habits in kids, therefore, is a major aspect of child development.

cleanliness habit in kids
Inculcate cleanliness habits in kids from a young age.

Tips for Developing Cleanliness Habits in Kids

Good hygiene and cleanliness are essential aspects of the education of kids. Developing good hygiene habits from early childhood goes a long way to keeping kids away from diseases. Check out essential hygiene habits that your kids need to learn and follow daily-

Food Hygiene

 As per a report by WHO, thousands of children fall sick every year from eating unhygienic food. When kids eat with dirty hands, they transfer loads of germs through the food to their stomach even when the food is prepared hygienically, causing stomachache, diarrhea, cholera, vomiting, and even typhoid. Foodborne diseases may cause paralysis, blood infection, or kidney failure in case of severe infection.


food hygiene and kids
Food hygiene and kids

Therefore, it is essential to teach and maintain food hygiene for kids. Teach kids to follow these essential tips before they dig their hands into their favorite foods: 

   Always wash your hands with soap and water before and after eating anything. Make washing hands even more interesting by using mild handwashes especially prepared for kids, such as Natural Foam Handwash by Baby Chakra. The bottle shows a bear washing his hand. I am sure kids will love to join him in his cleanliness expedition.


   Use a sanitizer if washing is not possible. Whenever going outside with kids, keep a bottle of sanitizer handy. Use herbal sanitizers such as Khadi Essentials Pure & Safe Hand Sanitizer, or Himalaya PureHands Hand Sanitizer which contains natural elements like tulsi extracts and aloe vera. 

    Add intriguing keychain holders to the sanitizer bottles so that kids never forget to carry them along while going out.

   Never store raw and cooked meals together. Use separate sealed containers for raw meats. 


good hygiene habits and kids

   Tell kids to always rinse raw fruits, and vegetables before eating. If possible, do not serve uncooked foods, cheese, and unpasteurized milk to kids. 

  Make sure that kids eat the food hot as quickly as it is served.  Besides, tell kids not to eat food that has been lying uncovered for some time on the counters or dining table. Moreover, always cover the containers with lids. 

   Educate kids about germs, bacteria, and basic food hygiene. Also, refrigerate the food immediately if you need to store it for later use.

                                                     Home Essential

Personal Hygiene


Tell kids how they can keep germs at bay by keeping every part of their body clean and healthy. Even a simple act of washing hands can prevent them from falling sick. Here are some essential habits to follow for maintaining personal hygiene:


cleanliness habits among kids
Clean kids are healthy kids!


  Make sure that kids wash their hands and freshen up as soon as they get back from school or the playground. Also, remind them to get a thorough hand wash after petting an animal. The same rules should apply when kids use the toilet, visit a sick person, sneeze, cough, or clear their nose.


   Trimming nails is another essential habit to follow because dirt and germs often build up under the nails. Moreover, kids tend to bite their overgrown nails, making it even more essential to timely trim the fingernails. The Baybee Baby Nail Clippers and Nail Cutters come with a magnifier zoom lens that makes it easy to cut the fingernails of infants. They also have cute safety nail cutters for toddlers.                             


  Kids often try to ditch bathing. However, they must understand the importance of bathing daily. Ensure that they shower before and after school or after playing outside. 

  Educate them about cleaning different body parts such as armpits, joints, back, elbows, knees, and belly buttons. It is also important to use separate soap for kids. Popular brands like Himalaya and Mama Earth provide a huge range of baby products, including moisturizing soaps and nourishing shower gels for kids.


 Additionally, hair hygiene is another vital aspect of skin hygiene because kids’ hair is susceptible to the growth of head lice. Wash kids’ hair at least twice a week to keep them healthy and shiny. 

     You can use mild shampoos from Mama Earth, The Moms Co., and Mother Care All We Know Baby Shampoo. 

   Tell kids not to share combs with any other person. Tie up long hairs into braids and buns to avoid the accumulation of dirt. 

   ‘Smelly foot' is a common problem that occurs because of the accumulation of germs and bacteria. Teach kids to keep their feet clean and wash them every time they get back home after school or play. Teach them how to properly clean their feet using soap and water.  Also, encourage kids to keep shoes tidy and clean.

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Health Hygiene Habits among Kids


Most kids get common colds very often. Teach your kids to maintain healthy hygiene to have better immunity and can easily fend off germs. Follow these tips to maintain better health hygiene:


  Avoid sending kids to school when they have infections such as flu. Educate them about using a handkerchief or tissue paper while coughing and sneezing. 

   Encourage the habit of using hand sanitizers while outside.                            

  Teach them how to maintain clean surroundings and keep a tidy work desk. Also, encourage them about cleaning spills if they drop something on the floor.


Hygiene Tips while using the washroom

   Kids should know about toilet basics and bathroom cleanliness. They must flush the toilet after use and throw used tissue paper in the bins. 

   Teach kids to put dirty clothes in the laundry basket.


Oral Hygiene

 Kids eat so many sugary treats and tempting snacks that if they circumvent oral health, they are likely to get cavities, bad breath, and several other oral diseases. Teach kids how they can avoid dental troubles by maintaining good oral health.


kids and oral hygiene
Inculcate good dental habits in kids

  Develop a habit of brushing their teeth twice a day. Make brushing teeth even more interesting for kids by using flavored toothpaste such as strawberry-flavored Mama Earth Berry Blast or Chicco toothpaste. Also, teach them to floss. 

 Tell them to rinse their mouth every time they eat something. Make them gargle with warm water and salt once in a while. 

 Make regular appointments with the dentists to keep kids’ oral health in check.  

Developing cleanliness habits is an ongoing job. You cannot make kids follow every hygiene practice overnight. However, you can make the routine tasks more interesting by using the right baby products. 

You can also try fun games to turn monotonous activities into a fun learning experience. How about setting daily reminders or using sign tags until your kids get them right? 

More importantly, kids learn by doing and following examples. Therefore, demonstrate and practice healthy hygiene habits at home.

Start with the basics and utilize the right resources for teaching about good hygiene practices. Gradually, the kids will follow your lead and develop healthy cleanliness habits of their own.



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Fun filled Easter Activities with Kids

Have you planned for Easter entertainment and celebrations? Not yet then think about it now.

Here are a couple of things we have compiled for you that you can do to make the Easter celebrations more exciting and memorable.

Easter Activities with Kids

1. Interesting Games on Easter

When family and little ones are around, you can think of innovative games to make the day extra special for everyone. 

Egg Hunt is the game that kids of all age groups love. Fill the plastic eggs with candies, stickers, etc, and hide them at different places in the house or on your lawn. Let the search begin. Take this a notch higher and place an activity slip inside each egg such as ' Make a bunny face' or ' Jump like a bunny'.

Easter activities for kids
Egg Hunt Game on Easter that Kids Love

Traditional Egg and Spoon Race is another exciting activity that kids would love. Use hardboiled eggs for this one and wooden spoons and start the race!!

Don't worry if you do not have time to think of funny games. Here are printable Easter Games for you that you need to download within a few minutes and get started immediately for unlimited fun.

Choose the ones you like or download all of these as per your convenience at an economical price. These games you can enjoy on Easter and even after with your complete family.

2. Easter Celebrations are incomplete without some music

Buy an interesting Easter music CD that you can get personalized for your child. the superior quality of music and the name of your child embedded in the same will make your child feel loved.

Song like ' I want Candy from 'Hop' movie is an all-time favorite. Besides, include these songs too-

1. Mister Rabbit
2. Casper Babypants
3. Gonna Hop 'til I Drop

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3. Can you think of Easter without good food and sweets? 

Give an interesting twist to your regular pancakes. Make bunny faces on pancakes using choco chips and fruit slices.

Give that Easter look to your Oatmeal cup by decorating it with apple slices and choco chips.

Better still, involve your kids in cooking recipes like hot cross buns, strawberry shortcakes or decorating them together. 

Here are beautiful mouthwatering delicacies for your kids. You can have them too as these are really tempting. or gift them to kids in the family. Click to buy-

                                        Easter Kringle Gift Box                                            

4. Exciting Easter Craft Activities for Kids

Depending upon the age, you can involve kids in diverse Easter crafts activities. For preschoolers, Easter coloring books are just right wherein they can fill colors of their choice in Easter theme drawings.

Easter craft activities and kids
Easter DIY Crafts for Kids

Buy amazing DIY Easter Craft Kits for growing kids and let them make interesting crafts using the same.

Make your own Felt Easter eggs using stiff felt, rhinestones, ribbons, buttons, and pom-poms. First cut out egg shapes using stiff felt, draw your design over these, and then use glue, to stick buttons, pom-poms, and other embellishments as per your choice. Kids would love this activity.

Easter decorations with Kids
Easter decorations with Kids

Moreover, kids will also love to make Bunny Paper plates, headbands, bunny masks, egg decoratives for the Easter tree, handprint cards, and so on. Ensure kids have plenty of supplies like construction paper, glue, embellishments, googley eyes, ribbon, laces, pipes, scissors, buttons, and other craft items to create whatever they feel like.

Painting Easter eggs

Crafts using handprints and footprints of younger ones are so special and keepsakes for parents. This time, prepare bunny plates using the handprints of your toddler and show them later when they grow up...would be lovely to see their expressions.

However, older kids can try their hands at Quilting with special Easter embroidery designs. Check out this link and buy your favorite pattern now-

Good food, nice music, and interesting games/ activities will definitely make your Easter more special this year. Happy Easter to all of you!

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