Thursday, June 9, 2011

Kids and me

Vacations are on and I am having a fantastic time with my kids. All day we do different interesting activities to keep ourselves engaged. There are no hard and fast rules. Nevertheless, some guidelines are there that everyone has to follow.
Being a cricket fan my son chose to learn the sport in these holidays. For that, he has to wake up on time and get ready to leave for the classes. So, both of us are happy. On the other hand, there is no fixed timetable for my daughter who is going to be three years old.
Television viewing is limited in our house and that rule is applicable to everyone. I do not allow my kids to watch cartoons for long. If you want to know how much I apply this rule on myself then I would like you to know that I hardly get time for entertainment.
Both my son and daughter love to draw and color. It helps them to unleash their imagination and enjoy their time. Creative handwriting is yet another way to let the child imagine, think and express his feelings. I give weird and funny topics to him to make the activity interesting.
Indoor games are a great way to keep the kids occupied. Some games are equally relevant for all ages like code breaker, scrabble and housie. Both of us enjoy these games.
I have prepared a detailed chart and pinned that on the board. It highlights the daily activities of my son. The chart also clarifies the time he devotes to creative activities in comparison to the leisure time. That helps my son to balance between different activities.
My daughter is a true copycat of her brother. She does whatever my son does. She would follow him in every way and in every sense. Therefore, there is less need to train her or guide her.
Both of my children are sweet enough to help me in daily chores. With their little hands, they clean the furniture and keep their toys back in place.
These holidays have been fun filled and learning experience for my kids. This time has also made me more patient and tactful while dealing with kids.
I have shared my experience with kids during these holidays. I wish to know your experience, thoughts and ideas to make the vacation memorable and enjoyable.

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