Monday, July 11, 2011

Ways to counter eczema in kids

Eczema has severe effects on the mental and physical health of a child. It refers to a skin condition where the afflicted child experiences skin inflammation on the tender areas of the body like face, hands, wrists, scalp, knees and neck. It causes rashes, itchy and dry skin, and lesions on the skin.

The affected child scratches and rubs the inflamed areas that further worsen the skin condition. Sometimes the skin has red, little bumps that ooze and are painful. Eczema in babies, as young as couple of months old, is difficult to handle and cure. Both parents and their baby experience mental trauma in this skin condition.

Moreover, this skin problem is a combination of hereditary and environmental factors. When a baby has itchy, scaly and dry skin, there is a need to check the medical history of the family to understand the hereditary role in this condition. A doctor will also ascertain the allergens that may trigger eczema in affected infant or child. These allergens can be:

1. Certain detergents or soaps
2. Certain foods like eggs, nuts, etc
3. Lotion, cream and perfumes
4. Stressful situations
5. Some type of fabric like woolen
6. Changing temperature conditions
7. Dust, parasites and pet hair

As the infant grows, the child may have lesser instances of eczema flare-ups and it may totally disappear as the little one crosses his teens. However, until that time, the condition has serious effects on the affected child. Continuous itching and irritation is a nuisance for the child. Many times, it is avoidable and easy to resist. Just follow these simple steps to beat eczema in kids:

1. Moisturize the skin of child regularly. It helps in controlling the itchiness. Use unscented lotion or natural products that have no side effects on the skin.

2. Keep the skin clean. It is crucial to keep the affected skin clean. Therefore, give bathe to the baby/child frequently to combat eczema.

3. Use unscented products for bathing. Find out if the soap is suitable for the baby. Switch over to mild and unscented soap if any flare up is there after bathing.

4. Usage of clean towel and bedding is equally important. Dirty fabric may carry dust mites and bacteria that may pass on to the skin. Hence, proper care in this regard is essential. The detergents should also be scent free and mild otherwise that can trigger the skin problem.

5. Clean and soft clothing for the child is also crucial so that the skin is not irritated or inflamed because of the cloth. Use soft cotton clothing to keep the skin happy of the child.
6. Home remedies are alternative and no side effect way to treat and beat eczema. Try today!

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