Monday, May 23, 2011

Summer safety tips for kids

The scorching sun rays are harmful for your tiny tots. The kids are likely to suffer dehydration and exhaustion in summer. Therefore, it is crucial to safeguard the kids from the heat and harmful sun rays.

Often, kids refuse to stay indoors. They insist on playing outdoor games and this negligence can prove to be detrimental for their health. Even if they stay indoors, the kids can still feel the brunt of the burning sun.

Thus, what can the parents do to counter the damaging effects of the sun? Well, the parents can follow these simple summer safety tips to protect their darlings from the summer heat.

Shakes, squashes ans juices provide right nutrition to kids in summer.

• Persuade the kids to drink plenty of water and liquids. Prepare homemade squashes, shakes and fruit juices in different flavors. Children will just love to have them. Healthy eating for kids is important which contains essential nutrients and also tastes delicious to satisfy the taste buds of kids.

• Remember to carry water bottle in your bag while going out in sun. Intake of water at regular intervals is important for kids to safeguard them from dehydration.

• Juicy fruits and salads provide the necessary nutrients and help in fighting the heat. Kids who take at least two servings of fresh fruits are likely to stay fit in summers.       

• Apply sunscreen liberally on kids so that their skin is safe from the ultra violet rays of the sun when they are outside.

• Use of sunscreen is important even when the kids are going for swim. Reapply the sunscreen every 2-3 hours to protect the skin of kids in summer.

• Sunglasses, caps and hats are mandatory for kids to keep their eyes and skin safe from direct sunlight.
Invest in summer accessories like caps, sun glasses and umbrellas for kids.

• Umbrellas are essential too. Keep the kids in shade as much as possible during summer months.

• Loose fitted clothing helps the body to breathe and minimize sweating.

• Bathing helps in lowering the body temperature.

• Use anti bacterial soaps and hand sanitizers regularly.Encourage kids to develop cleanliness habit on daily basis.

• It is better to stay indoors between 11a.m. to 4p.m., as sun rays are harsh during this period.

During summer vacation, the kids are likely to stay outdoors and the above summer safety steps become all the more important to implement.

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