Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Laugh out Loud with Kids

Did you laugh with your kid today? When was the last time you shared a joke or funny episode with your children? If you do not remember then it is not a good signal! Laughing with kids has multiple benefits for you as well as your kids. It has a positive impact that lasts for days. If you still don't understand the benefits you derive from laughing out loud with your kids then read on these pointers:

  • Share a joke with your children to bring smile on their faces. Everybody loves smiling kids and not crying ones. So, do your bit and make your kid smile.
  • Laughing out loud eases the tensed muscles. When you laugh together, you instantly disperse any underlying stress in your child's mind.
  • Laughing is beneficial for emotional health. When you have a hearty laugh with your family, you are keeping negative emotions such as sadness, anger, hopelessness, etc., away.
  • Laughing is a good exercise for various facial muscles which are otherwise inactive most of the times.
  • Everybody know laughter is a good medicine. Even in bad times or going through illness, laughing helps to get relief from serious symptoms and fatigue. It provides good workout to your heart.
  • Habit of laughing induces healthy hormones and boosts immunity system of body.
  • Laughter brings positivism in life. If you wish to raise happy and optimistic kids then laugh with them often. Apart from health benefits, laughter also has some social benefits. It brings a family together. Laughter is the best way to bring your children as well as parents closer to you.
  • The kids who spend more happy times with their family will have better emotional, physical and mental health.
So, all the caring parents who are reading this post, make it a point to have a laughing session with your kids everyday.

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