Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Finally I regained my sanity!!

It has been an exhausting week for me as my daughter fell ill and became very irritable. She used to cling to me and would not leave me at all. Even going to bathroom was difficult as she would bang on the door till it was opened. She avoided her favorite foods and ate very less. Her weight reduced.

That made me feel like screaming at the top of my voice. I did that sometimes....
But what actually reversed the situation was my story telling technique. I used to narrate stories to pillows and toys ( believe me its true!).And she used to join me and listen the story with full attention. That helped in controlling her tantrums and mood swings. During that moment, I would make her eat something or indulge her in some game so that I could take some break from continuous howling of hers.

I also realized that behaving like a mother would not help me every time. I used to behave like a kid and made faces and did everything a kid would love to do.
For every gesture and nice behavior of hers I clapped and appreciated.This would make her feel happy.
Now both of us are back to our routine and she is enjoying life as usual. I just have a look at the past and realize what I have learnt and what I can do to handle such situations in a better way.

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