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Five parenting tips to impress your kids!

Beautiful relation of a parent and child is above all.
Parent and child relationship is the most beautiful of all relations. In bringing up the child, you would often behave like one and enjoy many moments with your kid. However, as the time passes by, the equation between you and your child may change and you may experience a gap. Sometimes, kids stop responding in a respectful way or worse they simply stop caring for what you say. 

You miss those days when you were the best friend of your adorable child and she would share everything with you. However, as she grows up, she does not want your involvement in her life. In fact, she considers it as interference. With such twists in relationships, you may feel alone and helpless. You may be wondering about the reasons and the ways to mend things. 

The equations have changed but everything is not finished yet.

 It is not difficult to maintain a healthy relationship with kids. There can be many difficult phases in the journey of parenting but some rules always succeed to retain the special bond between you and your child.

 Here are some golden parenting tips which would help you to stay close to your children:

 1. Hugs and kisses never fail to warm the hearts. Cuddle your kids when you return from your office or when they return from school. It makes them feel special and wanted. If your child is sick or if she has performed well in something, a loving hug says everything how important she is for you.

Children want attention. In absence of adequate attention from parents, they slowly drift away and engage themselves in their own world. Do not let that happen. Keep them close to your heart and remind them of your unconditional love through hugs and kisses.

 2. Spend quality time with your kids. Join her in her favorite activity like drawing or dancing or reading and have fun with her. It would help her to open up and share her feelings with you. For some time forget you are an adult and simply act like a friend of hers.
 You may also organize a picnic and take your child to the nearby park, beach or zoo. She will always remember the beautiful moments spent with you. If going out is not possible then watch some good kids' movie together while eating popcorn. Reading books together is again a good way to develop bonding between you and your kid.

 3. Encourage your kid in her endeavors and let her make mistakes. Avoid being picky and do not try to control her actions now and then. Your forgiving attitude would help to bring your child closer to you. Remember, your child needs your open-minded support at every step and she is going to adore you for that. Your whole-hearted appreciation in her small efforts will make her successful in big tasks. Ignore small mistakes and appreciate the genuine efforts made by children.

 4. While being firm is important, using offensive language is not required. 
Offensive words creates distance between you and your child. Set an example of behavior you expect from your kid.

Try to behave and speak in the manner you would expect your child to assume. Children often pick words and actions from the behavior of their parents. Therefore, if you really want your child to be courteous with you then set an example first.
 You may donate some of your old clothes and things and encourage your child to do the same. This would help the child to develop compassion and respect for other humans. Chivalry and compassion displayed by you at home or outside would instill good values in your kids.

 5. Children love surprises and gifts. 

Family outings bring parents and kids closer.

Occasionally, gift your child her favorite games, snacks or books. These need not be related to her academic achievements. Unexpected presents evoke sense of appreciation and affection. The gifts may be small and economical but the impact on the kids is priceless. Alternatively, a surprise outing or sleep overs with their friends is more than welcome and goes a long way in enduring your relation with your growing kids.

 These parenting tips would surely bring you and your child closer and strengthen the special bond between both of you. So, try them and let me know about your experiences.

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