Monday, May 28, 2018

Why your kid must learn self defense techniques?

Have your child learned self-defense? Great, if you just said yes!

Enroll today if you still have not.

Are you wondering, with so many extra curricular activities to choose, why would any parent pick a self defense class for his/ her kid?

Self defense in any form is compulsory for kids

Well, most of the classes enhance the creative skills, improve academic performance, develop sports skill or simply helps the kids to stay occupied productively. However, self- defense is one such technique that provides an array of abilities and benefits that stay with your child for life. Want to know about the top benefits of self defense for your kids, then continue reading:

Instills self-confidence

Self-defense helps kids to learn entirely new skill, ranging from easy to difficult levels. The kids acquire enhanced abilities to deal with new people, new situations and adapt in new surroundings. The newly acquired skill instills great confidence in kids to face the world fearlessly.

Boosts self-discipline

Self-defense demands high discipline among the kids to follow the instructions of their instructor such as stand still, wait patiently or turn up for classes regularly on time. The skill helps the kids to improve their dedication and follow discipline.

Develops safety skills

The primary objective of self-defense classes is to enable the learners to defend themselves in diverse situations of danger such as how to escape an attack, bullying, how to utilize available resources for diffusing a kidnap attempt or an assault and so on. With such tools by their side, kids can travel on their own even during nights safeguarding themselves and their peers.

Teaches signs of danger

The kids learn to understand the signs of danger through their eye and ears. They understand the situation better and are in better position to reciprocate accordingly. The kids also learn the non-physical ways to deal with situation and protect themselves.

Promotes good health and stamina

Such classes improve overall health condition of kids such as stamina, coordination, balance, flexibility, mental strength and improved reflexes. The rigorous warm-up and exercises enhance endurance, body control and muscle toning. It not only helps in fighting back the attack but also transform the physically active kids to strong adults.

Strengthens social skills

Kids gain social skills and gain confidence.

The self defense classes are conducted in groups thereby providing opportunity to meet new people, learn together and become friends. In addition, people of different cultures participate in the classes which bring greater understanding for the people and develop tolerance towards each other. The classes teach the students to respect all and develop positive attitude.

Considering all these benefits, I along with my friends organized a self defense workshop under the banner- UJJAWAL BACHPAN, for our daughters and kids of society staff. The kids learned a lot on ways to defend themselves and the importance of being physically fit.

Here are some pics from the event:

self defense trainer teaching the trick to kids
Kids get hands-on experience to handle the attack

Girls participating enthusiastically in self defense workshop

For more details of our event-

Request you all to organize such workshops or enroll your children in self defense classes for their safe future. Hope this post benefits you, would love to listen your views and feedback.
Happy parenting!


  1. You have emphasized on the much needed subject in present secenario. Your intiative for organising the self defecnce classes for the children is appreciable!!


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