Wednesday, February 2, 2011

How to make your child eat healthy meals happily?

Mothers are always in search of healthy recipes which their children will relish and ask for more. They take all the pain to do whatever they can to try out new dishes for their kids. Alas! The child takes just a second to push aside the dish inventively and painstakingly prepared by his mother. Obviously it is quite upsetting that the child is not getting all the nutrients that he must take for satisfactory development. All the efforts seem to go in vain.

The habits developed at the early stages of life have long lasting effects. Healthy eating habit is one such rewarding habit. It ensures balanced growth and development of the child. Plus, it also protects the child from many health hazards like heart problems, diabetes, obesity and cancer. Besides it makes the child active, confident and happier. The overall quality of life gets a boost if a child is a happy eater and not a fussy eater.

Making a child eat what is best for him is definitely a grueling exercise. He does not understand the benefits of healthy eating. But parents know and can make all the difference. When the kid does not cooperate or argues on the choice of meals, the only way is to bring about a change in the ways to make him eat health foods.
Always keep fruits, vegetables and healthy drinks ready. Keep fast foods and empty drinks out of the kitchen. In case of hunger pangs, children will obviously have what is available in the kitchen.

Plan your menu in advance and involve the kids too. Make them aware about the labels of the food products and energy / calories derived from the food items.

Teach kids about the importance of healthy food items and their role in our lives. Tell them what they are getting from fruits and vegetables which they will never get from chips, chocolates, sugary drinks and other junk foods.                                

Prefer dining at home with the kids. Make the dining time a fun filled experience which children can look forward to day after another. They are more likely to enjoy eating in a caring and happy environment.

Curtail your intake of fast foods and sugar drinks. Prefer milk, homemade soups, fruit juices over soda and other processed drinks. The children will do what their parents practice at home.
Even if you have to dine out at some restaurant or party, choose healthy foods for yourself. Be a role model for your children.

Learn new exciting and easy to prepare healthy dishes and snacks. Avoid making same boring dishes which are tasteless and not exciting enough.

Keep the body requirement of your kids in mind while preparing meals.    

Healthy spices and ingredients


Also understand the use of various ingredients which can aid in further development of brain and body of the kids.

The change from fussy eater to happy eater may be slow but possible. It actually depends more on the attitude and strategy of the parents than on the kids. Forcing the kids or having a battle on the table is not the solution. Instead transform yourself, your ways and your style of cooking to attract the children to the dinner table.

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