Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Safety tips for kids while playing sports

Playing sports  is indeed beneficial for all round growth of children. Nevertheless, it requires several safety measures so that kids remain absolutely safe while playing sports. Here are essential safety tips for kids while playing sports:

Adequate Hydration: While playing any sport be it lawn tennis or some team sports such as soccer, it is important to stay hydrated. Kids must drink adequate water and fluids to avoid dehydration and heat stroke.

Skin safety: Direct sun rays can damage the sensitive skin of kids. Therefore use of caps, sunglasses and sunscreen is essential. In fact, sunscreen should be reapplied in every 2-3 hours to avoid heat rash and skin tanning.

Warming up and cooling down: It is important to warm up before playing sports because it helps the body to prepare for rigorous physical stress. Moreover, it also improves the flexibility and strength of muscles and bones. Cooling down is equally important after sports session as it relaxes the overstressed muscles and nerves and brings them back to normal temperature.
Use of sports safety guards: Proper sports safety guards such as helmet, knee caps, elbow caps, mouth guards, goggles, gloves, proper shoes or any other safety equipment depending upon the sport should be used.                

Safety from mosquito bites: Kids are often bitten by bugs and mosquitoes while playing in the parks. This may cause serious problems such as malaria, skin infection, etc. Therefore, it is important to apply mosquito repellent creams, mosquito wipes and wear adequate clothing to avoid such instances.

Overindulgence: Over involvement in sports or playing without taking enough of breaks can cause harm to body in the form of injuries, sprains and strains, bodyache, etc. Therefore, parents need to monitor the playing hours of the kids.

Proper training and guidance: Kids need proper training and guidance while playing sports of any kind be it soccer, lawn tennis, cycling or swimming to avoid any mishaps, injuries or accidents. They need to learn the sport from professional trainers to learn correct usage of sports equipment and right way to play. This would avoid several physical injuries or accidents while playing sports.

Proper nutrition: Last but not the least, regular sports session and training should be accompanied with healthy nutrition containing all the food groups such as proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, water and minerals. This would help a lot in making kids stronger.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Do your kids love sports?

Do your kids prefer video games over outdoor sports? Are they hesitant to play with the kids of their age? Are they becoming couch potato merely gazing at television? Or are your kids not able to take defeat in their stride?

If your answer is yes to any of these then sorry to say your kids do not love sports enough. Is it really bad? Yes, indeed! Sports contribute to physical, mental, emotional as well as social growth of kids. Participation in sports of kids helps in all round development and improves their strengths thereby overcoming their shortcomings. Therefore, teach your kids to LOVE SPORTS.

Here are simple ways to teach your kids to love and embrace sports in their daily life:

Go out and play any sport with them be it cricket, soccer, cycling, swimming, or any other outdoor activity that involves lots of physical strain and mind power.

Encourage your kids to join classes of soccer, martial arts, skating, cricket, lawn tennis or any other that is available in your surroundings. That would help him/ her to learn a new sport and participate actively on regular basis.

Watch a tournament/ match with your kids with full enthusiasm and cheer for your favorite player. It will also evoke interest of kids in sports.

Keep yourself updated about latest in sports world and share with your kids.

Make a collage of favorite sports, collect pictures and make a scrapbook. Else you can prepare a diary to keep a record of latest scores or milestones achieved in a sport or by your favorite sports personality.

Next time, you plan your kid's birthday, keep sports such as football as theme and ask kids to come dressed up accordingly. Order a cake that looks like football and plan out the decor of your home as per football theme.

If you are planning to gift something to your kid on his birthday or as appreciation for school performance then gift him sports accessory such as skating kit, football, cricket bat, tennis racquet, etc that will motivate him to indulge in sports.

Last but not the least, be a player yourself. If you are an active sportsperson then most likely kids would follow your path.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Top Team Sports for Older Kids

We know the importance of Outdoor sports for kids and its immense benefits towards all round development of kids. We also understand the lifelong positive effects of playing outdoor sports. The kids develop confidence, gain endurance and muscle strength, learn to adapt and cooperate as an active team member. These qualities help kids throughout their life.

Now the question arises which team sports should kids play? Here are top team sports for your older kids:

Whether you have a boy or girl, you can encourage to play team sports such as Football. The game involves lots of fast and slow run, sprinting, standing, passing the ball and coordinating with other ten players to score goals. The sport is ideal to reduce fats and attain leaner but stronger physique. Also your kid will get improved flexibility, increased bone and muscle strength as well as increased aerobic capacity. Not to forget, the kids learn to play the game in  disciplined way while cooperating with others.


Basketball is a fast paced game with lots of running, jumping, dribbling and passing the ball involved on the court. It can be played both outdoors as well as indoors.The game is a great way to make your kids active, physically strong, mentally tough and self-disciplined. To win the game, it requires coordination,strategy and team effort. The kids thus learn a lot of skills through this game.

Hockey requires eye-hand coordination and balance while managing the hockey stick and the ball.The hockey players  benefit a lot from this game such as physical strength, flexibility, balance and stamina.                                  

Not only this the sport imparts several life skills among players like team spirit, coordination, discipline, listening skills, patience and self esteem. All these qualities also help kids in their personal life and make them a responsible citizen of the society.


One of the most popular team sports of the world, Cricket, requires great eye hand coordination, gross motor skills, concentration and determination. The players hold, catch and throw ball which improves the motor skills and eye- hand coordination. In addition, batting the ball in correct direction increases the focus of the player. Moreover, the game also requires fast running between the wickets and around the field as well developing muscle and bone strength, flexibility and stamina. Therefore, cricket is highly recommended for young as well as older kids.

Now this game requires use of hands, focus, coordination and balance. The players attain strength in upper body, arms and shoulders as well as in legs and thighs. The sport also improves eye hand coordination, concentration and overall strength of the players. It is a good way to burn extra calories and stay fit. Encourage your kids to join the sport at school or at nearby sports classes. They would love to play volleyball on the court and on the beach as well.

The above team sports are highly recommended to make your kids energetic, healthy, emotionally stable, disciplined and social.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Exciting Outdoor Activities for kids

Its the time to get outdoors and enjoy some sunshine! Staying indoors make kids lazy. So motivate them to go out of the home and enjoy a good game with you and friends.

 Let's check out what all exciting activities kids can do when they are outdoors.

Ice and water game

No we don't need water for this game :))

One of the kids will chase others. When the chaser touches the runner, he will say, "ICE" and the latter will stand still till the time one of the other runners come and touch him and says, "WATER". The game will continue until all are out, that is, turned into ICE. So lots of running required here.
The game is ideal to shoo away laziness out of kids and have some pure fun. Try this game today with your little ones!

Hit with Ball

Kids love playing with balls. So enjoy this game which will make kids laugh and play all the way.
We need atleast 6-7 kids/ adults for this game. Make a circle of kids and let two of them enter the arena. Now kids on the circle will hit the two with ball and the latter have to run and save themselves. If the ball hits any of the two kids below knee then he/ she is out. The next kid will enter into the circle while others join hands to defeat him.
Isn't it a good way to charge the batteries of kids and have a good time playing outdoors?


Cycling, though an age old activity,still remains the favorite one among kids. So take your kids for cycling in a safe zone. To add to the excitement, set a timer and check how many rounds your child covers during that period. That ways, he/ she will remain keen to go for this activity. This one is yet another great way to increase stamina and strength of kids.


If your kid is passionate about skating then take out his skates and safety gear and head to the skating arena. Skating is an amazing activity that excites kids and at the same time, improves flexibility, balance, coordination as well as strength of kids. Furthermore, kids feel the freedom to roam around the place confidently. If your kid is showing interest, then enroll him in professional skating class today and see the magic!

 Your five year olds can try this activity and have lots of fun. Take her to the nearby park with skipping rope and show off your skipping skills. She would be eager to try this herself.

Walk time

Go for a walk with your kids and let them enjoy some fresh air. It will provide the much needed mobility and flexibility to their muscles. Walking is a good old way to get energized, build up stamina and improve muscle strength. Besides, you gain close bonding with your children.

So here were some interesting outdoor activities for kids. Get up and be ready to take your kids out under the sun to enjoy the outdoor activities.

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