Wednesday, February 23, 2011

How to socialize shy kids?

Some kids are naturally extrovert and mingle well in their age group while some kids are shy and enjoy their own company. The former group later on in life faces fewer problems in adjusting with the world. But the shy kids do not have developed interaction skills and also have adjustment difficulty with the people. This certainly is not desirable and healthy for kids.

Though most of the times genetics are blamed for shy attitude of the child, yet there are many more reasons which make the child shy and recluse. With following dos and don’ts the parents can make their child more friendly and social.

Shed your shyness first. The children of shy parents are likely to be introvert and less social. Therefore, change this trait of yours and be more outgoing and friendly. This habit of yours will definitely benefit your kids. The children will be exposed to new places, people and situations thereby making them more extroverts in nature.

Invite the child in neighbor. Get in touch with your neighbor and invite their child at your place for small party or snack time. The first meeting shall be short involving some snack and chat time. The children may be encouraged to play some time and if they do not seem to be comfortable then meeting should be ended on a happy note.

Plan the visit of your child to nearby house. With cooperation of your neighbor you can plan meeting of children at their place. The parent should accompany the child initially and let the children meet like this for some time till they get friendlier with each other. When they start enjoying each other's company then the parent can move out from that room for some time still well in reach in case of any discomfort between the kids.

Participate in family gatherings. Family get to gathers are safe way for kids to get social. The kids can meet their family members and cousins and learn to be more social. It is a great way to hone the social skills of your child through family meetings and outings.

Enroll your kid in some play group. Classes like those of dance, crafts, music, skating or any sports class help the child to become more social. He or she tends to meet more kids of the same age and that helps him or her to give up shy nature.                                      

Be supportive and loving towards your child. Too much of discipline and control erodes the confidence of the child and make him withdrawn and apprehensive. Discipline your child but at the same time provide support and space as well. Children nurtured with love and favorable atmosphere will be more confident and socially adaptable.

Encourage off line socializing. Restrict socializing over internet and telephones. Also limit the television viewing of your child. Instead ask your child to meet friends face to face frequently. You may organize their meetings at home or in park or such other attractive places like zoo, museum or mall where they can have fun together.

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You can transfer your confidence in your child only when you are full of positivism and confidence. Therefore, boost your confidence and shed shyness today and help your kid to beam with social confidence too.

Socializing your kid goes a long way in making your child socially comfortable and acceptable also. With your time, patience, love and effort you can alter the child to be friendly and extrovert.

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  1. well thought plans and guidance for growing up children.Deepti from where do you get such ideas.