Thursday, January 29, 2015

Importance of Outdoor Sports for kids

Playing and growing up go hand in hand. While learning, reading and writing are important aspects of child development, playing outdoor sports is no less significant.  Nowadays, meaning of playing games such as soccer and cricket has totally changed. They are played on gadgets keeping the kids glued to their sofas. However, it is extremely important to make outdoor sports an essential part of daily life of kids.

Here are crucial benefits of playing sports in the open air for kids:

Outdoor sports improve physical fitness and flexibility in kids. Running, jumping, racing or indulging in team sports in the park increases stamina of kids. Sitting in front of television or playing video games leads to nowhere while playing in the open air is a good exercise for the whole body and ensures good health. Undoubtedly, it s a good way to beat diseases such as diabetes and obesity.

Training in one or more sports will improve the skills of the kids in that sport and help him to shine in his school or locality.

Improve social skills of kids by encouraging kids to play team sports. When kids play together, they learn to interact, express their feelings, coordinate and cooperate. Playing outside with other children helps kids to shed shyness and become social naturally.

Strengthen the mental abilities of kids through sports. When kids indulge in outdoor sports on regular basis, they learn crucial personal values such as self discipline, punctuality, tolerance towards others, self-esteem and value of time. They learn to play the game with positive spirit which is much more important than winning or losing the game. Thus inculcating personal values and life skills in kids becomes easy through sports.

Outdoor sports would directly reduce the time devoted in playing with gadgets or watching television. Therefore, the kids will not over indulge in mobile phone, laptops or PSP. They would be able to appreciate good things of life and enjoy them too!

Parent-child bonding will also increase when both of them will play together. Even if parents support and encourage kids to join sports classes, the relationship between them will become stronger.
Sports time is fun filled and stress free. When kids are keen to play outdoors they have no time for boredom; they add fun element to their life. Moreover, they get away from growing stress levels and competition in their life.

Therefore, with so many benefits to gain, you can't ignore the importance of outdoor sports. Take them to nearby sports ground and enjoy a game with them. Furthermore, enroll them in sports classes for overall physical and mental growth of children.

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