Thursday, January 27, 2011

Raise optimistic and happy kids!!

Some kids are happy and cheerful naturally while most of them need to be trained to achieve a positive attitude. Well this behavioral approach of kids has huge amount of impact on their future life and on their personality. Like, one child with the habit of grumbling and blaming will be irritable and dejected most of the times. Whereas a child with happy disposition will have positive frame of mind and learn to take things in stride.

Despite of having a pessimistic attitude, a child can be taught to look at the brighter side of a situation and stay happy. It requires continuous and combined effort on the part of parents. With parents on their side and as their role models, children can grasp the art of feeling happiness within and see life in brighter perspective. Pay attention to some of the tips mentioned below and raise happy kids with pleasure.

Acknowledge and celebrate success. No matter how small is the task, recognize the sincere effort of the child and appreciate him whole heartedly. This will boost his confidence in himself and make him happy.
False appreciation is detrimental to child’s nature. Hollow acknowledgement send wrong message to the child. Appreciation in absence of success or achievement makes the child arrogant and weak to deal with failures. In situation of failure, he should be taught to learn from his mistakes and move on.

Avoid giving names to the child. Words like lazy, loser or shy if frequently used for the child can make him one of them. Use positive words for the child and encouraging tone so that he is motivated to work hard. Positive language will have positive effect on the mindset of the child.

Help child to face failure positively and prepare him for future. Acknowledge the bad feelings of the child about the failure. And also tell him it is absolutely okay if he could not achieve something this time but he can do it next time. An unbiased assessment of the situation with the child will reveal the points where he can improve and succeed subsequently. Boost his morale by reminding him of his previous accomplishments.                         

Evaluate yourself. Study your own reaction to negative situations and failures. The child is likely to imbibe those negative words and emotions from you. Therefore evaluate yourself and adopt a more healthy and positive attitude. The kids shall learn faster from your deeds than from your preaching. Also take credit of your achievements and celebrate with kids.

Optimism has its good effects on the health, performance, mindset and quality of life of the child. Optimistic children can deal with stress in a better way and are happier in comparison to pessimistic children. Therefore, gift your child an optimistic attitude and happiness for lifetime.

 Begin the journey of transforming your kids into successful and optimistic adults from today!

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  1. Marvelous guidance, if applied will go a long way in upliftment of child future.


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