Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Exciting Outdoor Activities for kids

Its the time to get outdoors and enjoy some sunshine! Staying indoors make kids lazy. So motivate them to go out of the home and enjoy a good game with you and friends.

 Let's check out what all exciting activities kids can do when they are outdoors.

Ice and water game

No we don't need water for this game :))

One of the kids will chase others. When the chaser touches the runner, he will say, "ICE" and the latter will stand still till the time one of the other runners come and touch him and says, "WATER". The game will continue until all are out, that is, turned into ICE. So lots of running required here.
The game is ideal to shoo away laziness out of kids and have some pure fun. Try this game today with your little ones!

Hit with Ball

Kids love playing with balls. So enjoy this game which will make kids laugh and play all the way.
We need atleast 6-7 kids/ adults for this game. Make a circle of kids and let two of them enter the arena. Now kids on the circle will hit the two with ball and the latter have to run and save themselves. If the ball hits any of the two kids below knee then he/ she is out. The next kid will enter into the circle while others join hands to defeat him.
Isn't it a good way to charge the batteries of kids and have a good time playing outdoors?


Cycling, though an age old activity,still remains the favorite one among kids. So take your kids for cycling in a safe zone. To add to the excitement, set a timer and check how many rounds your child covers during that period. That ways, he/ she will remain keen to go for this activity. This one is yet another great way to increase stamina and strength of kids.


If your kid is passionate about skating then take out his skates and safety gear and head to the skating arena. Skating is an amazing activity that excites kids and at the same time, improves flexibility, balance, coordination as well as strength of kids. Furthermore, kids feel the freedom to roam around the place confidently. If your kid is showing interest, then enroll him in professional skating class today and see the magic!

 Your five year olds can try this activity and have lots of fun. Take her to the nearby park with skipping rope and show off your skipping skills. She would be eager to try this herself.

Walk time

Go for a walk with your kids and let them enjoy some fresh air. It will provide the much needed mobility and flexibility to their muscles. Walking is a good old way to get energized, build up stamina and improve muscle strength. Besides, you gain close bonding with your children.

So here were some interesting outdoor activities for kids. Get up and be ready to take your kids out under the sun to enjoy the outdoor activities.

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