Monday, February 9, 2015

Top Team Sports for Older Kids

We know the importance of Outdoor sports for kids and its immense benefits towards all round development of kids. We also understand the lifelong positive effects of playing outdoor sports. The kids develop confidence, gain endurance and muscle strength, learn to adapt and cooperate as an active team member. These qualities help kids throughout their life.

Now the question arises which team sports should kids play? Here are top team sports for your older kids:

Whether you have a boy or girl, you can encourage to play team sports such as Football. The game involves lots of fast and slow run, sprinting, standing, passing the ball and coordinating with other ten players to score goals. The sport is ideal to reduce fats and attain leaner but stronger physique. Also your kid will get improved flexibility, increased bone and muscle strength as well as increased aerobic capacity. Not to forget, the kids learn to play the game in  disciplined way while cooperating with others.


Basketball is a fast paced game with lots of running, jumping, dribbling and passing the ball involved on the court. It can be played both outdoors as well as indoors.The game is a great way to make your kids active, physically strong, mentally tough and self-disciplined. To win the game, it requires coordination,strategy and team effort. The kids thus learn a lot of skills through this game.

Hockey requires eye-hand coordination and balance while managing the hockey stick and the ball.The hockey players  benefit a lot from this game such as physical strength, flexibility, balance and stamina.                                  

Not only this the sport imparts several life skills among players like team spirit, coordination, discipline, listening skills, patience and self esteem. All these qualities also help kids in their personal life and make them a responsible citizen of the society.


One of the most popular team sports of the world, Cricket, requires great eye hand coordination, gross motor skills, concentration and determination. The players hold, catch and throw ball which improves the motor skills and eye- hand coordination. In addition, batting the ball in correct direction increases the focus of the player. Moreover, the game also requires fast running between the wickets and around the field as well developing muscle and bone strength, flexibility and stamina. Therefore, cricket is highly recommended for young as well as older kids.

Now this game requires use of hands, focus, coordination and balance. The players attain strength in upper body, arms and shoulders as well as in legs and thighs. The sport also improves eye hand coordination, concentration and overall strength of the players. It is a good way to burn extra calories and stay fit. Encourage your kids to join the sport at school or at nearby sports classes. They would love to play volleyball on the court and on the beach as well.

The above team sports are highly recommended to make your kids energetic, healthy, emotionally stable, disciplined and social.

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