Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Protect kids from acne problem

Acne problem is a reason to worry for kids. In their teens, the kids become conscious about their appearance and a simple white head can lower their self-esteem. The prolonged presence of acne thus constantly troubles the young minds.

In severe cases of acne, kids even shy away to meet their pals and avoid socializing with the outside world. Therefore, the effects of acne are not limited to physical beauty. It is a much deeper problem for a kid in his or her teens.

To counter acne, one must understand the facts related with acne. The parents and kids must know the difference between various kinds of acne. Accordingly, the treatment may differ. In addition, the parents can ask kids to follow some guidelines to stop acne at the initial stage.

With following basic tips to prevent and deal with acne, the affected kids can surely smile and blow away their blues.

 Water is the main element that helps in acne. So, drink plenty of water. It helps in flushing away the toxins from the body and making the skin healthy.

 Wash face with plain water and mild face wash twice a day in order to remove excess oil and dirt.

 Excessive sweating also helps in building up of acne. Therefore, always wash face after sweating and after physical activity.

 Avoid scrubbing face as it may deteriorate acne problem.

 Use oil free cosmetics and skin products. The water based products are soft on the acne prone skin and do not clog the pores.

 Hair products can harm the skin of the face; it is advisable to keep them away from the face.

 Wash hair on regular basis so that oil present in hair does not block the pores of the skin. Also, keep the hair away from the face.

 Do not pick or squeeze pimples.

 Avoid over exposure of sun.

 Use water based sunscreen before moving out of the house.

 Avoid oily and processed foods.

 Wear cotton clothes to avoid breeding of bacteria.

 Prefer home remedies to chemical based products to treat acne.

These simple steps are essential to protect the skin of growing kids from acne.

Sunday, July 24, 2011


Acne is a common problem among kids in their teens. It is due to changes in hormones in teens that show up on skin in the form of whiteheads, blackhead and pimples. However, it is not easy to accept the presence of acne and often teenagers are depressed because of this.

To know about the solutions for acne, it is important to understand some basic facts related to it. The skin of a human body has innumerable pores that contain oil glands. These glands produce oil required by the skin and hair as well. During teens, the hormones become overactive that results in excessive production of oil by the oil glands.

Too much of oil on skin block the pores and when combined with dirt and bacteria, it gives birth to acne. The blocked pore when emerges as a bump on the skin then it is called whitehead. In case this whitehead is open, then bacteria and dirt may penetrate and make the bump darker. Then it is blackhead. A pimple is a red bump on the skin that is infected and more difficult to cure.

Both genders experience the problem of acne in their adolescence. It can appear on those parts of body that have overactive oil glands. Mainly face, neck, shoulders, chest and back of teenagers get acne.

In case parents have experienced acne in their teens then, their children are likely to face the same. However, some trigger points may worsen this skin problem such as:

• Frequent consumption of oily foods

• Unhealthy diet and faulty lifestyle habits

• Too much sun exposure

• Using wrong type of cosmetics and skin products

• Inadequate or improper skin care habits

• Touching and squeezing the acne

• Stress

There is a lot of scope to avoid and prevent acne. Find solutions to treat acne here.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Home Remedies For Eczema in Kids

Eczema is surely one skin problem that keeps the sufferer away from leading a normal life. Sometimes, any amount of treatments and medicines just seem to be inadequate to solve this problem. Different solutions from different people and doctors do not provide a lasting relief. In such situation, the eczema sufferer can definitely rely on natural treatments for this skin problem.

Firstly, the natural treatments contain ingredients from the nature itself and harmful chemicals are absent. Secondly, these treatments are safe and do not have major adverse effects on the user.

Vitamin E cream

Apply Vitamin E cream on the eczema-affected skin. It will reduce itchiness and swelling. The natural anti-oxidants present in the vitamin E cream are good at their job to reduce the eczema flare-ups.

Grape seed extract
To prevent the itchiness due to eczema, use grape seed extract. The grape seed extract contains flavonoids that prevent and relieve itchy feeling.

Flaxseed oil

The constant usage of the flaxseed oil on the skin makes it healthy. The oil is the right option to cure eczema. Remember, the amount of dose may differ person to person and the usage should be on continued basis.

Blueberry leaf extract

The anti inflammatory properties of blueberry leaf extract reduces the swelling and itchiness on the eczema skin. The extract is easily available in lotion form and provides instant relief.

Coconut oil

The cooling properties of coconut oil make it suitable for eczema sufferers. It immediately relieves the person from inflammation and discomfort. It is easily available and economical unlike some oils like primrose oil.

Besides adequate precautions for eczema, these home remedies are also essential to control the problem in kids.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Ways to counter eczema in kids

Eczema has severe effects on the mental and physical health of a child. It refers to a skin condition where the afflicted child experiences skin inflammation on the tender areas of the body like face, hands, wrists, scalp, knees and neck. It causes rashes, itchy and dry skin, and lesions on the skin.

The affected child scratches and rubs the inflamed areas that further worsen the skin condition. Sometimes the skin has red, little bumps that ooze and are painful. Eczema in babies, as young as couple of months old, is difficult to handle and cure. Both parents and their baby experience mental trauma in this skin condition.

Moreover, this skin problem is a combination of hereditary and environmental factors. When a baby has itchy, scaly and dry skin, there is a need to check the medical history of the family to understand the hereditary role in this condition. A doctor will also ascertain the allergens that may trigger eczema in affected infant or child. These allergens can be:

1. Certain detergents or soaps
2. Certain foods like eggs, nuts, etc
3. Lotion, cream and perfumes
4. Stressful situations
5. Some type of fabric like woolen
6. Changing temperature conditions
7. Dust, parasites and pet hair

As the infant grows, the child may have lesser instances of eczema flare-ups and it may totally disappear as the little one crosses his teens. However, until that time, the condition has serious effects on the affected child. Continuous itching and irritation is a nuisance for the child. Many times, it is avoidable and easy to resist. Just follow these simple steps to beat eczema in kids:

1. Moisturize the skin of child regularly. It helps in controlling the itchiness. Use unscented lotion or natural products that have no side effects on the skin.

2. Keep the skin clean. It is crucial to keep the affected skin clean. Therefore, give bathe to the baby/child frequently to combat eczema.

3. Use unscented products for bathing. Find out if the soap is suitable for the baby. Switch over to mild and unscented soap if any flare up is there after bathing.

4. Usage of clean towel and bedding is equally important. Dirty fabric may carry dust mites and bacteria that may pass on to the skin. Hence, proper care in this regard is essential. The detergents should also be scent free and mild otherwise that can trigger the skin problem.

5. Clean and soft clothing for the child is also crucial so that the skin is not irritated or inflamed because of the cloth. Use soft cotton clothing to keep the skin happy of the child.
6. Home remedies are alternative and no side effect way to treat and beat eczema. Try today!

Monday, July 4, 2011


Rains definitely provide the much-needed break from hot and humid summer. Everyone including kids enjoys the rains and some even like to get soaked in the rainwater. It appears that the sun and clouds are playing a hide and seek game.
However, the season also brings many types of illness and serious diseases along with fun and relief. In absence of good hygiene and precautions, these diseases can trap and attack the immunity system of the patient. The children are the easy prey of the diseases and likely to recover slowly.

Cold is a common problem in rainy season. However, not a very serious one, yet prolonged problem of cold and cough can make the child weak and lower his or her immunity levels. Early precautions and treatment is the right solution.

There are different kinds of viruses in the air in rainy season. The hide and seek game of temperature and rains give birth to various infections and illness. Eye infection is yet another problem that may cause stye, conjunctivitis, dry eyes and blurred vision in some cases. Poor hygiene and presence of viruses in atmosphere is the primary cause of eye infection. The parents need to combat both in order to safeguard the kids.

Malaria and dengue are also prevalent in rainy season. The main reason of these diseases is presence of mosquitoes. It is better to take prior precaution rather than risk your child’s health and repent later. Resort to home remedies to combat all these health issues and keep your children healthy.

Water borne diseases need a special mention in this list. Often hygiene and carelessness lead to such diseases.

Some important tips to avoid diseases in rainy season are here below:

1. Dress the kids as per the season. Use of gumboots, raincoats and umbrellas are must to protect the kids from dirty water and prolonged wetness.
2. Even if the kids get soaked in rainwater, give them a quick wash at home with antibacterial soap and pat dry. Let them sit in warm temperature in order to avoid cold. Also offer them hot milk/ coffee/soup.

3. Washing hands prior to and after eating is a good habit, which kids can learn through example and daily reminders. Use of medicinal soap for hand wash after toilet is mandatory. Always carry hand sanitizer for maintaining good hygiene.This habit can surely avoid many infections.

4. Keep the nails of kids trimmed to avoid dirt penetration. Moreover, prevent kids from nail biting as it may cause illness.
5. Always drink adequately filtered and purified water. If possible, use boiled water to avoid diseases like cholera.

6. Prefer bottled water to tap water when eating out in restaurants.

7. Avoid prior cut foods or uncooked foods like fruits and salads. It attracts severe stomach infections and cause digestion problems.
8. Control the tendency of eating out at roadside food stalls. They are most likely to be unhygienic and contaminated with pollutants.

9. Stop kids from touching their eyes and face with dirty hands. It may cause eye and skin infections.

10. Use mosquito coil, repellents creams and net to keep the mosquitoes away. Pesticide treatment is a good solution to solve the pest and mosquito problem during rainy season.
11. Do not let children play in dirty water as it may cause skin problems.

12. Enhance immunity system of kids with proper diet and lifestyle that includes leafy vegetables, citrus fruits, milk products and cereals. A strong body can fight infections and viruses better.

Body and skin care in rainy season is equally important for kids and adults. Proper care is the only way to enjoy the rainy season without any problem.