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Engaging Open-Ended Bedtime Questions for Sound Sleep

 We often emphasize the importance of a regular bedtime routine for our children. Following a time-schedule program our brain for a sound sleep at night. Many of us might even tell stories to toddlers to put them to sleep or have a small talk about their day. However, as our children grow, the flow of communication is not as steady.

Bedtime questions for sound sleep
Ask engaging Bedtime questions for sound sleep

Open communication is essential for better bonding between parents and children. You can use the time to bed for some reconnection and rebonding with your children. Such a one-on-one interaction not only improves your relationship with your kids but also allows you to instigate the seeds for good manners and virtuous character. Start by asking some engaging, open-ended bedtime questions for sound sleep.

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Bedtime Questions for A Sound Sleep

First and foremost, you should encourage your kids to follow a sleep ritual. Once you put them to bed, spend at least 15 to 30 minutes reconnecting with your kids every night. You can ask them about their day at school, their friends, stuff they care about, or their interests in general. You will be surprised how differently your toddlers and growing kids anticipate the world around them.

Moreover, such a consistent bedtime routine helps your kids open up with you by providing them a sense of security. You can share similar activities every night. Here are some suggestions for interesting open-ended bedtime questions for sound sleep that may help you initiate a flow of conversation with your kids:


1)    What was your most favorite part of the day?

Questions like this one encourage your kids to focus on the bright side of their day. They learn about how to reflect and appreciate the special moments. Further, you can elaborate the discussion by asking the things they find best about growing up.

Ask them to describe the best things about you and themselves in three words.


2)    What was the least interesting part of the day?

We often teach our children to seek and appreciate the sunny side but do not prepare them for darker nights. Asking questions about what they do not like in a day allows them to talk about things that didn’t go well, such as bad choices, being irresponsible, and showing disrespect. Such questions allow you to model unconditional love by teaching your kids that they can have second-chances to improve what didn’t go well the first time.

 Kids get to learn how they could have done things differently to get different outcomes. To follow, you can ask about things they can do tomorrow to make it a better day. You can even help them plan things for the next day as they wake up.

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3)    Do you want to ask anything about your day?

The kids must know that they can ask about anything and that you trust, love, and care. As parents, you need to instigate the faith in them that they can share anything with you without being judged. Avoid being angry or upset when they talk about something, they find difficult to deal with.

 You can guide them better by being their friends rather than being bossy. You can use this communication to help them set some rules and moral guidelines to follow for life.

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4)    Tell me about your acts of kindness and love.

Such open communication helps your kids develop the virtues of integrity and kindness. Questions like these can be powerful and life-changing. Encourage your kids to be kind even when no one is watching to help them develop high self-esteem. The act of kindness can be as simple as helping a friend in need, playing nicely with their siblings, or putting the dirty dishes in the sink.


5) If you had a magic wand, what would you do with it?

A question like this one unfolds the imagination of the child. His answers would help you to understand your child better such as his vision of his life, the surroundings, his needs, and wants, etc.


                                       Reading = Bonding with a picture of a dad reading to his three kids.


You can ask any of the above questions differently each day to kickstart a conversation before sleep time. It would allow you and your kids to have a memorable time with each other as well as peaceful sleep.

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  1. It is so important to interact before bedtime....

  2. My son is becoming more aware and inquisitive. I love this idea of using engaging open ended questions to help him to sleep better.

  3. I love this idea! Open ended questions promote much more conversation.

  4. Great idea! We try to do this at dinner time, but it doesn’t happen every day as dinner can get chaotic some evenings. Will try it at bedtime and see how it goes! Thanks

    1. Great, let me know, how it went:)

  5. I love this, I'll have to start doing these when Sebastian can talk!

  6. What you're sharing is very interesting. I've never heard about bedtime questions for kids and how it can improve communication with them. In reality I don't know much because I don't have children myself, but this is still good to know. Thank you.


  7. This is a really lovely and thoughtful post. Very useful for parents I'm sure. Siobhan ♡ | Vegan Babe Life

  8. I am yet to have children of my own, but I can tell this post will be very useful for all parents out there.

  9. Thank you very useful article keysaid

  10. Great suggestions - i quite often used these questions when my guys were little. Although they are teens now, we still have a "routine" of saying goodnight (they are the ones that tuck ME in now LOL!)

    1. Wow, that is indeed a great routine:)

  11. Love these suggestions! Such a great way to open up communication AND get your little ones to use their imagination.

    Thanks for sharing!

  12. You know, I've never actually thought about doing this at bedtime. I'm going to try this and see if it makes a difference for my kid

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Engaging Open-Ended Bedtime Questions for Sound Sleep

  We often emphasize the importance of a regular bedtime routine for our children. Following a time-schedule program our brain for a sound s...

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