Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Cultivate thinking skills in kids

Being a human, the ability to think comes naturally to us. The thinking process involves basic understanding of the situation, grasping the information around us and using the same in a correct way. However, kids need encouragement and education to develop thinking skills.

Children observe so many things around them. In order to make them evaluate, analyze and decide on different things or situations, they need support of parents, family and teachers. A motivating environment encourages kids to become aware about his surroundings and develop thinking skills.
  Let the kids ask questions. Do not try to diffuse their curiosity. Explain things to them patiently. This would help them to understand the world around them.

  Reading books with kids and conversing about the related characters /situations help kids to think better. Discussing current affairs with growing kids is a very good proposition to prepare the kids for real life.

  Enquire kids about their experiences in school or in a club or while traveling. Ask about their observations and thoughts, and help them to arrive at a conclusion. To compare and to conclude aptly is an important aspect of thinking skill.

  Play puzzles, crosswords and other thinking games with kids and assist them to learn better. Improving thinking skills through games works well for kids at all levels. Just keep on increasing the difficulty level as per the age group.

Thinking skills help the kids to deal with real life situations in a better way. They adopt problem solving attitude and attain confidence to creatively think and decide.

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