Wednesday, February 23, 2011

How to socialize shy kids?

Some kids are naturally extrovert and mingle well in their age group while some kids are shy and enjoy their own company. The former group later on in life faces fewer problems in adjusting with the world. But the shy kids do not have developed interaction skills and also have adjustment difficulty with the people. This certainly is not desirable and healthy for kids.

Though most of the times genetics are blamed for shy attitude of the child, yet there are many more reasons which make the child shy and recluse. With following dos and don’ts the parents can make their child more friendly and social.

Shed your shyness first. The children of shy parents are likely to be introvert and less social. Therefore, change this trait of yours and be more outgoing and friendly. This habit of yours will definitely benefit your kids. The children will be exposed to new places, people and situations thereby making them more extroverts in nature.

Invite the child in neighbor. Get in touch with your neighbor and invite their child at your place for small party or snack time. The first meeting shall be short involving some snack and chat time. The children may be encouraged to play some time and if they do not seem to be comfortable then meeting should be ended on a happy note.

Plan the visit of your child to nearby house. With cooperation of your neighbor you can plan meeting of children at their place. The parent should accompany the child initially and let the children meet like this for some time till they get friendlier with each other. When they start enjoying each other's company then the parent can move out from that room for some time still well in reach in case of any discomfort between the kids.

Participate in family gatherings. Family get to gathers are safe way for kids to get social. The kids can meet their family members and cousins and learn to be more social. It is a great way to hone the social skills of your child through family meetings and outings.

Enroll your kid in some play group. Classes like those of dance, crafts, music, skating or any sports class help the child to become more social. He or she tends to meet more kids of the same age and that helps him or her to give up shy nature.                                      

Be supportive and loving towards your child. Too much of discipline and control erodes the confidence of the child and make him withdrawn and apprehensive. Discipline your child but at the same time provide support and space as well. Children nurtured with love and favorable atmosphere will be more confident and socially adaptable.

Encourage off line socializing. Restrict socializing over internet and telephones. Also limit the television viewing of your child. Instead ask your child to meet friends face to face frequently. You may organize their meetings at home or in park or such other attractive places like zoo, museum or mall where they can have fun together.

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You can transfer your confidence in your child only when you are full of positivism and confidence. Therefore, boost your confidence and shed shyness today and help your kid to beam with social confidence too.

Socializing your kid goes a long way in making your child socially comfortable and acceptable also. With your time, patience, love and effort you can alter the child to be friendly and extrovert.

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Friday, February 18, 2011

Help your elder child to welcome the new one!

The arrival of a new baby in the house is a matter of happiness and joy. Along with that come some adjustments and arrangements that need to be done prior and after the arrival of the baby. However, it takes a lot of adjustment and understanding on the part of elder child to share his or her parents with the younger one. It is not at all an easy thing to accept this fact.

With proper care and guidance from the parents and other family members, this kind of stress of an elder child can be eased and he or she can be set in the mood to welcome the baby with full enthusiasm. The parents need to take the initiative as early as the news of pregnancy is discovered. And they should consider it as a crucial aspect to motivate and prepare their elder son or daughter for the arrival of his or her sibling.
What all can be done to educate and inspire your child to accept his or sibling with pleasure has been summed up below:

First thing you can do is to tell your child is that he or she is a special gift you have received from God. Further you can add that as a baby he or she was very tiny and not capable enough to do things that he or she can do now. The exercise will make your child sensitive towards babies and curious as well.

Secondly, you can show him or her babies in the family and neighborhood and explain him or her that a baby is totally helpless and dependent on his parents and elder sibling for everything.

Now you can disclose to him or her about the arrival of the younger brother or sister in the house. And go on telling him that previously he was the smallest now there will be someone who would be smaller to him and dependent on him for all the needs. All this will help in developing an emotional bond between the elder child and the baby even before the latter arrives.

Educate your child that God will send the baby in the hospital and mama will have to stay there for a while. Since the elder child may not have seen phases of separation from mother for few days, it is required to mentally prepare him in advance for the delivery time.

“The gift” sent is meant for the elder child and his parents will take care of the gift as he or she will be too small to do anything.

Include the child in preparations like purchasing clothes and accessories. This will create an interest in him and make him feel that he is very important for his parents.

Ask the child to choose a nickname for the baby as he is going to be the elder brother of the new baby.

After the arrival of the baby, make your elder child do small things like selecting the clothes or handing over the diaper for the baby.

Meanwhile you can seek the help of your spouse and other family members to give proper time to your child in your absence.

Make sure you buy gifts for the elder one along with the baby whenever you go out for shopping. You can take your family in confidence that while shopping for the baby, remember to bring something for the elder child also.

Another important point to implement is to take out exclusive time for your elder child and listen to his feelings and likes or dislikes. A nice hug or kiss and some special moments will assure him that he is still an inseparable aspect of your life.

Encourage sibling love and reduce rivalry

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Kids are the lifeline.

Our life is incomplete without our kids. They fill the atmosphere with their laughter and giggles. Their presence makes everyone smile and cherish those moments. Whenever they shower their selfless love and hugs on us, it seems that nothing is more precious or important than this.

We visit our childhood with our kids. With them we relive those moments of play and enjoyment which we had experienced when we were kids. Our learning process takes a new start with our kids. Moreover, our kids also teach some new chapters of life to us.

In their absence our life is so incomplete and dull. They are our inspiration, our companions and our lifeline.

The minor towers next to the citizen.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

How to transform your defiant child into a cooperative one?

The non compliance mode of the child on a constant basis puts the parent in a fix. Every time the answer one hears is in negative. The growing temper tantrums and defiant attitude of the child as young as two make the parent go crazy. The frustration of mother and father only spoils the atmosphere as they are not able to reach at the right solution which can bring about an amicable environment in the house. The child is too small to understand the reason behind the instruction. On the other hand, the parents fail to see beyond the disobedience and ultimately yell and feel helpless at such times.

It goes on like a vicious circle which takes away the happiness from the family and what stays behind is stress at both the ends. It is quite a common scenario of most of the families where the parents do not know how to restore happiness and peace at home.

But there is one guy who knows and understands how to perfectly fill these gaps between the parents and children with some simple changes in parenting and get desired results too. Just imagine the situation where your two year olds does not say no and just follow what you say immediately without a frown. Those daily stressful moments of feeding your kid if turn into moments of pleasurable eating can make whole lot of difference! What you would find is smile on everybody's face without much effort. This is POSSIBLE.

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4. initiate good behavior in kids
5. instill feeling of love and security among the children
6. replace frustration with peaceful environment

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Monday, February 7, 2011

How I induced the healthy eating habit in my son

Well I had and still have my share of pressures in making my son eat healthy foods. Although he loves eating fruits and some vegetables, yet he needs a wholesome diet for all round development. By the age of three, he was comfortable with fruits and accepted pulses. But I felt a much healthier diet was required. Given his moodiness and less desire to accept new dishes, it was quite difficult to introduce new recipes and vegetables to him.

Getting strict was not working. And no amount of persuading and cajoling was working either. At that point of time I decided to change my strategy and to address the issue in a different way.

My son wanted to be tall like his father and would often stand on the chair and pretend like him. At that point him, I thought of testing my new way of persuading him. I told him if he really wants to be tall then he should eat French beans as the vegetable is quite long. Similarly I showed him ladyfinger and told him that his father used to eat ladyfinger and French beans when he was small and that is the secret of his height! Guess what! He was convinced and from that day itself these vegetables are his favorite.

I would like to share more experiences with you and may be you can also benefit from them.

While still in preschool, my son complained of being bullied by one of his classmates. And the complaint actually became a regular feature despite of all the communication with the school authorities. When my son again complained after returning from school, I explained to him that stronger children usually bully the weaker ones. If he could become stronger in some ways then the boy would not dare to bully. These words worked like magic indeed. I introduced more new vegetables to him and he tried them so that he could become stronger and be able to fight back.

After a couple of years I remember, I made a simple dish. Not at all time consuming or difficult. I added some sugar and a pinch of rock salt in yoghurt and mixed it. (A little bit of rock salt is good for health as it provides the essential minerals.)Then added some slices of fresh fruits like banana and apple to it (you can also add pieces of mango or pomegranate or any other of your choice) and later served it at dinner. But I didn’t offer it to my son. Out of curiosity he asked me why I didn’t give it to him. I told him that it was my favorite. Instead of cajoling him to try it, I showed that I was excited to have it more. That prompted him to try this new recipe and later he asked me I could make it once more for him!

I remember another small incident which stopped him from eating chips daily. On his way to cycling, when he was five, with his grandma my son would often demand chips from the store on the way. To avoid his tantrums, his demand was met daily. One day I went with him and as usual he asked for chips. Instead of saying “no” I offered an alternative to him. I told him that he needed a pair of sports shoes which would make him cycle faster. But the shoes were costly and required him to save money. I explained him if he could avoid that pack of chips for few days then I would use the money saved for buying his sports shoes. The trick worked! He complied and later on I fulfilled my promise.

Parenting is an ongoing process and it would be wrong if I say that I have no difficulty in raising my children. Do tell me what do you think about these experiences of mine and you are heartily welcome to share your experiences and views.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

How to make your child eat healthy meals happily?

Mothers are always in search of healthy recipes which their children will relish and ask for more. They take all the pain to do whatever they can to try out new dishes for their kids. Alas! The child takes just a second to push aside the dish inventively and painstakingly prepared by his mother. Obviously it is quite upsetting that the child is not getting all the nutrients that he must take for satisfactory development. All the efforts seem to go in vain.

The habits developed at the early stages of life have long lasting effects. Healthy eating habit is one such rewarding habit. It ensures balanced growth and development of the child. Plus, it also protects the child from many health hazards like heart problems, diabetes, obesity and cancer. Besides it makes the child active, confident and happier. The overall quality of life gets a boost if a child is a happy eater and not a fussy eater.

Making a child eat what is best for him is definitely a grueling exercise. He does not understand the benefits of healthy eating. But parents know and can make all the difference. When the kid does not cooperate or argues on the choice of meals, the only way is to bring about a change in the ways to make him eat health foods.
Always keep fruits, vegetables and healthy drinks ready. Keep fast foods and empty drinks out of the kitchen. In case of hunger pangs, children will obviously have what is available in the kitchen.

Plan your menu in advance and involve the kids too. Make them aware about the labels of the food products and energy / calories derived from the food items.

Teach kids about the importance of healthy food items and their role in our lives. Tell them what they are getting from fruits and vegetables which they will never get from chips, chocolates, sugary drinks and other junk foods.                                

Prefer dining at home with the kids. Make the dining time a fun filled experience which children can look forward to day after another. They are more likely to enjoy eating in a caring and happy environment.

Curtail your intake of fast foods and sugar drinks. Prefer milk, homemade soups, fruit juices over soda and other processed drinks. The children will do what their parents practice at home.
Even if you have to dine out at some restaurant or party, choose healthy foods for yourself. Be a role model for your children.

Learn new exciting and easy to prepare healthy dishes and snacks. Avoid making same boring dishes which are tasteless and not exciting enough.

Keep the body requirement of your kids in mind while preparing meals.         
Healthy spices and ingredients

Also understand the use of various ingredients which can aid in further development of brain and body of the kids.

The change from fussy eater to happy eater may be slow but possible. It actually depends more on the attitude and strategy of the parents than on the kids. Forcing the kids or having a battle on the table is not the solution. Instead transform yourself, your ways and your style of cooking to attract the children to the dinner table.

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Healthy kids are happier kids!


Giving a balanced and tasty diet to the child is of prime importance for a mother. It is a tedious job to make something different and yet healthy and which is acceptable by her little darling also. It’s a regular tussle between the mother and the child for what to eat and what not to eat. While kids prefer some junk food or snacks, the mothers go for healthy meals which would provide nourishment to the child.

At many times parents also have to surrender and accept the unhealthy demands of their children. Just to make them happy temporarily, they ignore the importance of a healthy diet and shower them with diet cold drinks and junk foods which fill up the stomach but seldom fulfill the energy requirement of the child.

A balanced diet is crucial for child growth irrespective of his age. The daily food intake of the child should fulfill the requirements of proteins, vitamins, minerals, fats and carbohydrates. All of these if consumed in right proportions will have a good effect on the physical and mental health of the child. A wholesome meal will make a child energetic and strong. The child is likely to be more enthusiastic and motivated in every sphere of life in comparison to those children who are undernourished or wrongly nourished.

Make sure that daily diet of a child includes servings of whole grains, vegetables, dairy products, fruits, cereals, water and some protein foods. There should be at least three complete meals and two snacks time in a day. The whole day diet should be planned in such a way that all the above food groups are provided to the child in optimum proportions. The purpose of a diet chart is to promote all-round development of the child which comes through right kind of diet.

A diet which includes too much of processed foods, sugary fluids, soda, salt, and transfats are incomplete and harmful. The child is likely to develop severe diseases later in his life like diabetes, obesity and heart problems subsequently leading to unhappiness and depression.

Also, when the diet of a child lacks the necessary nutrients, it may lead to weak bones and body structure, fatigue, mood swings, health issues and disinterest in daily life routine.

Therefore consciously choose healthy foods for your family. Plan your diet and be a role model for your kids. Prefer eating at home and pick healthy food items for yourself. The kids are most likely to follow your footsteps and learn to adopt healthy eating habits. A healthy family is definitely a happier family!!