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7 Signs and Symptoms of Nutritional Deficiencies in Kids

Does your child suffer from nutritional deficiency?

Nutritional deficiencies have become a common problem among kids, these days. Surprisingly, even normal looking children have nutritional deficiencies. You may not know about this unless your child starts showing signs and symptoms. Learning about these symptoms will help you to keep your child healthy. 

Top 7 signs and symptoms of Nutritional Deficiencies in kids

Here are 7 signs of nutritional deficiencies in children that will help you to know what more can be included in your child's diet for wholesome nutrition:

1. Restlessness

Being hyperactive can be a sign of deficiency in child.

Restlessness in kids may be considered a good sign by parents. However, hyperactive kids suffer from poor digestion. As a result, their body is unable to absorb most of the nutrients. A research has revealed that use of food colors is one of the major causes of restlessness in kids. So avoid adding artificial food colors to your child’s food. Also, avoid giving processed food to the child.

Solution - Add healthy foods that aids in digestion to your child’s diet such as buttermilk, yogurt, and papaya. 

2. Pain in Legs

Calcium deficiency is often obvious in children during bedtime. Body of your child slows down this time. The nutritional deficiency will make your child anxious and she will find it hard to fall asleep. Your child will also experience growing pain in legs.

Solution – Add calcium rich foods in your child’s diet such as spinach, yogurt, milk, and cottage cheese.

3. Crowded Teeth

Crowed teeth is a symptom of nutrition deficiency in a child.

Scientific studies have revealed that crowding of teeth is mainly a result of nutritional deficiency. Moreover, mothers who did not pay attention to their nutrition during pregnancy also experience crowded teeth problem in their children.

Solution - Add traditional food into your child’s diet such as carbohydrates, rich fats, and animal protein. Pregnant ladies should also focus on having a nutritional diet.

4. Muscle Weakness and Cramps

Children need ample Vitamin D for healthier bones and muscles. Insufficient Vitamin D can lead to muscle weakness. It can also increase your child's vulnerability to bone fractures and cramps. General weakness is also a sign of vitamin D deficiency.

Solution - Adding grain products, egg yolks, mushrooms, and fish to your child’s diet will help.

5. Delayed Speech

Delayed speech in children is generally related to B12 deficiency. Hence, it is important to add this nutrient in your child’s diet.

Only healthy diet can cure deficiency in nutrition.

Solution – Make sure your child has food rich in B12. The best sources include chicken, organ meats, shellfish, beef, chicken, fish, eggs, pork, and dairy. There are no grain or plant sources of B12.

6. Dryness in skin / hair

 Kids can face dryness in skin as well as hair due to deficiency of iron and fat soluble Vitamins such as A,D, E and K2. In order to overcome this deficiency, kids need to have supplements and foods rich in these vitamins.

Solution - Green leafy vegetables, carrots, cheese, almonds, fish, high fats dairy products and cod liver oil can help in preventing dryness of skin and hair among children.

7. Mood swings

Crankiness and moodiness is a strong indication of nutritional deficiency in a child.

Insufficient and improper nutrition not only affects physical health but also mental health. Mood swings, cranky behavior and anxiety indicate that the child lacks fats like Omega 3.

Solution - Include Butter, nuts and coconut oil in the diet to regulate the deficiency as well as mood swings in child.

Conclusion- Nutritional deficiencies in kids

The above symptoms cannot be dismissed as minor issues. These and other signs such as obesity, lethargy, frequent cold and cough, etc., are clear indicators of bigger health issues which if not dealt with on time, may convert into bigger health problems. Therefore, re-consider the diet plan of your child so that she/ he gets wholesome nutrition.

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