Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Healthy kids are happier kids!


Giving a balanced and tasty diet to the child is of prime importance for a mother. It is a tedious job to make something different and yet healthy and which is acceptable by her little darling also. It’s a regular tussle between the mother and the child for what to eat and what not to eat. While kids prefer some junk food or snacks, the mothers go for healthy meals which would provide nourishment to the child.

At many times parents also have to surrender and accept the unhealthy demands of their children. Just to make them happy temporarily, they ignore the importance of a healthy diet and shower them with diet cold drinks and junk foods which fill up the stomach but seldom fulfill the energy requirement of the child.

A balanced diet is crucial for child growth irrespective of his age. The daily food intake of the child should fulfill the requirements of proteins, vitamins, minerals, fats and carbohydrates. All of these if consumed in right proportions will have a good effect on the physical and mental health of the child. A wholesome meal will make a child energetic and strong. The child is likely to be more enthusiastic and motivated in every sphere of life in comparison to those children who are undernourished or wrongly nourished.

Make sure that daily diet of a child includes servings of whole grains, vegetables, dairy products, fruits, cereals, water and some protein foods. There should be at least three complete meals and two snacks time in a day. The whole day diet should be planned in such a way that all the above food groups are provided to the child in optimum proportions. The purpose of a diet chart is to promote all-round development of the child which comes through right kind of diet.

A diet which includes too much of processed foods, sugary fluids, soda, salt, and transfats are incomplete and harmful. The child is likely to develop severe diseases later in his life like diabetes, obesity and heart problems subsequently leading to unhappiness and depression.

Also, when the diet of a child lacks the necessary nutrients, it may lead to weak bones and body structure, fatigue, mood swings, health issues and disinterest in daily life routine.

Therefore consciously choose healthy foods for your family. Plan your diet and be a role model for your kids. Prefer eating at home and pick healthy food items for yourself. The kids are most likely to follow your footsteps and learn to adopt healthy eating habits. A healthy family is definitely a happier family!!

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