Monday, April 15, 2013

10 things to do with kids in summer

Summer is the time to explore the world around you. While winter season forces the kids to stay indoors, it is the summer time when kids can hang out with their parents and friends and enjoy different activities. While being with parents, the kids get an opportunity to unwind, play around, discover and learn new things in a safe zone.

Here is a list of ten things parents can do with their kids during summer:
  • Gaze at the clouds and stars and let your imagination fly high in the sky.
  • Play in the nearby garden or at the backyard the games you used to play in your childhood.
  • Visit a botanical garden/ national park and discover the new species of plants and flowers.
  • Prepare a new dish with the help of kids and relish it together.
  • Try origami. Make different objects like boat, bird, etc with paper and have fun.
  • Organize a picnic near the lake or river and enjoy boating too!
  • Go for camping with kids in the lap of Mother Nature. Kids would love to explore the nature.
  • Visit a flea market and let the kids strike a deal for their favorite items.
  • Visit a fair or exhibition in the city like mango festival, book fair, etc.
  • Learn some new exercises or yoga asanas and perform them together in the morning.
In addition to the above, you may enjoy many more interesting activities in summer with your children.

Not only these would provide you a chance to strengthen bond with your kids, but would also bestow you and your kids many memorable experiences for lifetime.

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  1. These are great ideas and we have already done most of them. I am looking forward to introducing the boys to French flea markets next week on holiday


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