Monday, May 16, 2011

Summer jobs for kids

Summer vacation is the time to relax and have fun. However, not all kids are amused with having fun all the time. Some kids want to learn and gain experience. Yet some others want exposure to the world unknown to them and earn some good pocket money as well in the process.

Even parents want their kids to do some serious jobs and become responsible during their vacation. They encourage their kids to take up some responsibility and carry it out sincerely. There is a multitude of benefits for encouraging kids and teens to go for summer jobs.

Summer job is a good utilization of time and energy of kids.

It provides necessary real life exposure to kids who are otherwise busy in studies and entertainment.

The kids acquire new skills and learn new things.

The kids learn to sell their services and thereby improve their communication skills.
Each completed task boosts the confidence of the kid.

Kids become more responsible and sincere towards themselves and towards others as well.

Summer job is an easy way to make some money by kids.

Kids learn to value money and use it wisely as well.

In nutshell, the parents should encourage kids to take up some tasks and fulfill them earnestly. In fact, the parents can guide kids about the fine nuances related to the job and prepare kids accordingly. They can give valuable tips on communication and self-marketing.

There is a list of some jobs for kids for summer vacation:

Gardening: kids can help their neighbors in watering the plants and maintain the lawn or garden. It is easy and does not require very long hours of hard work. Just a couple of hours daily can fetch good pocket money.
Pet care: dog walk or feeding the pets is again an enjoyable and easy job for kids. The prime requirement for this job is genuine affection for animals and will to treat them well. Moreover, this is whole lot of fun where kids can play with the pet while taking good care of them.

Gift-wrapping: it is an interesting job involving creativity and little hard work. A kid needs some basic things like wrapping paper, ribbons, tape and scissors. The demand of job may not be regular but it pays to be creative and scrupulous.

Crafts work: if the kid is good at making craft items, wall hangings or doing best out of waste materials, then his or her talent can be paying in the coming summer holidays. He or she needs to display the collection of his or her art and crafts work at his backyard, may be on weekly basis and invite friends and neighbors. He will surely gain popularity and some bucks as well.

Join a departmental store: Growing kids can join some store and offer their assistance in some odd jobs. They may also join some restaurant for gaining exposure in customer care and marketing.

Computer jobs: kids of next generation are smart and active. They can do an array of computer jobs and work from home comfort. It is surely a lucrative and intelligent way to spend summer vacation and earn some quick money.

Tutoring: Teaching is a good summer job option for older kids. The kids can tutor younger kids on different subjects and skills. This will boost their self-esteem and make them more skilled.

These are some of the options for summer jobs. There can be many more ways for kids to earn money in summer vacations depending upon their talent and interest.

NOTE: the nature and extent of jobs of kids are governed by the respective laws of each country and must be followed.

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