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Benefits of Bananas for Kids

Bananas are extremely healthy and nutritious. Packed with lots of vitamins and minerals, bananas are available round the year. Daily intake of this fruit provides ample energy to sustain the daily physical activities of both kids and adults. Children love bananas because of the sweet taste while parents recommend them because of their immense nutritional value. Read on to know the benefits of bananas, tasty recipes, and Faqs.

Health Benefits of Bananas for Kids

  • Bananas are high in potassium and are good sources of magnesium, phosphorous, calcium, iron, zinc, and other minerals. That is why they are important to maintain good metabolism and bone health of the body.

  • Bananas also provide a good amount of vitamin C and vitamin B6. This helps in a better immune system and cell health. It also facilitates the absorption of other nutrients such as iron.
  • Bananas contain dietary fiber that helps in the digestive process. In addition, bananas make you feel fuller and they also help in relieving constipation.
  • Regular consumption of bananas supports both the brain and body to function smoothly. 
  • It can also cure the problem of anemia in a person as it regulates the production of hemoglobin in the body. In every sense, bananas are perfect for the complete development of children.
  • The fruit has Vitamin A that helps in the good vision of kids.

Bananas for Infants

6 months old baby

As bananas are easy to digest, they are ideal for babies as young as six months old. Mash some slices and feed the same to your baby and he or she is surely going to relish the taste.

9/ 10 months old baby

By this time, giving pureed bananas can be switched to small bites of the fruit.

One year old

Now, your fast-growing baby is ready to eat himself. Therefore, cut pieces of banana and provide him, he can eat on his own. You may also provide a half-peeled banana and ask him to hold the same and eat. In the beginning, he might need your supervision so that he does not eat the banana peel.

How to Give Bananas to kids?

Include bananas in the daily diet of your kid as well as yours. Moreover, it is the right fruit to have at breakfast.

It can be consumed as such or may be converted into a smoothie or banana shake.

Banana Milkshake-

Banana milkshake recipe
Banana Milkshake for kids is super healthy.

Blend slices of one banana with a cup of whole milk and a spoon of sugar. It's a highly nutritious and wholesome meal for young kids especially during the teething phase of kids, this meal is the best.

Banana Smoothie-

Take one medium-size banana and blend the same with 1 cup yogurt and a spoon of honey. Serve with ice.

Mixed fruits salad-

Cut some slices of bananas along with other fruits like mangoes, apples, grapes, guavas, etc., preparing a tasty fruit salad. You may give a sweet flavor by adding honey to the salad or you may also add salt, lemon drops. Toss a bit and the mixed fruit salad is ready for growing kids.

Banana with ice cream

Add slices of bananas to vanilla ice cream to enhance the taste and nutritional value.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How many bananas are sufficient for kids?

A. You can give a small banana to infants while a growing kid can have 2-3 bananas.

Q. Can we give bananas daily to kids?

A. Yes, bananas can be given every day to kids.

Q. Is it okay to provide bananas when a person has a cold and cough?

A. Bananas are highly nutritious but they are mucous forming too. Therefore, avoid bananas when kids have a cold and cough.

Q. What are other recipes using ripe bananas for toddlers and kids?

A. You may prepare a banana cake, banana bread, banana fritters, banana pancakes, banana oat bread to name a few.

Q. Any precautions while giving bananas to kids?

A. Ensure, the bananas are well riped as raw bananas are difficult to digest. Also, mash the banana really well while giving it to infants to avoid choking.

Therefore, do include the health benefits of bananas for kids and your family. Last but not the least, bananas are the perfect choice during long travels and picnics as they provide instant energy to kids that can last hours.

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