Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A Gift For Lifetime For Kids

Look at the kids playing in the nearby park or at your home? Wherever there are kids, you can find sounds of giggles, laughter and chirpy tones in their language. Now look at yourself. As adult, you and I are constantly occupied in our tasks or thoughts, trying to figure out how to meet deadlines or pay bills or to outshine from others. The vivaciousness and bubbly nature that used to be a part of our personality as kids has gone out of the window. We are machines that execute tasks and responsibilities. For sure our kids would become the same!

Can you imagine your kid or any kid without his / her natural effervescence? Can you visualize kids without their celebratory mode on? It is the unique feature find in special species called KIDS. The kids are usually and naturally in celebration mode, not like us hooked to one mode. One parent is running after money and other busy in house chores or may be both of them running for something or the other.

With role models like us and the growing competition in life soon kids will become boring, unexciting species like us with agendas and deadlines going on.
WHAT to do to retain their vivacious nature?
Have you any ideas what can be done to retain their smiles, their high spirits and their lively attitude towards life?                          

  • Well let them laugh loudly at silly things. 
  • Even better join them in things that appear to be weird, silly or rubbish at least sometimes.
  • Let them run, play or trip in the house without bothering about the aftermath like cleaning the house ( for some time). Too much of fussing about cleaning is going to erase the layer of liveliness from them.
  • Grades are important but  expecting perfection or highest grades in the class is very stressful. These unrealistic expectations often take away the innocence of a child.
  • Comparisons with other kids is injurious to emotional heath. Therefore, avoid making comparisons and accept the unique qualities of your little darling.
  • Love them and they will love you back. This is the best way to make life beautiful. Your love can only help them to fight stress and take hurdles in their stride.
  • Preserve a cool and light atmosphere at home. It helps the kids to be expressive, creative and jovial. (Avoid behaving like you are sitting on a hot pan! I am working hard on this part. LOL)

The cheerful and lively nature is the true gift that we  parents can give to our children. Other gifts may lose their value but the sparkle on face of your child is we would like to preserve for lifetime.
If you have  more inputs on this topic then do share here. 

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  1. Hi There -

    Have you ever written an article about Summer Camps for kids? There is so much on this page that it is hard for me to navigate right now, especially as I am about to run out the door. But I went to a summer camp for 8 years and plan to return to help them out as senior staff this summer, and would love to read any articles you have in relation to camps for kids (sleep-away camps ideally). Would love to share with the rest of the social media team there and encourage parents to follow this path to enrich their kids lives for life!!

    Please let me know!



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