Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Magic of a hug

Hugging has magical powers. You don't believe this. If you don't then for once go ahead and give a tight hug to your kid and feel the difference. You cannot express that in words but you will feel what a HUG can do to you and to your child.
Many of us do not give value to hugging. In fact, in some cultures, hugging kids often is considered as a way to pamper him/ her and spoiling the child in long run. However, it is not so. On the contrary, hugging has several health benefits. It has magical benefits on both the parties.
Hugging is important for child development.
 Babies feel emotionally secure and loved  when they are close to the body of their  parents. Complete child development includes mental growth too. Kids who are deprived of  touch and affection are likely to be emotionally weak in comparison to kids who are loved and hugged often.

Hug generates positive vibes.
 When you hug your child, he is filled with love, laughter, affection, confidence and positivism. It applies to you too! Hug generates positive emotions in the related brain cells and creates an optimistic atmosphere around the people.

Hug means acceptance.
When you hug someone you mean that you are embracing him/ her despite of his flaws, mistakes or weaknesses. Kids need such assurance that though they fail to match your high expectations, they are still loved. When you  give a hug to your disobedient son/ daughter, you mean that you may not like his/ her behavior but you still love him/ her like before. Forgive and forget your child's mistake with a hug.

Hug a day keeps stress away.
Hug is the gateway to happiness and optimism. It instantly reduces stress of children as well as yours. Go ahead and give a nice hug to your children.

Hug has medicinal properties.
 Yes, of course. Give a hug when your child is ill, in pain or sad, and see the positive change in his health. When you connect to him via hug, he gets charged up, energized and relaxed.

Strengthen your bond with your kids through hugging.
If you want to fill the gap between your kids then take a step and embrace them now. Hugging strengthens the bond and makes a relationship more beautiful and worthy.

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  1. I found your blog from the Mommy Bloggers group at Circle of Moms. I completely agree with the importance of hugging children. In fact, I find it difficult to understand how anyone can resist giving their child frequent hugs and kisses. My 3-year-old gets plenty of TLC!

  2. Thanks Alycewilson for your valuable views. I feel the same way, I love to hug, cuddle and kiss my kids often. In return I get some much love and hugs that fill my heart with happiness.
    You will enjoy my post LOVE BEGETS LOVE which is all about loving kids enormously and unconditionally.