Thursday, February 6, 2014

Love begets love

Love makes the world go round. Whether it is between your parents, your siblings, your children or in any relation, love is the integral part that keeps the relation strong, positive and long lasting.

Parents too expect love from their children. They also want hugs and kisses without any reason from their children. However, one needs to remember that the way your children love you and shower their love on you largely depends upon the factor the way you love them.
Of course, you love your kids but we are talking about whether you express it or not and how you express it.
Without any fail, you wake up early in the morning, make meals for them, help them to get ready for school, wait for them to come back while finishing your chores, give them attention in the evening and make their bed at night. All the while did you remember to say three magical words that really lighten up the face of your little darlings. Did you say, " I love you" when your darling left for school or when he goes to bed? The words are simple but impact is magnificent.

Before you expect love, sow love in the daily life and in the hearts of your kids. If you are not in the habit of expressing your love to your kids then for once, change this habit. Go ahead and tell them how much you love them and care for them. It is an altogether different and beautiful experience when you shower your love on them and they reciprocate with same intensity. Love begets love!
Frequent expression of love to your kids helps to:

  • remind kids that they are still loved despite of their shortcomings or failures.
  • assure them you are always with them come what may.
  • understand the significance of love in their life.
  • convert kids into happy and confident beings
  • come closer to your kids.
  • develop a strong relationship with them for life time.
  • make life bright and beautiful.
  • get loads of love from your children.

Make sure, before you crib for love from your kids, that you have instilled feelings of LOVE in them. They will follow your footsteps in future so, remember to give them precious, exclusive and lovely moments that they will cherish throughout their life.
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