Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Benefits of Good Sleep For Kids

Good sleep is as important as good nutrition for kids.The kids need to have good sleeping habits in order to have positive development of mind and body. On the other hand, insufficient sleep can lead to an array of problems for kids. Read further to discover the benefits of good sleep for kids:

Adequate rest to the brain
Proper and sufficient sleep provides the much needed rest to the brain. After a long working day at school and playing around, the brain needs to calm down, store essential information and stay at peace. All this is possible when the kid goes to sleep.

Relaxed muscles and body
The kids burn their energy while running, playing, studying, memorizing lessons, etc due to which their body gets tired. To relax the over stressed body and tired muscles, sleep is the best solution.

Boosts Immune System
An interesting way to boost the immune system is to provide enough sleep to children. A baby needs sleep of minimum-13 hours while a kid of seven years should sleep at least for 9 hours to stay healthy. Enough sleep improves the defense mechanism in the body.When a child is sick, he/ she recovers fast when he/ she sleeps better and for longer time as it builds defenses of the body.

Improves performance
If you want your child to improve in school performance then encourage him/ her to sleep sufficiently. Sleep energizes the battery of kids and make them more active and alert.

Enhances memory and concentration
Good sleep increases the memory and helps to process and store information in a better way whereas the kids who sleep less are likely to have less concentration and memory.

Sleep reduces stress
To reduce stress, sleeping is a great way. To relax the stressed mind and body, after a tiring day or traumatic event, sleep is the right solution.

Lesser Behavior problems
Lack of sleep leads to several behavioral issues such as anxiety, stress, anger, hyperactivity, etc. Therefore, motivate kids to go to bed on time and take enough of sleep daily.

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