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Water melon- Favorite Summer Fruit of Kids

Yet another favorite fruit of kids, besides bananas, is watermelon. It is basically a summer fruit though now you can find it in other seasons also. Watermelon is a juicy and sweet fruit that contains numerous vitamins and micronutrients. Here are some crucial facts that show the significance of watermelons in the summer season for kids and adults alike.

Health benefits of Watermelon

  • Watermelons contain more than 90% of water and thus serve as a thirst quenchers on any hot summer day. It helps to keep the body cool and fresh in hot temperatures.
  • Watermelons have plenty of vitamins like vitamin A, C, B1 and B6 that enhance the immune system and fight infections. Therefore, if your child has low immunity then feed him watermelon and see the improvement in his immunity.
  • The fruit is helpful in combating against eye disorders and maintaining good eyesight.
  • The fruit aids in a good bowel movement system as well as digestion.
  • This juicy fruit also prevents asthma in kids.
  • To remove muscle soreness, watermelons are just ideal.
  • Rich in antioxidants such as lycopene, this fruit helps to prevent cancer of various types. Moreover, it has anti-inflammatory properties.
  • One of the health benefits of watermelons is watermelons have an abundance of electrolytes that are crucial in the hot summer season.
  • They are a good source of dietary fiber, contains a small number of fats, and no cholesterol at all. It is considered a great energy booster.                                                                             
  • They provide potassium and magnesium in great quantity and other essential micronutrients as well. It prevents heatstroke, heartburn, and digestive problems also.

beat the heat with slices of watermelon!
The list can go on but in nutshell, we can say, watermelon is an essential fruit for everyone. Daily use of watermelon helps kids to stay energetic, fit, and healthy.

Ways to consume - watermelon recipes for kids

The fruit can be consumed in different forms. The most popular way is to eat it raw. Cut some slices, and sprinkle rock salt over them before serving. It is one wholesome and delicious meal that will quench your thirst and fill your stomach as well.

You may also make juice of it and add some salt, mint powder, drops of lemon juice, and ice cubes before serving it. Or, you may add lemon juice, sugar, ginger, and chaat masala to the juice for yummy flavor.

You may also freeze this juice to make delectable watermelon ice cream for your kids.

Watermelon smoothie for baby- Simply deseed 2 cups of fresh watermelon and blend it with a half cup of yogurt. Provide a very small quantity to babies in the beginning to see the response.

General Question and Answer related to Watermelons

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What is the right age to give watermelon to a child?

You may introduce watermelons to babies of 6 months age though in small portions. The fruit is soft and easy to crush between the teeth of a bay and therefore, is an ideal snack.

What is the right way to give watermelon to babies and kids?

For babies, you need to deseed the watermelon, crush, and make a pulp out of it and spoon feed the same slowly. For order kids, you may provide diced pieces which the kids can chew on their own.

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What are the precautions to follow while serving watermelon for kids?

Overconsumption of watermelons can lead to allergies. In case, you see skin rash, vomiting, running nose, or diarrhea in the kid/ baby then avoid giving the same. Moreover, providing juice only to the baby may make him dislike solid fruits.

Can I precut the fruit, store it in the fridge, and serve later?

No, only freshly cut watermelon should be given, precut fruits should not be given. Also, the watermelon should be at room temperature when giving the baby to avoid catching a cold.

Any other guidelines while giving watermelon to kids?

Buy fresh watermelon and check the fruit is not precut, or bruised as it might be contaminated, and giving such food may upset the stomach of the baby.

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