Water melon- Favorite Summer Fruit of Kids

Yet another favorite fruit of kids, besides bananas, is water melon. It is basically a summer fruit though now you can find it in other seasons also. Water melon is a juicy and sweet fruit that contains numerous vitamins and micro nutrients. Here are some crucial facts that show significance of water melons in summer season for kids and adults alike.

Health benefits of Water melon

Water melons contain more than 90% of water and thus serve as thirst quencher on any hot summer day. It helps to keep the body cool and fresh in hot temperatures.

Water melons have plenty of vitamins like vitamin A, C, B1 and B6 that enhance immune system and fight infections.

Rich in anti-oxidants such as lycopene, this fruit helps to prevent cancer of various types.

Water melons have abundance of electrolytes that are crucial in hot summer season.

They are good source of dietary fiber, contains small amount of fats and no cholesterol at all. It is considered as great energy booster.
beat the heat with slices of water melon!

They provide potassium and magnesium in great quantity and other essential micro nutrients as well. It prevents heatstroke, heart burn and digestive problems also.

The list can go on but in nutshell we can say, watermelon is an essential fruit for everyone. Daily use of water melon helps kids to stay energetic, fit and healthy.

Ways to consume water melon

The fruit can be consumed in different forms. The most popular way is to eat it raw. Cut some slices, refrigerate and sprinkle rock salt over them before serving. It is one wholesome and delicious  meal that will quench your thirst and fill your stomach as well.

You may also make juice of it and add some salt, mint powder, drops of lemon juice and ice cubes before serving it. Or, you may add lemon juice, sugar, ginger and chaat masala to the juice for yummy flavor.

You may also freeze this juice to make delectable watermelon ice cream for your kids.

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