Monday, July 29, 2013

Healthy benefits of curd

Curd is a wholesome nutritious diet in itself. The inclusion of curd in our daily diet enriches us with liberal doses of essential vitamins, minerals and proteins. This dairy product is easily accessible and economical. Here are some quick details about the benefits of curd that you must not ignore.

Curd contains proteins, magnesium, zinc, phosphorous, potassium, vitamins A, B2, B12, C, B12, riboflavin and folate among other nutrients. It is a sufficient diet in itself to keep up the immunity of body.

Since it is made of milk, it contains all the benefits of milk besides others. It contains the crucial lactic acid that maximizes calcium absorption. For those who are lactose-intolerant, they can consume curd safely because of presence of lactic acid. The lactic acid facilitates digestion of lactose in the body.

Curd has anti inflammatory, anti-fungal, antibacterial and medicinal properties. It helps to treat various diseases and health issues of the body.

Stomach infections can be well treated with curd because of presence of good bacteria in it. If suffering from diarrhea, dehydration or fatigue, consuming curd can benefit the body a lot as it will replenish essential nutrients and soothe the ailing body from within. In summers, curd must be made a compulsory part of the diet to fight several summer hazards.

Provide a bowl of curd to your kids daily to ensure good health. Whether salted or sweetened, the natural curd improves the digestive system and ensures immunity from infections and diseases.

Curd is also helpful for patients suffering from heart ailments, colon cancer, high blood pressure and osteoporosis.

Women can immensely benefit from curd both from health and beauty aspects. They must consume curd daily to avoid health issues. They may also use curd for skin care and hair care to attain beautiful skin and hair.
You can make various healthy recipes by using curd like lassi, mango lassi, curd salad, yogurt curries, desserts and many more dishes. Therefore, use it either way and get multiple benefits of curd right away.

( Use of curd is not a substitute of medical recommendations.)

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Rainy day activities with kids

Rainy days are back again. With kids complaining now and then about what to do, gear up with this list of activities and have a blast in this rainy season with kids.

Coloring the world
Buy a coloring workbook or better download one from the internet and indulge in some serious coloring work with kids. Now showcase what you have done on the board!

Make some paper boats and sail them!


If you don’t know how to make paper boats or wish to make something different with colored papers then grab the ideas from internet.

Printable games

                                                     from: Print Games Now

It doesn't matter your kids cannot step out of the house because of rains. Get them new printable games in minutes with the help of your printer. It is simply a matter of few clicks!

Get creative with play dough and make some interesting creatures. How about a wild safari scene in the middle of the living room!

Let’s have some music
Play music of your choice and shake a leg with kids. Its pure fun to dance with your little darling or let them have their “me” time.

Make up some story

Sit in a circle with your kids and let their friends join too. Now one of you will speak out a sentence and other will continue after that and similarly one by one others will contribute a sentence using their imaginations to form a new story altogether. Else you can download a story from internet and read out to your kids on a rainy day!

Board games

Now board games are our old pals, pick out one and start the dice rolling be it snakes and ladders, Monopoly, etc.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Interesting facts and benefits of ginger

Ginger root is a common herb with various medicinal benefits. It is an essential ingredient used in kitchen for preparing different dishes. Moreover, it has a large number of health benefits that can prevent various illnesses. Do you know a ginger root has following medicinal properties and benefits?
  • Ginger is antiviral, antibacterial and anti fungal too.
  • It is anti-inflammatory.
  • It is antiseptic and an anti clotting agent.
  • It is anti tussive, analgesic and antispasmodic.
  • Ginger is anti-coagulant.
  • It contains different kinds of antioxidants.
  • It provides ample of proteins, minerals, vitamins and essential oils and contains no cholesterol.                                              

 The list is endless. With so many properties and qualities, ginger root is a widely used spice and medicine for varied reasons. It would be a blunder if you ignore it and exclude it from your daily diet.
Here are some easy uses of ginger in daily life that can benefit kids and adults. However, avoid giving ginger for kids under two.

Extract some juice from ginger and mix a spoon of honey in it. The mixture is ideal to provide relief from cold and cough.

You can also apply ginger oil on the chest and back to treat cough.

Boil some ginger slices in water and now prepare tea as usual. The ginger tea relieves you from sore throat and headache. The recipe is also useful in case of flu, fevers, migraine and menstrual pain.

Ginger is also a safe remedy for pregnant women to deal with morning sickness. However the quantity should not exceed more than one gram per day.

Take one gram of ginger half an hour before travel to avoid motion sickness and nausea. Else you may take ginger biscuits prior to travel.

Incorporate ginger in your daily cooking to enhance the taste and nutritional value. It would also take care of your digestive system.

Ginger cures flatulence and indigestion. Chop some ginger into thin strips and salt and lemon juice to it as per taste. The color of ginger will change from yellow to pink. Store it in a jar and keep it in fridge. Consume half a spoon of the same with lunch and dinner. It would relieve you from gas, heartburn, worms in the stomach and indigestion.

To reduce the pain and inflammation from arthritis, mix some ginger essential oil in your bath water. You may also apply fresh ginger paste to the affected area to reduce the pain.

Ginger is great for your heart. It prevents blood clotting and controls the cholesterol levels. Remember to include it in your meals for a healthy heart.

If you have diabetes then consuming a glass of water mixed with a spoon of ginger juice on an empty stomach in the morning will be beneficial. It would regulate your blood sugar levels.

Ginger prevents various kinds of cancer like colon cancer and cancers of lung, prostrate, pancreas and breast.
If you cannot consume ginger in its original form then you may also use ginger supplements. Ginger can be consumed raw or in powder form. Its extract is equally valuable. There are numerous mouthwatering ginger recipes like ginger cakes, ginger biscuits, ginger pancakes, ginger preservative, ginger muffins, ginger sauces and much more.
 Next time remember to add ginger in your vegetarian as well as non vegetarian dishes for high flavor, aroma and good health.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Benefits of asafetida for all

Asafetida is the most common spice found in every Indian kitchen. It is normally used in curries and pickles. It has a peculiar smell and taste. However, it has always been a preferred spice because of its significant therapeutic properties. Here are some health benefits of asafetida that would definitely prompt you to use it more often.
  • Since ages, the spice has been added to various dishes to facilitate digestion and prevent flatulence. The spice is beneficial and safe for kids also if used in little quantity.
  • To provide relief from colic pain, asafetida mixed in warm water is applied on the navel of the person. It is a common remedy in Indian household. Often this remedy is used for infant suffering from stomachache or flatulence.
  • Asafetida reduces the formation of gas in stomach when used regularly in diet. It contains anti-inflammatory properties.
  • The spice is also recommended to new mothers to get rid of indigestion or gas problem in natural way.
  • To get relief from cold and cough, add a pinch of the spice in honey and ginger mixture and consume the same. It would clear out the chest congestion.
  • Mix lemon juice and powder of asafetida to prepare a mixture. using cotton, apply the mixture on the area of toothache. You would get relief from pain.
  • It is said that asafetida also benefits in nervous disorders in children and also helps to treat symptoms of depression and anxiety.
  • Mothers and women in general can benefit a lot and experience relief in health issues related to them.
  • Asafetida must be included in daily diet especially in rainy season as this season particularly brings various stomach infections and other health issues along with it.                                                                                                                                 Remember, only small quantity of asafetida should be used at a time because of its pungent smell and strong flavor. Throat irritation, nausea and vomiting are some of the side effects of the spice if taken improperly or in large quantity.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Benefits of basil leaves in rainy season

Basil leaves or tulsi has medicinal properties that can cure many health problems. During rainy season, children and adults alike have to suffer from one or the other health problem like cold, cough, fever, digestive problems, respiratory disorders, skin infections, insect bites, malaria, dengue and infections of different kinds. With the help of basil leaves, you can prevent many of the above issues or find relief from many problems. Some of the serious diseases related to kidney, heart, liver and stomach can also be tackled with home recipes made of basil leaves.      

Here are a few simple to implement tips on how to use basil leaves in daily life and attain good health.

 Cold, cough and fever
  1. Chew some leaves of basil to cure cold.
  2. Boil the leaves in water and let the patient gargle using this water. He/ she may also drink this    water to cure cough problem. In case of cough with phlegm, let the patient breathe the vapors coming from basil juice. Additionally, a mixture of basil juice and honey in equal quantities can be given to provide relief from coughing. These recipes are suitable for children as well.
  3. Apply some basil juice on the forehead and chest of the patient to bring down the fever.
  4. The mixture of ginger and tulsi along with honey can combat respiratory problems like asthma and bronchitis.
  5. Boil some leaves of tulsi/ basil in water and prepare tea as usual. Drinking this herbal tea during season change will protect you from common cold and cough.

      Stomach problems
  1. If you or your child has worms in stomach, then drinking warm tulsi juice can help to get rid of worms. Mix sugar with basil extract and consume it to get relief from constipation and other digestive problems.
  2. To relieve the child from stomachache, give him a mixture of basil juice and dry ginger powder in small quantity.

      Insect bites and sting
  1. In case of insect bites, crush some tulsi leaves and add some lemon. Apply it on the affected area to cure the problem.
  2. You may also apply tulsi juice on the sting to reduce the effect and pain of insect bite.

     Skin infections and problems
  1. Apply fresh basil leaves on the irritated skin to reduce itchiness.
  2. Drinking tulsi juice can provide relief from scabies and eczema.
  3. Apply paste of tulsi leaves on the face to get acne-free, clean and clear skin.

  1. Take extract of basil leaf with honey to cure malarial fever. Also, add some black pepper powder in basil leaves juice and provide it to malaria patient for quick relief.
  2. Chewing few leaves of basil boosts immunity system and is good for general health.
Staying fit is the most important thing to enjoy rainy days. Therefore, stay healthy and happy always!

 These basil leaf remedies are not substitutes of medical advice/ recommendation. In case of severe conditions, doctor’s advice should be followed.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Diet tips for rainy season

During rainy season, kids and adults face many kinds of allergies and stomach problems. With little precaution and care, you can easily avoid health issues and keep your family fit throughout the season. Here are some diet related dos and don’ts that would help you to gear up for rainy season.

Your diet must include:

  • Properly washed fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Herbs like holy basil leaves and mint
  • Healthy ingredients like asafetida, cinnamon, ginger, garlic, onions, turmeric & lemon that counteract gastric problems and boost immunity
  • Fresh soups made from fresh vegetables
  • Herbal teas that cure mild cold and cough problems
  • Milk products and soya products
  • Cereals like wheat, corn, oats and pulses that provide ample of nutrition
  • Fresh homemade food and 8-10 glasses of filtered/ boiled water
      Foods to avoid in rainy season:

  • Precut fruits and foods that contain germs
  • Precut meat
  • Food from roadside stalls and other unhygienic places 

  • Junk foods, aerated cold drinks and other foods that contain preservatives
  • Foods that have not been cleaned properly
  • Spicy, too salty and oily foods that cause stomach problems
  • Unfiltered/ unbottled water and impure fruit juices from roadside eateries
  • Ice creams and cold foods that may cause throat infections
With these diet tips for rainy season you can keep your kids and family healthy and safe.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Important Things you need in Rainy Season

Kids will be kids. Nothing can deter them from playing or running around. But you know what is best for your kids. If you are tensed with the thought of kids getting sick in rainy season then shrug off all your worries and have fun with them during these rains.

 To enjoy the rainy season and that too without any hassle, check out the following list of important items you must have. You can’t think of a healthy life without these things during rains.

Safety guards against mosquito and insects

Mosquito repellent for kids before going out

Rains are the best season for breeding of mosquitoes and other insects. So keep your mosquito repellents, coils and mosquito sticks ready beforehand. Also take out your mosquito netting outside to protect your family from insects while sleeping.

Water purification treatments

Most of the diseases in rains are water borne. Therefore, take extra precautions to purify water and make it fit for drinking. Not only at home but also while traveling carry a portable water filter to ensure best drinking water for your kids. You may also use tablets that can clean the water.

Hygiene and sanitation tools

Most of the times, improper hand washing leads to infections. Stock up hand sanitizers, body wash bottles and liquid soaps to maintain cleanliness habit in kids. Encourage kids to carry their personal sanitizer bottles to wherever they go. Also invest in a good air sanitizer to keep the surrounding air disinfected and germ free. Also take special care of your diet to remain fit.

                        Read: Diet tips for rainy season

Dress code for Rainy season

Everybody knows having umbrellas, raincoats and gumboots is mandatory. Still you have not purchased enough of them. One or two of umbrellas are not enough for whole family. Buy good quality of trendy umbrellas and other necessary rain wears for your kids and family.

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Wish you a happy and healthy rainy season!

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