Thursday, July 11, 2013

Benefits of asafetida for all

Asafetida is the most common spice found in every Indian kitchen. It is normally used in curries and pickles. It has a peculiar smell and taste. However, it has always been a preferred spice because of its significant therapeutic properties. Here are some health benefits of asafetida that would definitely prompt you to use it more often.
  • Since ages, the spice has been added to various dishes to facilitate digestion and prevent flatulence. The spice is beneficial and safe for kids also if used in little quantity.
  • To provide relief from colic pain, asafetida mixed in warm water is applied on the navel of the person. It is a common remedy in Indian household. Often this remedy is used for infant suffering from stomachache or flatulence.
  • Asafetida reduces the formation of gas in stomach when used regularly in diet. It contains anti-inflammatory properties.
  • The spice is also recommended to new mothers to get rid of indigestion or gas problem in natural way.
  • To get relief from cold and cough, add a pinch of the spice in honey and ginger mixture and consume the same. It would clear out the chest congestion.
  • Mix lemon juice and powder of asafetida to prepare a mixture. using cotton, apply the mixture on the area of toothache. You would get relief from pain.
  • It is said that asafetida also benefits in nervous disorders in children and also helps to treat symptoms of depression and anxiety.
  • Mothers and women in general can benefit a lot and experience relief in health issues related to them.
  • Asafetida must be included in daily diet especially in rainy season as this season particularly brings various stomach infections and other health issues along with it.                                                                                                                                 Remember, only small quantity of asafetida should be used at a time because of its pungent smell and strong flavor. Throat irritation, nausea and vomiting are some of the side effects of the spice if taken improperly or in large quantity.

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