Thursday, July 18, 2013

Rainy day activities with kids

Rainy days are back again. With kids complaining now and then about what to do, gear up with this list of activities and have a blast in this rainy season with kids.

Coloring the world
Buy a coloring workbook or better download one from the internet and indulge in some serious coloring work with kids. Now showcase what you have done on the board!

Make some paper boats and sail them!


If you don’t know how to make paper boats or wish to make something different with colored papers then grab the ideas from internet.

Printable games

                                                     from: Print Games Now

It doesn't matter your kids cannot step out of the house because of rains. Get them new printable games in minutes with the help of your printer. It is simply a matter of few clicks!

Get creative with play dough and make some interesting creatures. How about a wild safari scene in the middle of the living room!

Let’s have some music
Play music of your choice and shake a leg with kids. Its pure fun to dance with your little darling or let them have their “me” time.

Make up some story

Sit in a circle with your kids and let their friends join too. Now one of you will speak out a sentence and other will continue after that and similarly one by one others will contribute a sentence using their imaginations to form a new story altogether. Else you can download a story from internet and read out to your kids on a rainy day!

Board games

Now board games are our old pals, pick out one and start the dice rolling be it snakes and ladders, Monopoly, etc.

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