Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Benefits of Playing Chess for Kids

Chess is not just any other indoor game. Besides, a good time-pass for kids and adults, the game has plenty of advantages that makes it a compulsory activity for kids. One can safely term chess as  "brain stimulating game" because of following reasons:

Choose chess to improve concentration
The game of chess requires full focus and any distraction can cause a valuable piece on the board. To win the game a player needs to pay complete attention to the moves of the game and act accordingly. Thus chess sharpens the concentration of the players.

Chess develops critical thinking and logic
The kid learns cause and effect relation. He or she gets to know the effect of the move or action taken in the game. In order to win, thus, the child has to foresee the probable future moves after he/ she makes the move which can lead to win or loss. Chess, therefore, develops logical ability as well as critical thinking.

Playing chess fosters originality
 Chess players develop original thinking and creativity to invent new variations and patterns in the game.

Chess improves memory
Besides, enhancing concentration, chess also improves memory of the players. The former reinforces the latter as one player plays the game more and more.

Playing chess inculcates independence
Players of chess have to take decisions about the game independently by using own ideas, thoughts and experiences. Hence to develop independence in children, chess is a valuable learning tool.

Chess teaches relation between dedication and outcome
Kids learn to relate between the hard work and outcome. The more they practice, the more they learn the game. The direct relation between dedication and results gets established in their minds.

Chess, being an indoor game, can be played anywhere and anytime among all age groups. It is easy to carry while on travel. So there is no dull moment when your favorite chess game is with you!

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