Sunday, January 2, 2011

Curiosity is the first step towards development

Curiosity is an obvious and healthy quality of a child. Every child tries to understand the things around his or her surroundings. A toddler picks up anything from the floor and tries to explore it. A small child opens up his brand new toy car to know what it contains although the action is not so appealing for his parents. On the other hand a growing kid throws a volley of questions to his or her parents regarding anything or everything. The parents often get annoyed with this type of attribute and sometimes snap kids for their inquisitive nature.

A child is new to this world. He does not understand many aspects and concepts of life. For balanced and all round growth of the child it is very important that he is exposed to various facts of life and gain knowledge about them. Parents are the first and lifetime teachers of the child. Through their eyes a child sees the world. By holding their hands, a child walks the path of education and development.

The inquisitive nature of a child is his first step towards development. That reflects his preparedness to learn new things. When a kid asks a question that means he or she is observing and responsive towards his or her environment. His or her curiosity should be patiently satiated. The parents should take out time for the child for conversation wherein the child should be motivated to speak up his doubts, questions and thoughts. Thereafter the parents should come up with appropriate reply.

Sometimes the parents feel short of time or tired to answer the spontaneous question asked by the child. At that moment he should be softly reassured that his curiosity will be answered soon. Inappropriate answers and rebuke should be avoided.

Kids should be made self sufficient to quench their curiosity levels. Gift them picture books, dictionary, encyclopedia, science based books wherein their questions will be answered and many new information will also be rendered. They should be exposed to various places and situations like zoo, museum, historical places, get to gathers, prayer meetings, worship places, parks, malls and such other places where they can gain knowledge.

Parenting is not a kid’s job. It requires active involvement and evolvement also. Before dismissing a question of your child, remind yourself that you are depriving your child an opportunity to grow and develop.


  1. The information at this blog is like guiding/educating the parents, how to help their children in their over all development.