Friday, February 18, 2011

Help your elder child to welcome the new one!

The arrival of a new baby in the house is a matter of happiness and joy. Along with that come some adjustments and arrangements that need to be done prior and after the arrival of the baby. However, it takes a lot of adjustment and understanding on the part of elder child to share his or her parents with the younger one. It is not at all an easy thing to accept this fact.

With proper care and guidance from the parents and other family members, this kind of stress of an elder child can be eased and he or she can be set in the mood to welcome the baby with full enthusiasm. The parents need to take the initiative as early as the news of pregnancy is discovered. And they should consider it as a crucial aspect to motivate and prepare their elder son or daughter for the arrival of his or her sibling.
What all can be done to educate and inspire your child to accept his or sibling with pleasure has been summed up below:

First thing you can do is to tell your child is that he or she is a special gift you have received from God. Further you can add that as a baby he or she was very tiny and not capable enough to do things that he or she can do now. The exercise will make your child sensitive towards babies and curious as well.

Secondly, you can show him or her babies in the family and neighborhood and explain him or her that a baby is totally helpless and dependent on his parents and elder sibling for everything.

Now you can disclose to him or her about the arrival of the younger brother or sister in the house. And go on telling him that previously he was the smallest now there will be someone who would be smaller to him and dependent on him for all the needs. All this will help in developing an emotional bond between the elder child and the baby even before the latter arrives.

Educate your child that God will send the baby in the hospital and mama will have to stay there for a while. Since the elder child may not have seen phases of separation from mother for few days, it is required to mentally prepare him in advance for the delivery time.

“The gift” sent is meant for the elder child and his parents will take care of the gift as he or she will be too small to do anything.

Include the child in preparations like purchasing clothes and accessories. This will create an interest in him and make him feel that he is very important for his parents.

Ask the child to choose a nickname for the baby as he is going to be the elder brother of the new baby.

After the arrival of the baby, make your elder child do small things like selecting the clothes or handing over the diaper for the baby.

Meanwhile you can seek the help of your spouse and other family members to give proper time to your child in your absence.

Make sure you buy gifts for the elder one along with the baby whenever you go out for shopping. You can take your family in confidence that while shopping for the baby, remember to bring something for the elder child also.

Another important point to implement is to take out exclusive time for your elder child and listen to his feelings and likes or dislikes. A nice hug or kiss and some special moments will assure him that he is still an inseparable aspect of your life.

Encourage sibling love and reduce rivalry

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