Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year Resolutions with Kids

Time has come again to review the year that was and to look forward to the forthcoming year with high expectations. While the moments that we had lived give us some lessons about life, the new year gives us opportunities on ways to make most out of our valuable time. In this process, let us include our kids and formulate New Year resolutions.

Why Resolutions?

The resolutions for New Year help us to get a clear picture of areas where we need to get more structured and better. They help us to convert our mistakes into our accomplishments. It can be anything such as avoid giving loans to friends who refuse to pay back or to forgo the habit of procrastination. Such promises when made help to lead a better and happier life.

How to make resolutions?                          

Ponder over the days gone by when things were not in your control due to your own habits or deeds. If you decide not to repeat the errors that happened in past then you need to make a promise to yourself about mending your ways.Similarly, you can discuss these things with your children. Let them review some situations of their life when things were messed up and could have been avoided if they had the right approach or action at the right time. You can help them to derive at a process that they need to follow in given situations to avoid past mistakes.Older children can note down their goals and break them down into smaller goals.

Age appropriate resolutions

The goals need to be age appropriate. You may make only one resolution but it should be practical enough to follow. For example, a four year old can promise to listen to his parents and follow their guidelines promptly. On the other hand, a fourteen year old can make a resolution to make a time table to give justified time to his home assignments, his hobbies, house chores and his friends. A long list of resolutions is difficult to follow. Therefore, stick to only couple of promises and endeavor to follow them whole heartedly.

Parents as role models

Parents can discuss their resolutions with their kids and ways in which they are going to follow them.They can also ask for help from their kids to stick to their promises. It will inspire their children to follow the same path easily and willingly.

The New Year is about to arrive. Are you all geared up to greet the new year with your new resolutions and a big smile?

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  1. Just stumbled on your blog. What a wonderful store house of information!!
    Oh I made my New year list. Its up on my page

    Your post reminded me to get my 4 year old daughter onto making goals for herself too.


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