Tuesday, December 27, 2016

7 Steps to build Confidence of Your Child

What would you do if you find your growing child is losing confidence? Praise her minutest of actions or shower her with gifts that are actually not required?

That is not going to help much as the child will depend upon you to feel good about herself or may be, she will consider herself above others which is not healthy either. So what all can be done that help her stay confident?


Here are simple and easy ways to build confidence of your teenage daughter or son:

Let her make choices

Avoid taking each and every decision on behalf of your kid. Let her decide what works best for her out of certain options such as a 10 year old can be given a chance to decide what dress to buy for her birthday instead of telling what will be good for her. That will boost her confidence a lot.

Let her follow her hobbies/ interests

Your child is interested in theatre or sports then let her join classes and help her to continue her passion. Even if it means rescheduling your day! This will develop her self-esteem and inspire her to accomplish what she started.

Let her have a say in family matters!

On occasions such as Christmas or New Year party, ask kids to give their inputs with respect to decoration, card making, menu, her guest list,etc. This will make them feel important and of course, boost their self-esteem. In daily routine too, give your teen space to decide on usual matters and cooperate in little things such as cooking, tidying up the living room,etc

Allow your teen to take risks

Being overprotective does not let kid take risks and learn from her own experiences. Therefore, allow her to take small risks in your presence. My daughter's friend got stuck in lift and from that moment my 8 year old daughter was scared of going alone in the lift. But I encouraged her and assured that I would stand and watch in front of elevator till she reaches safely. That worked for us and now she confidently takes the elevator alone.

Help her to recover from failures

When she fails to perform as per the expectations of her teachers or peers, her confidence may dip. At that time your words of encouragement and your opinion about the situation can do a lot to build her confidence again. Remind her of her past accomplishments, beautiful experiences and pictures that reflect her positives.

Model healthy self-confidence in front of kids

Your own opinion about yourself and your response to various situations shape the mindset of your kids. Therefore, watch out your actions as you are always monitored by your kids. They are going to follow your footsteps.

Unconditional love

If your acceptance goes beyond the grades and performance of your child then come what may, your child will reflect positive attitude in everything he does. So, love unconditionally even if he fails to perform better or take wrong decisions.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Warning signals your child is low on confidence

Teenager with low confidence stays aloof.

Low confidence in your teenager can restrict him/her to a shell. He may not be able to lead a healthy social life or tap his inner talent which he can otherwise do if he has faith in himself.

If you want to expand the horizon of your teenager child and desire to help him lead a happy life then check the probable signs of low confidence in your teenager boy or girl. Only if you are able to identify these warning signals, you can give the right direction to your child and make him more confident for anything and everything that comes his way.

Here are warning signals that your child has low confidence:

  • He avoids meeting/ communicating with his friends and class fellows; tries to stay aloof.
  • He avoids participating in challenges and competitions due to fear of failure.
  • He gives in to the demands of his peer group and is not able to say "no".
  • He looks for approval for his decisions and actions everytime because he is not confident.
  • He does not finish a task as soon as he feels difficulty and quits without trying enough.
  • He does not take initiative and tries to hide himself when situation arises to take responsibility.
  • He/ she blames people or situations for his own incompetency.
  • He has mood swings ranging from irritable behaviour, anxiety, hopelessness, aloofness and sadness.
  • He is self-critical and uses negative words for himself such as loser, fool, etc
  • He either rebels without a reason or is overly helpful to seek approval.
  • He tries to seek attention of people around him through unreasonable actions.
  • He tries to control people around him. 
  • He gets into drinking, drugs, tobacco,etc.

The teenager may have some of the above symptoms which clearly indicate low self-esteem in him. Once it is established, parents can look for possible reasons and ways to deal with the low self-esteem in their child.

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Friday, December 9, 2016

Are you hurting self-esteem of your growing kid?


While it's okay to feel low some times but feeling low about oneself continuously is not a good sign especially among growing kids. Sometimes even as parents we can't estimate the causes of low self-esteem in kids. There can be several reasons that make a child less confident and sadly, at times, parents contribute to low self-confidence in their own child.

Now when a kid has deficient self-esteem then it needs to be rectified before it has severe effect on the psyche and life of the kid. The first step to handle low self-esteem in your growing kid is to ascertain probable reasons of the same. Find out if you as a parent has done or undone something that is hurting the confidence of your child.

Let us check out probable causes of low self-esteem and make sure your tween is not going through the same:

When kid feels neglected:

Absence of personal attention and support of parents may lead to low self-esteem in the kid. Whether parents are occupied in work or over engaged on social media, providing quality time to kids is mandatory to make them feel secure. However, if you can’t keep your hands off from your laptop or mobile while your kid is eager to share his story then he may feel neglected causing dip in confidence.

When you over interfere:

If you are one of those who make sure to instruct their tween now and then or check what they are doing all the time, then the child may feel you don’t trust his abilities. Your over indulgence in his every decision and action may erode his confidence to work and achieve independently. So better, keep a check on your over-caring attitude!

When you forget to appreciate enough:

You remember to pinpoint their mistakes but often forget to appreciate their small achievements or endeavours. Instead of showing the right path, if you become overly critical of his actions or use harsh words for the child, the result is your teen feels he is not good enough.
This is not what you want to happen, right?

When you compare with peers

To boost confidence of your child, you compare her to siblings or peers, but it backfired! Constant comparison of performance or behaviour of your child with others or pushing your kid to become like others will definitely cause a serious damage to her self-esteem. Check this habit before it destroys the self-esteem of your child!

When you do not respect:

Mocking their behaviour in front of your friends or spelling out their weaknesses with other adults disgusts your child. When you try to prove how your child is silly, not good enough or bad at something, he assumes that he is not worthy for his parents.

When you give up on your child:

                                                         Image result for teenager and parent sad

When you give up the hope that your teenager can improve, he also gives up his hope, you know. Your discouraging attitude and words has a deep negative effect on him that may not be reversible.

So before you expect your child to be responsible, sensible, hardworking or any thing else, check if you have any of the above habits that can damage his self-esteem!

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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Proactive ways to avoid tantrums of kids in public


Have you seen kids throwing tantrums in full public view, in the middle of the market place, in the park or may be at clinic? You thought your kids will not behave like that until one day your kid actually embarrass you with unstoppable tantrum. Its natural whether you like it or not.

But it can be avoided, diverted or managed with some proactive ways to avoid tantrums by kid in public. How? Let's read now!

Share your list of work to be done or things to be purchased from the store

Start planning for a smooth shopping experience with your child at the mall from home itself. Share the purpose of your visit, the necessary things you need to buy/ do and how he will benefit if this task is done smoothly. It will excite the child to go for the shopping for the same purpose and perhaps to support you in this job in his own small ways.

Allow your child to participate in your grocery shopping

Show your kid the items you need to buy such as corn flakes, biscuits, etc at home. Ask him to look out for these cartons/ packets while in the store so that he focuses on your purchases and not his own. This would prompt his participation in your work without getting diverted to other things that may lead to tantrums.

Ask your child to make his own list

Ask your child at home to share what he/ she wants from the store and discuss whether you can fulfill that requirement or not. If the thing is worthy then note it down in your list in front of him so that he is assured that his demand will be met. So chances of kid being happy and not cranky are higher!

Never move out of the house on an empty stomach

Before you step out with your kid especially for shopping, always have a good meal/ snack time with him. That will ensure your toddler/ kid will not throw tantrum to buy snack or drink for him as soon as you reach the store. Though it's a bit difficult that your toddler does not cry for anything at all especially candies, ice creams or cold drinks, yet you can take this proactive action.


Also you can allow him to carry his own small bag with his favorite snack, biscuit, water bottle, book and a toy which may help him to stay engaged for longer duration.

Make rules and stay consistent

Tell your child clearly how to voice his demands when outside. Also make clear he can have his way only if he is polite enough and tantrums will only lead to loss of rewards. In addition, you can inform him that you are going for a definite time to complete certain tasks and need to return on time.

You can give him options of enjoying with his toy or listening to music or reading a book if he feels bored. All the while, you need to repeat the rules of staying calm and polite when you go out so that the child remembers them before throwing a tantrum.

Keeping engaged is the mantra

Keep talking to your child or make stories so that your kid remains entertained. Remember problem generally starts the moment he has nothing to do or think about. A mom of toddler can sing a poem or song while driving, show him different colors and teach him different shapes while pondering over the items to buy.
For an older child, you can explore whole lot of conversation which allows him to think more and stay occupied. If all this does not suffice then you have your phone to offer him for a quick diversion from public meltdown to staying calm!

Therefore, for a great experience outside with kids, do your homework first and stay calm!

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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Top 5 Summer Diet tips for your kids

Long school hours, outdoor physical activity and scorching sun can leave your kids drained out. Let not hot temperature mess with the health of your child. Check out these quick Summer Diet tips for your kids and enjoy the season happily:

                                                           Light meals              


Light meals digest easily and can provide ample of energy. So include healthy meals such as rice flakes, corn flakes, cold sandwiches, porridge, salads, dal-rice combo to fill little stomachs yet feeling happy and light. Its best to avoid fried and spicy foods which may cause stomach problems.

                                                             Fluids intake

                         Milkshake, Beverage, Strawberry, Drink

Besides drinking plenty of water, make sure your kids run for different drinks such as homemade fruit juices, fruit flavoured squashes, smoothies and fruit milk shakes. In addition, buttermilk, lemonade and flavoured glucose should be given from time to time to replenish the lost electrolytes and stay away from DEHYDRATION.
These fluids not only keep the body hydrated but also provide ample of nutrients.

                                                           Fruit break


Keep the summer fruits such as watermelon, melon, berries, mangoes, bananas, etc well in reach of kids. Prepare a colorful fruit salad and  serve to kids with a dash of lemon juice and rock salt. Cut them into interesting shapes before you serve or squeeze any fruit and add couple of ice cubes to attract your kid. Even better, make popsicles out of fresh fruit juice and see the kids asking for more! You can have 3-4 fruit servings in different forms throughout the day.

                                                   Meal time can be interesting

Summer veggies must form part of daily diet of your kids but it need not be boring. Prepare mix veggie raita wherein you can add cucumber, onion and tomato to well stirred curd. Garnish it with coriander leaves. Else prepare fruit raita using bananas, mangoes and pomegranates. Kids would love to create and eat the colorful dish during lunch/ dinner.

                                    Vegan, Wrap, Plant-Based, Meal, Healthy       

Another easy tip is to spread pizza sauce or any favourite sauce of child on roti and add cooked veggies or dry chicken recipe to it. Now roll the roti and its ready to be consumed quickly by super active kids during school hours or at home. With this recipe you will be relieved that your fussy kid is getting nutrients of whole food and veggies at the same time without any hassle!

                                                                    Sweet dishes 

                                   Chocolate Brownies, Brownies, Cake, Food

Now how can we ignore daily dose of sweets to kids, but of course in proportion? Instead of ordering pastries, cakes and icecreams from outside every time, try these at home. Kids would love a visually delightful dish coming from your kitchen which can be as simple as vanilla icecream with toppings of fresh fruits, dry fruits or chocolate sauce dressing.
                                Homemade cooker cake recipe
Mango icecream, triple sundae, fruit cream, custard, cheesecake are some of the recipes that are quick and easy to make but provide ample of taste and energy too!

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Friday, April 8, 2016

Top reasons why your child does not eat


Healthy nutrition is the priority of every mother. But when child does not eat properly, it becomes cause of worry. Lets check out probable reasons of why your child does not eat:

  • He does not like the smell, taste or appearance of the food. When introduced for the first time the child may not be tempted to eat the new dish as his sensory organs disapprove it. No need to worry this phase shall go away naturally just be patient!          
  • He has had enough of snacks. Snacking just before dinner time often results in no eating on dinner table. So watch out if your kid runs for snacks, probably he is hungry and needs to be served meal earlier than others.
  • Sometimes, kids are too tired that all they want is rest. Check if your kid is rubbing his eyes and lying low, then its better to give him enough of sleep. He will make up for the skipped meal next time!   
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  • Too much pressure on the child to eat results in withdrawal. So it's better to cool off and let the child naturally accept your choice of foods.
  • The child has stomach issues. Often the kid does not understand and able to explain that he has stomach problem such as constipation and therefore not tempted to eat anything. This issue is difficult to diagnose. Observe your child carefully if he has stomach problem, resolve that first and you will see the difference in his appetite.
  • Food allergy is another reason that your child does not eat properly or is selective. Restrictions on what to eat and what not can be boring or irritating. Probably you need to be innovative to attract them to table.
  • The child probably cannot chew or does not know how to chew and thus spill out half eaten food.
  • The child is not keeping well and hence loses her appetite. As soon as she becomes well, she will gain interest in eating.
  • Slow growth is another reason of not eating especially among toddlers. When their growth picks up, their picky eating habit will diminish.
  • Kids on formula foods often avoid normal foods of different tastes in comparison to the kids who are nurtured on breastmilk.
  • Distractions like that of television interferes with normal eating routine of a child. So let the kid focus on his plate and distractions can wait!       
  • Sometimes, its just a phase when kid is obsessed with particular kind of foods or taste. Be patient, the kid will overcome this habit and develop taste for new foods.
  • Check your eating habits first. Yes, it is important coz child will imitate what you will do. So drop your bad habit of snacking or skipping meal or being too choosy before you complain of your child's habits. Got it?
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Friday, March 18, 2016

5 Things to avoid in your child's presence

Kids are fast learners than you can think. Whatever you do or speak gets imprinted on their minds and you can soon find them doing or saying the same. Scary, no? There are certain things which you would not like them to learn and do. For that you will have to avoid the following things in your child's presence:

Yelling at each other

Losing your temper and yelling at each other is certainly a bad example for kids. Try to maintain your composure even in adverse situations. That ways your kid will also learn to handle his emotions and situations calmly.

Acting sarcastically

Making fun of somebody or letting someone down may not go down well with your kid. Your kids have high regard for you and the only way to retain that respect is through respectful behaviour for others. Choose your words carefully and act in the way you expect from others.

Think before you utter your next fib

Fibs may be entertaining for you but in long run you are teaching your kids that telling lies is okay. So be honest and genuine as far as possible in front of your kids

Hooked to internet

Too much online connection may result in disconnection with your own kids. Moreover, you need to set a good example in front of your kids by way of spending quality time with them both indoors and outdoors.

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Using shameful words in front of kids

If you want your child not to use particular words then you need to check yourself first while talking to someone over phone or arguing with the neighbour and other situations. The kids pick these words fast and may become a part of their habit.

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Friday, March 11, 2016

5 things you need to say to your kid daily

Probably you may not have realized but if you say these special words daily to your kids, it will have positive impact on them. They are surely going to love you more when you mean what you say.

Good morning, dear

Morning time is full of chaos and confusion especially if you have school going kids. However, find a couple of minutes to cuddle and hug your kid while you are waking her. It will be a lovely way to start her day with smile, warmth and your love.

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Thank you so much

Whenever your kid follows your guidelines, completes the allotted task or modifies his ways then saying " thank you" is the best way to show your appreciation and gratitude. Needless to say, the child will himself imbibe this value in his life.


Yes, parents need to say" please" to kids. Your polite response will have far reaching positive impact on children than any other way such as yelling which leads to nowhere.


Be prompt to say sorry to your child whenever you feel you are not able to fulfill your promise or you have committed a mistake. It brings you closer to your kid and sets a good example of ideal behaviour for your child. Its a symbol of strength and not weakness of your personality.

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Good night

No matter how much you are exhausted and in hurry to hit the bed, always pay visit to your child's room and wish him good night. Just remind him that you always love him.

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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

5 Things Your Toddler Expects From You

As parents we have so many expectations from our kids, But ever thought our kids as young as toddler could have some expectations from us! Yes indeed. Let's find out what toddlers want their parents to do frequently and mind you they are serious about it.

Love, love and love

Sounds obvious huh? Still we as parent forget to remind our darling that we love him her so much. Whether its your phone call, business meeting, grocery time, cooking time, laundry or anything else, it takes few seconds to look into his eyes and say," I love you, dear".

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Lots of hugs and kisses

 A hug and gentle kiss can calm down a crying child. No matter how small may be the cause of her crying or no matter whatever mistake he committed with his little hands, at the end, its your hug and kiss that he expects from you. This is the only way to make him learn from his mistakes.Mind it, he does not understand your anger, stress or fears. He understands your soft touch and gentle voice.

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Your toddler has learned to stack blocks and he looks up to you for your attention and appreciation. Your one compliment, "well done my child" fills him with happiness and encouragement. Your appreciation will make him cross several milestones and even after years he will remember your words of encouragement.

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Your time

Often we parents meet out the essential duties like changing nappies, feeding the kid, dropping at the play school, etc, etc but are not able to find time to spend quality time.Do spend some fun time with kids, simply join them in whatever they do, run around, make noises or jump. This time won't come back again, you know.

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Laugh out louder

Smile more and laugh louder when you are with your toddler. Show her your positive and bright side so that she imbibes the same in her. This is the easiest way to make kids happy and confident.

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