Friday, March 11, 2016

5 things you need to say to your kid daily

Probably you may not have realized but if you say these special words daily to your kids, it will have positive impact on them. They are surely going to love you more when you mean what you say.

Good morning, dear

Morning time is full of chaos and confusion especially if you have school going kids. However, find a couple of minutes to cuddle and hug your kid while you are waking her. It will be a lovely way to start her day with smile, warmth and your love.

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Thank you so much

Whenever your kid follows your guidelines, completes the allotted task or modifies his ways then saying " thank you" is the best way to show your appreciation and gratitude. Needless to say, the child will himself imbibe this value in his life.


Yes, parents need to say" please" to kids. Your polite response will have far reaching positive impact on children than any other way such as yelling which leads to nowhere.


Be prompt to say sorry to your child whenever you feel you are not able to fulfill your promise or you have committed a mistake. It brings you closer to your kid and sets a good example of ideal behaviour for your child. Its a symbol of strength and not weakness of your personality.

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Good night

No matter how much you are exhausted and in hurry to hit the bed, always pay visit to your child's room and wish him good night. Just remind him that you always love him.

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