Bringing Aliveness in Parenting and Relationships


In my last post, I shared about feeling aliveness and its impact on you and on the people you care for. Let us take it a level deeper and discover what can make you and me feel alive. How we can include aliveness in our everyday relationships as well as parenting.

Aliveness in parenting is the cause of happy childhood.
Discover the secret to feel aliveness while parenting!

We already know the absence of aliveness brings a certain way of living that is deprived of enthusiasm, spirit, and connection with our present. On the other hand, bringing aliveness can create a whole new world of happiness, hope, high spirits and connection with the present day. So, what all can help us to feel alive and live our life fully?

Here are certain important aspects which I consider bring forth ALIVENESS-

Physical and mental well-being

Workout regularly to keep your mind and body energized.

Regular workouts, walk, running, playing sports or yoga create good health and positive body image. In addition, regular physical workout of any nature enhances stamina, strength, and flexibility. This, in turn, gives you the confidence to perform tasks that you love without hindrance and promotes mental well-being.

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Participating in creative fields like art, painting, dramatics, dance, musical instruments, singing, etc., help you to express yourself. The uninhibited self-expression through creativity makes you feel alive and happy.

Love and care

Only happy parents can make their children happy and confident!
Creating Aliveness in everyday routine through love and care.

Being loved and cared for brings that level of satisfaction which cannot be compared to anything else. Such an event arises when you are deeply connected to your parents and other close relationships, communicating, sharing and listening as well. Spending time with loved ones and developing a calm environment at home makes way for aliveness in parenting and relationships.

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Being committed to your own growth, enhancing skills and learning new activity that falls outside your comfort zone definitely invites lots of enthusiasm in life. Reading books on varied subjects is another way to contribute to your learning journey. 

Keep on learning as an individual and as parent to inspire kids.

The continuous effort to grow and nurture yourself to witness self-development in yourself is key to feel fulfillment and contentment. The purpose is to keep your brain activated and engaged in different areas of interest. That brings liveliness in everyday routine.

Make peace with past

Yes, that is one important thing as humans we need to incorporate in our minds. Our imagination goes wary. Either caught up in past incidents or fearful of the future, we seldom enjoy what is available right here and now. 
By prompting our mind to focus on the present moment that we are witnessing, we can be available to people around us and experience aliveness. Therefore, let bygones be bygones. Live the moment as it comes.

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