Friday, August 3, 2012

Value of Friendship day for kids

Friends are an important part of our lives. Kids need friends to play, to share and to evolve as a human. Friends are vital for kids for their social and emotional growth. Whether at home or at school, presence of similar age friends, help kids to learn better communication skills and maintain healthy relationships. Kids learn to work in team and learn to tolerate and cooperate with each other.
All kids are not social by nature. They develop social skills over a period of time and that too with motivation from their parents. Parents need to play an active and considerate role in order to make their kids friendly and social. They can take following steps to help their kids make friends:

Parents should create friendly and playful atmosphere at home so that kid becomes communicative and confident. 

·         Parents can arrange play dates for their kids with kids in neighborhood. Initially, the kids can talk and play in the presence of parents but later on they can be encouraged to spend time together without parents.

·         Parents are the perfect role models for their children. They imitate the behavior patterns and communication skills of their parents. Therefore, a positive and friendly approach of parents helps children to learn social skills faster.

·         Parents can enroll their kids in various activities to make them friendly and outgoing.

·         Parents may also take the help of their teachers to develop friendship.

·         This friendship day encourage children to greet and wish their friends. They can also gift friendship bands and greeting cards to strengthen the most valuable relation that is Friendship Day.

Go ahead and call your friends on this Friendship day or at least send them a message that you care. Your kids will follow you instantly!

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